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  1. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    if Jared Burton is still pitching for the Twins the next time they see the Tigers, the bombs we'll be seeing will come from Tiger bats. Jared "just bombs" Burton and his 6+ ERA need to go.
  2. VandyTwinsFan's Avatar
    The Tigers are about to play the White Sox, Twins, Royals, and then Cleveland. By June 22nd we should have a pretty good idea of who the better AL Central teams are by comparing them to the current leader. Here's to hoping that a healthy lineup of dozier, mauer, willingham, arcia, morales, and plouffe great the Tigers with some bombs!
  3. twinsfanstl's Avatar
    I meant the Tigers lose 8 (not 6, typo) as they would both lose an additional 4 against us and the Indians...
  4. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    Yangervis Solarte is on there.
  5. gmarais66's Avatar
    Don't forget:

    Major Leagues
    Garrett Jones - .279/.344/.479 - Miami
    Carlos Gomez - .298/.374/.560 - Milwaukee
    Rene Rivera - .255/.281./.491 - San Diego
    Danny Valencia - .308/.362/.423 - Kansas City
    Ryan Doumit - .245/.260/.347 - Atlanta

    Minor Leagues
    Matt Tolbert - .210/.290/.226 - Philadelphia
    Jason Pridie - .292/.348/.456 - Colorado
    Joe Benson - .197/.313/.299 - Miami
    Matt Carson - .286/.383/.460 - Cleveland
    Clete Thomas - .259/.372/.353 - Philadelphia
    Philip Humber - 1-2, 3.70 ERA - Oakland
    Tyler Robertson - 0-0, 4.08 ERA - Washington
  6. tarheeltwinsfan's Avatar
    Thanks for this update. Some I miss, some I don't, but all used to be Twins. I wish every one of them well, especially the three classy ex-Twins playing for the Rockies. Did any of you read the recent article about LaTroy Hawkins? Great article about LaTroy, a really nice person, who happens to be a baseball player. One last thing... I don't want Big Poopi to whoop the Twins anymore.
  7. Hosken Bombo Disco's Avatar
    If Pelfrey is still able to hang around and be "good in the clubhouse" then it's all good, because even taking away Pelfrey's stats, it's still the worst rotation in the majors I think.
  8. Sconnie's Avatar
    I doubt Pelfrey would admit out loud to the press that he deserves to be demoted or moved to the bullpen.
  9. Otwins's Avatar
    I am thinking Willigham. Seatle was talking to and close to signing Nelso Cruz. The talks didn't progress as they may need their resources for pitching. We should offer Willingham and even put some money in for the right shortstop prospect.
  10. johnnydakota's Avatar
    Time to trade Kevin Correia ?
  11. darin617's Avatar
    In order to get actual talent back you need to offer something more than AAAA filler. Worley might bring back a decent player if the Twins think he has no chance to make the roster. You can't expect much if you don't include a lower level prospect in any deal.
  12. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    I'm not sure the Mariners need back of the rotation guys. Their system has plenty of pitching talent that can come in and fill any back of the rotation voids. I like the idea of moving some SP depth from the organization, I just don't see the M's giving up a valued prospect in return. The M's need position players who don't play DH/1B/2B, not more arms.
  13. Steve Lein's Avatar
    I've liked Brad Miller for a while...
  14. twinsfanstl's Avatar
    Ba lists chris taylor ss in top 10 and guesses mlb ready by late 2014. Above avg fielder hit .312 in aa and is definitely blocked
  15. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Reynolds is an interesting player, and very useful in certain roles. But I agree with DocBauer - I don't see a fit. The Twins have too many benchy type guys right now. If he could play 3B a little better and was LHed, that would be one thing, but I don't see his role. Seems like a square peg in a round hole.
  16. DocBauer's Avatar
    Not going to lie, I've thought about Reynolds the past couple of seasons as a solid bat off the bench and with some real power. As well as a little versatility. But especially now, I'm going to vote no. And let me explain why.

    Plouffe has teased, shown real flashes, but hasn't hit a really consistent stride yet. Maybe he never will, but even if he never rounds in to the player we'd all like him to be, he still offers real value when Sano takes hold of 3B. Plouffe could still provide a good RH bat with power as a DH and back-up corner INF and OF, possibly even providing spot duty at 2B. A poorer man's version of Cuddyer at least? He is younger than Reynolds, has not only more positional flexibility, but, despite the flack of criticism he has taken, is not really that bad of a glove man. Better than Reynolds I'd say.

    I am really intrigued and in favor of Betemit, Chavez or Chad Tracy as a veteran alternative who can DH, PH, and back-up Mauer at 1B while also providing some platoon options at 3B. (I have stated all this before in other threads) These 3 provide a LH bat to counter Plouffe from the right side. Further, even when Sano takes control of 3B permanently, any of these still provide a legit option off the bench from the left side as valuable vets. I figure $2-3M should do it for any of the three, and we certainly have the financial flexibility for that.
  17. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I would like Willingham and Doumit gone in the offseason so they don't continue to clog up the roster. Neither one is going to be around in 2015.

    I would like to see them sign Johan on principle. I would be completely shocked if he is able to return.

    Ervin Santana, Tim Lincecum, and Phil Hughes are the three I would consider.
  18. Dainir's Avatar
    I really like the thought of adding an ace. The Twins definitely have the salary space to do so. Especially if the Twins trade Willingham and Doumit as I truly hope they do. By trading those two and adding in the Justin Morneau trade, the Twins will have roughly 25 million more in payroll available to sign others, and that will only get the Twins back to their current payroll.

    If I am the Twins I will be taking a nice hard look at Pinto this September. If he continues to tear it up as he has been, I think next year should be the year that Mauer makes the switch to first base while Pinto starts with Herrmann backing him up. This arrangement makes Doumit rather expendable.

    With the outfield, we will have Arcia coming ready to play. We will still have Presley, Mastroianni, and Thomas available to play the outfield. Hicks can still work things out and make an impact at the major league level next year as well, if not then, then soon. Add to the fact that Buxton is on his way, Willingham should be gone.

    We should start seeing our future players coming to Target Field next year as well, the only question is if it will be before September.

    I would also be excited to see a trade featuring Plouffe and Parmelee. We have serviceable third basemen to replace Plouffe until Sano shows up, and Parmelee doesn't seem to be an upgrade to anyone on the club right now. So send them away now as their value will only continue to drop.

    In these trades I want to see starting pitching, and not just any starting pitcher. Pitchers that will be ready to take the reigns as number 1 or 2 pitcher within the next two years.

    Those things would be enough to make me excited.
  19. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    Only one name from me. Jose Abreu
  20. Rosterman's Avatar
    Anything that starts to put players on the field that will more than likely contribute in 2015 and 2016. Adding one or wo free agents for a couple of seasons ain't going to do it for me.

    Joel, former partial season ticket holder who hasn't graced Target Field for one game yet in 2013.
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