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    Quote Originally Posted by shanewahl
    Thrylos, am I suppose to gather from this that you might be a fan of keeping Morneau and playing Parmelee in RF? If not (hopefully not), who is going to in RF, at least at the start of the season (until June, maybe?). I will concede that Mastroianni has been fantastic in his role, and I think Carson is an adequate fill-in for awhile too (I mean the dude was consistently between .280 and .295 all year in Rochester, and with solid power).
    I am not a fan of Parmelee playing the outfield. At this point I can see an OF of Willingham/Revere/X/Mastroianni. Let the ones who you add to the 40-man next season (Arcia/Hicks) battle it out. If nothing goes, I am fine with Carson having a shot too. The OF is the least of my worries. If they do not get 2 good starters one way or another, you might as well play Doumit out there. Part of the problem with this team the way it is, is that they have a few DHs (Willingham, Plouff, Doumit, Parmelee) slated to be on the field. And that's ok if you are not going anywhere.
  2. jay's Avatar
    Nice job putting a plan together. A few thoughts...
    - Even if we pay down Morneau's salary to $7M, the surplus value for his one remaining year just isn't enough to bring back a top young pitcher... let alone a good young pitcher. I think we could hope for a decent AA prospect.
    - Agree with Thrylos' comment that Span has more value and would be more likely to go. Being cost controlled for up to three more years, he'd be more likely in my eyes to bring back a decent arbitration-eligible SP.
    - Agree in full on Scotty Bake Bake.
    - I'd almost rather see the Twins go all out on an SP. It's clearly the biggest organizational need and the payroll space is there to do it. Marcum had a few good years and even fits the Twins profile of slow-throwing (87mph FB), spot-hitting, walk-allergic... but I'm not sure that's what many of us want right now.
  3. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Thrylos, am I suppose to gather from this that you might be a fan of keeping Morneau and playing Parmelee in RF? If not (hopefully not), who is going to in RF, at least at the start of the season (until June, maybe?). I will concede that Mastroianni has been fantastic in his role, and I think Carson is an adequate fill-in for awhile too (I mean the dude was consistently between .280 and .295 all year in Rochester, and with solid power).
  4. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I didn't mean to get rid of Robertson (I know I wasn't very clear about that part), but I want to see him give up fewer hits. Maybe some more time in Rochester?

    I could easily sub-in someone else for Marcum. Not sure who yet.

    Morneau and paying half (or more) of his contract next season could fetch a young top pitcher. Maybe not an ACE ace, but a number one.
  5. Thrylos's Avatar
    This is pretty good stuff. A few comments:

    - Span has to go. He has proven that all over again. Sell High. I hope he plays a bit so his off-season value can be as high as the trade deadline value was.
    - Check the K/9 of Tyler Robertson. They is no way you get rid of the best strikeout pitcher in a team who does not have many.
    - I have hard time with the Twins signing NL pitchers. For some reason NL pitchers do not translate in AL. (Sanchez and Greinke last couple examples, Marquis, Peavy, the list goes on and on and on...)
    - I don't mind Baker as a number 2 (if he is healthy) And he is long tossing which is a good thing
    - This team needs a young ace. Trade whatever you have not named Sano, Arcia, or Rosario (you cannot trade 2012 draft picks) and get him. Even if that means Gibson/Hicks/Span as a package.
  6. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Well, Guerra is out of options (strange isn't it), so they have to make a decision. I would doubt that he would clear waivers.

    I like the idea of trading Morneau for an arbitration-eligible younger pitcher. There are about a dozen good ones. And Oakland has a few of them.

    Burnett has gotten by somehow this year with more walks than strikeouts. I just don't really trust him, but he has an option left, so he can maybe setup in Rochester. I would expect DeVries to be slightly better than Swarzak in that role, actually.

    I was a bit taken aback by how cheap it actually was this way. And I think I actually am $7 million high and should have started out with $60.25 million after paying for 1/2 of Morneau's contract.

