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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Achter out of the bullpen is actually rather intriguing. He throws in the mid-90s now and has a very good second pitch.

    My definition of "Prospect" is anyone who is eligible to be rookie of the year. So, by that definition, Colabello is a prospect in my mind, that maybe not in the top 50.
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Williams is not going to be a closer. Anyway, I am basing it on Achter's dominant statistics this year, including at Fort Myers.
  3. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    Don't understand how Achter can be in front of Williams. Williams was a much higher draft choice and is actually age appropriate for his league. I know a lot have suggested Williams as the future closer, the ultimate goal for relief prospects. Plus, left handed pitchers are valued quite a bit higher than right handed ones.
  4. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    You are underrating Pedro Hernandez by a mile. He has a good track record, left handed starter, and is young for AAA with a far better chance to make the major leagues than most of the people ahead of him. More like 30s. You have Tim Shibuya higher than Hernandez when Hernandez is on the fringe of making the show and Shibuya is buried in A ball. Both are the same age.
  5. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I think of prospects being eligible as prospects if they haven't reached the majors or have spent less than 1/3 of a season there. I also wanted to put him somewhere on the list for comparison's sake.
  6. Thrylos's Avatar
    Hard to think of Colabello as a prospect at the ripe age of 29.5 starting the season... He is just a minor leaguer at this point, like the other 30 somethings there. Not that he is not good. He might actually end up as the Twins' 1B this season or next if things fall his way. But a prospect he is not
  7. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    By the way, odds that the Watts video poster is his wife/girlfriend, sister, or . . . mother?
  8. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Not to be a downer, but if you are going to include "never" for the arrival date for some of these prospects, you might as well put it on all of them. Because it is never a guarantee that any of them will make the majors.
  9. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Grimes is CATCHING, Seth!? Wow. That would change things if he can even put up marginally better numbers than he did in 2012. That will be interesting to watch.

    I am going to be a bit low on relief pitchers . . .

    And Guerra passed through waivers as thrylos says.
  10. Thrylos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by h2oface
    I could be wrong, since no one else has mentioned it..... but I think that Deolis Guerra is out of options. If he doesn't make the Twins bullpen, I believe he has to pass through waivers for the Twins to keep him and for him to start in Rochester.
    Guerra did pass through waivers with nobody claiming him and he was outrighted to AAA. He is not on the 40-man roster any more.
  11. h2oface's Avatar
    I could be wrong, since no one else has mentioned it..... but I think that Deolis Guerra is out of options. If he doesn't make the Twins bullpen, I believe he has to pass through waivers for the Twins to keep him and for him to start in Rochester.
  12. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Grimes was moved to Catcher during Instructs.

    Duffey was unbelievable, and we'll see how things go going forward. HE was a 5th round pick. Chargois was a 2nd round pick. He was also hurt, so we didn't see what he could be. Can't really make anything from College pitchers dominating in E-Town. But I do like all those arms that the Twins drafted in 2012!
  13. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Tyler Duffy is argueably the 2nd or 3rd best pitcher from the Twins 2012 draft. His stats were awesome and he showed very little flaws. Should be in the Top 25 - No Doubt! I thought he was better than his Rice college teammate JT Chargois. Never saw him rattled. Great SU man moving forward. 2 Walks (BB) is my kind of relief guy.
  14. Waverley Wildcat's Avatar
    Maybe I am too far away to give a valid comment but all the talk about Sano I find interesting, over the past 2 seasons he has played at 5 & 6 level MLB leagues. his stats show raw power at that level of pitching with many home runs but having a closer look his contact % is not good with more Ks than hits, also he has made some 70 odd errors so where do you hide him? As the competition gets harder, will he get better?
    Updated 12-31-2012 at 08:17 PM by Waverley Wildcat
  15. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    You guys are really undervaluing his defensive performance this year. Overall he was good defensively, and that included his time at shortstop. I am not sure how anyone actually disputes this. He made essentially ALL of the routine plays and his range was better than expected.

    Anyway, that he should start at short to begin the season says nothing about him finishing there, or being there midway, or even there in mid-May.
  16. Riverbrian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shane Wahl
    2015 mid-season:

    Buxton CF
    Hicks RF
    Mauer C
    Sano 1B
    Kepler LF
    Arcia DH
    Rosario 2B
    Goodrum 3B????
    Polanco SS?????

    With Walker, Herrmann, Santana, and Pinto on the bench

    Harrison, Rodriguez, and so forth close.

    Something like that seems plausible. And rather amazing. Some of those guys are obviously involved sooner and with some veterans the team by 2014 should be very good offensively. And with the Span and Revere trades, the pitching is going to be substantially better.

    That said, given this minimum salary talent coming up, why on earth don't they spend the damn money to get legitimate pitchers right the hell now?
    Cant we Keep Sano at 3B... He's young... He can get better.
  17. stringer bell's Avatar
    Carroll is a utility guy and shouldn't be a regular. Period, end of sentence. While defense is certainly important, I don't think any metrics are foolproof and further, I don't think any defender should be judged by a partial season on things as UZR etc.
  18. jorgenswest's Avatar

    I think the Twins management agree with you on defense and stats. They are going to let everyone else go ahead on this curve and hope it is the wrong direction.

    Even looking at the numbers, Carroll at best measured in the middle of qualifying shortstops. He did not have the innings to join that group. His defensive runs saved and UZR are ordinary. The numbers show that he has below average range and does not make a lot of errors. I think our eyes can see that.

    However, I do think the Twins should be paying attention to the defensive metrics. Maybe they are, but their roster decisions over the last two years indicate otherwise. Certainly, the decisions they have made indicate that they do not think defense has a significant impact on wins.
    Updated 12-22-2012 at 08:44 PM by jorgenswest
  19. Jim H's Avatar
    Shane, to be a little less snarky. It is not just my opinion that Carroll is a below average fielder. If Carroll was viewed by major league talent evaluators as an above average fielder at shortstop, he would of held down a regular starting shortstop job for the last ten years instead being a utility man. His offense has been average or above for a middle infielder. If he was even average defensively he would of been starter. Look at guys like Adam Everett who started for years. Defense at short is the defining issue. Carroll clearly isn't that good defensively. Gardy would of left him at short or brought him back when Dozier struggled if Carroll were even an average big league shortstop.
  20. Jim H's Avatar
    Shane, I have no confidence in defensive stats, for any number of reasons. If the defensive stats say Carroll is above average especially at short, that is still one more reason to distrust them. More importantly, Carroll's production isn't likely to stand up to being a regular. If he is used as a utility guy, 3-4 times a week, he will stay fresher both offensively and defensively. I don't much care if he is used at the top of the lineup, when he is in the lineup, but I really think I would put Dozier there. With the choice right now, Dozier will likely start at either short or 2nd. Let him bat 2nd if he does.

    While I think roster speculation is interesting, there are so many variables and even possible additions or subtractions between now and spring training, that I doubt things will work out much like any of us suspect. The starting pitching breakdown and centerfield should be the most interesting.
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