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  1. Twins Twerp's Avatar
    I see two of those starters in there. I also don't see Gibson starting in the majors. I think they take it slow with him and get him up in early June. I also see them shutting him down after 100-120 innings. Much like Strasburg, he probably won't be allowed to go full out until 2015. Only time will tell, but I think next year is a throw away year so I don't see any big time signings at pitcher. I see either the hammer and/or Span being traded for younger prospects, which I am aok with. Go Twins.
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    This would amount to about 70-73 wins with no other lineup changes. This will not be the rotations though.
  3. beckmt's Avatar
    I think it is more likely one of De Vries and Walters may be pitching here. This is along with 2 TBD(FA) pitchers. The twins need to put fans in the seats, bring this team back will not accomplish that.
  4. gil4's Avatar

    If everyone stays healthy, my off-the-cuff projections are:

    1. Diamond will regress some. We'll call his ERA 4.00 (I hope)
    2. Hendriks will be good, but with some growing pains. I'd say he's equal to Diamond next year and will be better long-term.
    3. It's hard to know how far along Gibson's injury might have set back his development. He wasn't great at AA or AAA before the injury, so my guess is he starts the season in the minors. If he doesn't, it will probably be a bumpy ride. I'll peg his ERA at 5.50, with the upside being what he did in AA in 2010 and the downside being really bad short term, Phil Humber long term
    4. I'm glad De Vries got to go to the ball, but the chariot is overdue at the pumpkin patch. 6.00+
    5. Walters is not a kid, was not good, and has given little reason to believe he will be good. 6.00+
  5. Ultima Ratio's Avatar
    Without using a calculator, the answer comes to 67 - 95
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