    Carson was the last guy on this roster . . . I didn't really know who else to start the season with. Carson is the guy who would be blocking guys if in Rochester, though. I want to see Arcia and Hicks in AAA for a bit next year before thinking about trading Span or Revere.
  7. birdwatcher's Avatar
    This blueprint makes a lot of sense. I'd trade Morneau for a MLB #2-3 starter, not a prospect, if possible. I'd also trade Span, perhaps for a MLB MI, perhaps for a quality pitching prospect. I might quibble a bit with your RP choices. I'd argue that DeVries is a AAA injury backup and that Swarzak and Burnett still can improve their performances. Guerra can sit in AA until he shows some consistency. Carson is a AAA guy. I'd rush one of the prospects along and start them. If someone would take Carroll from me, I'd do it and live with some combination of Florimon, Dozier, Escobar.
  8. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Why Slama over Gutierrez!? Something about how their stats compare in the minors, maybe?
  9. Dilligaf69's Avatar
    I still think Span is traded before Morneau although Span's value may be lower now with his continued injuries and why Slama over Gutierrez???
  10. Rosterman's Avatar
    The Twins have to look at 40-man adds for September vs. 40-man adds once the season ends (those guys can't be removed for free agent signings or such until spring training ends).

    Also, the Twins don't move guys around a lot between Beloit and New Brit and Rochester. It can be hard on players to just move up a level for a few weeks, having to find new lodging and such. The taset of the higher level of play can come in the Arizona Fall League, or extended Fall play, if need be. That's not to say a playe or two will move up permanently.

    Of course, depends on what happens with the Twins cutting bait with various minor free agents and such. If a player moves up to, say, Beloit, that player moving further up has to take the place of someone else, too. And the disabled lists can only hold so many bodies. Plus, you have to play games to keep players down for the Rule 5 (remember, there is a minor league version).

    Be interesting to see how many spaces can be cleared in advance of season's end on the 40-man -- Toshi, Valencia, Casilla, Span, Pavano, Capps, Liriano. Will Fien and others stay or be resigned as minor league free agents (or will they move elsewhere). Like do the Twins really need to add Burroughs, for example, to the 40-man.
  11. greengoblinrulz's Avatar
    Derek Rodriguez to ELIZ is a no brainer as he's a 2nd yr guy playing well
    Niko & Keplar to Beloit for the same reason.....think Harrison & Adam Walker could also.
    Rosario & Sano...dont think MN is sold on em. Roberts is overdue
    Pinto to New Brit for sure....not sure of Hauser now he's starting, but he should
    MN considers AA the top lg for prospects, so I only expect Watts/Pugh, Bromberg again.
    Hirshfield is already in ROC.
    Hicks/Hermann/Arcia are all Sept callups straight from New Brit
    Only new AAA promotions to me are Guerra & probably Duduno
    Updated 07-04-2012 at 10:23 PM by greengoblinrulz
  12. Thrylos's Avatar
    Can't argue with that, other than the absense of players who are at the DSL right now. If you include current draftees, I think you got to include at least a couple of the DSL kids in this list.
  13. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I hate forgetting someone. Pedro Florimon is about 35 or so. And there are a bunch of relievers at Fort Myers and Beloit right now that could be added at the bottom for now.

    While people may not like where I put Buxton, that could change after 100 plate appearances. The only player I went high on was Berrios, because I think he is a sleeper pick. I would rather generally be moving these guys UP after they start playing than having to move them down.
  14. nicksaviking's Avatar
    The list is a great point of referrence regardless of any potential debate on the order.
  15. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    I enjoyed the list (though I don't necessarily agree with it!)
  16. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    New draftees at 4, 7, 21, 28, 31, 36, 41, 44, 50, 55, and 59.

    That is a good draft.

    2011's draftees are at 15, 17, 20, 26, 37, 39, 40, 43, 47, 52, 54, 56.

    The 2011 and 2012 drafts have gone a long way to re-stocking the system with talent. 8 of the top 28 prospects have been drafted in the past two years.

    A positional breakdown and prospect movement trends (part 2) will be soon in coming.
  17. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Parenthetical numbers are pre-season 2012 and 2011 rankings, respectively.
  18. twinswon1991's Avatar
    Never underestimate Ersrad and his boys. They are by far the scariest team for Purdue.
  19. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I don't know much about him and there is a pretty small sample size to work with.
  20. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    very good story/informatoin!
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