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  1. jtrinaldi's Avatar
    Baxendale is a starter, just used as a Bullpen guy last year because he reached his innings limit
  2. righty8383's Avatar
    Buxton may not start the season in Cedar Rapids but he will be up there before July. Probably in mid-May.
  3. beckmt's Avatar
    Do not think Buxton will start in Cedar Rapids. Expect outfield to be Walker in right, Kepler in center and Jimenez in Left. JD Williams will be the 4th outfielder/DH in Cedar Rapids until Buxton moves up in July. Then the best one of them will be sent to Fort Myers. Or they could move Jimenez to Fort Myers to start the season.
  4. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    I think that's as good a projection as any. There's going to be one or two infielders to mix in to the DH rotation, as well, though.

    As a Kernels fan, I'm really hopeful that we'll have this group in CR for almost all season.
  5. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Excellent outfielders in Cedar Rapids. Crowed too. What is day one OF line up?

    I say - Kepler in LF - Buxton in CF - Walker in RF - Jimenez as DH

    Williams will be in High A - Your thoughts
  6. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    Rory's numbers do not get me excited...But Hicks and Harrison could be the real deal. I am hoping that C.Pimentel and Polanco can stay at middle infield for Cedar Rapids. Niko too. Will read what you have on those guys. Thanks!
  7. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    I don't think he played any 1B at all for Elizabethton last summer. That said, almost every corner IF and corner OF seems to find themselves playing a few innings at 1B here or there in the minor leagues. A guy Walker's size would certainly seem to be a likely candidate to get over there eventually, but I'm going to cover him with the outfielders in this series.
  8. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    Is Adam Walker done at 1B?
  9. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    Another good post (I'm already looking forward to next year's ballot for more of your posts--and chances to debate the merits of candidates).

    Now that the ballot's been finalized and the 0-fer confirmed, I'm sure that we will hear those cries. And while I was first tempted to join them (because I am dumbfounded at Biggio's non-inclusion),I can agree that a no-inductee weekend won't end the world and could reestablish some waning lustre of the Hall of Fame.

    That said, as someone who would gladly vote for more than 10 players next year, I'm also confident that increasing the votes won't lead to a flood of honorees. It seems as though most writers decide who to vote for based on whether or not they meet the "Hall of Fame" standard in their own mind. Some say that 15 people make it, some say 10 others (as Rosterman) points out see 5 and others (ESPN's Howard Bryant) see 0. I don't know as a 15 vote option would hurt the hall's integrity--a 15 vote requirement DEFINITELY would.
  10. Rosterman's Avatar
    The three fellows who voted form The Sporting News...one voted for ten, the other two only found five folks to vote for.
  11. Winston Smith's Avatar
    Hosken Powell, Willie Norwood and Bombo Rivera doesn't get any better than that!!
  12. Willihammer's Avatar
    What if we’re wrong about the next wave of uber-prospects being ready to seriously compete in the Big Leagues by 2015? What if it takes them longer? What if, like with Hrbek, Gaetti and Viola, this group loses big chunks of games for a few years even after they arrive in Minnesota and it’s 2019 or 2020… or later… before they reach their potential? That’s not exactly unlikely, is it?
    No, its not unlikely at all.
  13. mediocre's Avatar
    Very nice list Jim. I agree with all 10 guys you have listed and, for the most part, the order as well (I'd probably flip Gibson and Rosario). Also pretty excited for an outfield (hopefully) featuring Buxton and Kepler this year in CR. Hope to make it to a few games this year.
  14. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    Good stuff, JC. Looking forward to seeing some of these prospects -and you - in CR this summer.
  15. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    Fair question PFH.

    If I voted, I would not make the PED users wait a year before I give them my vote. That said, if a member of the BBWAA went public with an intended philosophy of consistently not voting for KNOWN users in their first year of eligibility and then, starting with their second year, would vote for them on the merits of their accomplishments, I could at least respect that.
  16. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    I love Hall of Fame debate time. And I definitely appreciate the analyses of how/why we allow/bar perceived cheaters from the hall. I absolutely concur that if we've got amphetemine users, spit ball pitchers and belligerent racists who perpetuated an absolutely unfair system for nearly 50 years of pro-ball in we should let in the PED crowd. (I personally would like to see their busts hung in the men's room...but that's a debate for another time)

    Here's my question though: chances are that Bonds/Clemens will get more than the 5% minimum to stay on the ballot but not the 75% minimum for induction. Biggio also will be over 5% but far closer to the enshrinement threshold and has the distinction of being both a superb player (an all-star at the up-the-middle triumverate of catcher, 2nd base, and centerfield) who was too often overlooked by the numbers of others. So would you Jim, or any other posters, consider withholding support on either Barry or Roger for one year to try to push Biggio over the top before guys like Glavine, Maddux and Mussina gum up the works again next year? Or is it best of the best first and let all the others keep on whistlin' dixie?
  17. OldManWinter's Avatar
    Known cheaters should not be in the Hall. If there are people who slipped in, it is unfortunate. But, if known cheaters are allowed in then, where do you draw the line? Remember, there are many ways of cheating. Some not even invented yet.

    You destroy the integrity of what it takes to get in if you allow cheaters in.

    Lets say Sosa has 70 HR's with enhancers but someone else has 35 per year in the same era (or maybe before) and not judged Hall material.

    Who can really say what Sosa would have hit without? Maybe his performance would be less than the 35 homer guy?

    So given that you do not know ... and there is liklihood guys understate usage they can't be in the Hall.
  18. Darin Bratsch's Avatar
    Raines deserves to be in by now. He was one of the top players of his era, somebody that affected how games were played and managed. Bagwel's case is absolutely HOF worthy when the fact he played in the astrodome for the majority of his career and still got 450 HR's! Biggio is a lock this year too. 3,000 hits while playing C & 2b in the astrodome?? why is their any debate? Piazza definately. I'd vote for Bonds and Clemens too because the last time I checked, Gaylord Perry is a HOF'er and he wasn't exactly Mr. Integrity.
  19. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    OMW, you obviously are of the same mind as many (perhaps most) fans. But as AM notes, the HoF already has cheaters in it. Players throughout the second half of the 20th century widely used amphetamines. Was that not using illegal drugs to aid performance? Baseball didn't care, writers didn't care and fans didn't want to know about it, so it was common... but it was still cheating, wasn't it?

    Steroids, to me, were ignored by baseball, by writers and fans for a far less period of time, but just because there were never Congressional hearings that led to witch hunts over use of greenies doesn't mean the players who used them are any cleaner than those who used steroids, in my book.

    Players who used PEDs of any kind during eras when MLB made no effort whatsoever to discourage, much less outlaw, their use should not be kept out of the HoF by voters who, if they were honest, would admit they would have readily done the same thing if it would have meant being able to play Big League baseball.

    OMW, you ended your comment by asking, "where do you draw the line?" You seem to be drawing that line somewhere between amphetamines and steroids, with the former being OK and the latter not OK. I respectfully disagree.
  20. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    The Hall of Fame is a joke without players like Bonds and Clemens.

    Of the bottom three, only Raines should be in.
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