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  1. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    Strive, eh... I'm going to have to change that.

    He'll "make strides" and "thrive"... or strive. New meaning.
  2. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    1) Woohoo Colabello! Hope you're right.
    2) Haha about the 2B/SS combo's
    3) Duensing will "strive" as a LHRP, or "thrive"?? Strive is probably more accurate right now.
    4) Completely agree about CF, RF, 1B situations.
  3. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    That has been a recurring issue. I'll let Brock know...
  4. nfisch22's Avatar
    Is there some reason I can't see all the comments on the article that is on the main page? I only see the first comment even though it says theres been like 8.
  5. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    PFH: No comp picks, though the 2nd round gets under way much sooner.

    Jeff: I don't think either GA HS OF will get a grade high enough to be considered for the 4th pick, position need notwithstanding. I'm also hoping a pitcher is signable and available and worthy to go #4.

    This post was moved to the front page, so I'm sure they will be continued spirited debate over there.
  6. Jeff P's Avatar
    Thanks for putting this together, it should be interesting to see the changes as the season develops.

    I am in the camp of taking the BPA, but if it is basically a tossup then you go with need or at least go with a player at a premium position. I am sure it will be hard to take a HS CF this year after taking Buxton last year, but if Meadows (for instance) is your guy, I think they should still take him. Hopefully a pitcher emerges from the pack and there are four high ranking pitchers this year so Minnesota is guaranteed one of them.
  7. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    Part of me knows it's irrational to get my hopes up four months before a draft to pick a guy who won't be with the team for another two-four years....But another part of me tells the first part to shut up and revel in the glory of baseball.

    As good as the word on Appel has been, I'm part of the camp that would encourage TR and co to assiduously avoid the bottomless abyss of darkness known as Scott Boras. Both Manaea and Stanek sound like really appealing options, with Anderson as a dark horse.

    We don't have any compensation picks this year, do we?
  8. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    This blog has been moved to the ffont page. Please continue the comments there.
  9. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    It came up last night and in conversations with others. To paraphrase: The Twins sorely lacked power arms. They had drafted them before and didn't pan out and quickly. They didn't have plans to do anything differently last year.

    A point that Sean made last night was that everybody wants an Ace. And guys with that potential are taken early. The Twins did a good job of getting guys with upside last year. The guys the Twins took did have less innings on their arms, but that was really just a coincidence.

    He also said that the Twins will never take a prep arm really early (like Berrios) if they didn't completely believe that he would always be a starter.
  10. Jim H's Avatar
    Thank you for this. I enjoyed the read. One question I wish you would of asked is whether the Twins have changed their philosophy in regard to drafting pitchers. I don't really think they have, very much. What I think is happening is that college coaches are using their best arms in relief, a lot more than they used to.

    I suspect that there are many reasons for that, but the one that comes to mind is that rather than locking your best arm in a rotation, you can use him more flexiably as a reliever. Thus you could, maybe save on the arm a bit, but still have him available for more critical situations. He wouldn't necessarily pitch a lot fewer innings either.

    Thus the Twins taking more power arms might be more taking guys with a little less wear and tear on their arms. Since they are being used in shorter stints, maybe they are showing a little more velocity. Kind of like Perkins going from a soft tossing lefty starter, to a hard throwing reliever.
  11. johnnydakota's Avatar
    Unless we have a pair of left handed relievers in the minors , I see a need there as Dunny may end up in the rotation at some point in the season ,and i am not sold on Robertson.
  12. Physics Guy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by beckmt
    Hopefully Harden is a go. Without him to start the season, the starting pitching could have a long year. Hendricks will probably have to open in the rotation, but this should be his last chance. If he cannot cut it, he should be gone.
    That's exactly what the Twins should have done with another 23 year old who went 7-15 with a 5.49 ERA back in '83. Frankie V only came back the next season to go 18-12 with a 3.21 ERA.
  13. Top Gun's Avatar
    It's a dart board. Yeah give them chances but can they handle it?
  14. TwinVike61's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by beckmt
    Hendricks will probably have to open in the rotation, but this should be his last chance. If he cannot cut it, he should be gone.
    Yeah, no sense giving a 23 year old another chance to establish himself in the majors especially with all of the other options they brought in.
    Updated 01-15-2013 at 01:43 PM by TwinVike61
  15. beckmt's Avatar
    Hopefully Harden is a go. Without him to start the season, the starting pitching could have a long year. Hendricks will probably have to open in the rotation, but this should be his last chance. If he cannot cut it, he should be gone.
  16. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Ummm... Brent Gates and Terry Tiffee were both better than Hughes... But I do agree that neither of those guys are really competition for Plouffe other than as bodies who will also take ground balls. (and Hughes is better than Romero or Sobolewski, for what that's worth!)

    Nice write up, Jeremy!
  17. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
    I think they're still looking... and, ultimately, I do think they'll add someone. I fear, though, it's not gonna be anyone worthwhile.
  18. Rick Niedermann's Avatar
    I am certainly looking forward to this years Prospect Handbook. But when Terry Ryan suggested that Deibinson Romero or Mark Sobolewski would push Trevor Plouffe I had to laugh. These guys are not even in Luke Hughes realm. They remind me at best of Larry Wolfe, Brent Gates and Terry Tiffee. If these are the players to push Plouffe, he has no worries about losing his job. If Terry Ryan is serious, he should take a long look at Freddie Sanchez. Otherwise the competition he intends to use as a push to Trevor is a joke.
  19. AllhopeisgoneMNTWINS's Avatar
    Good insight, always nice to read articles like this.
  20. Cris E's Avatar
    I think they pick up a new SS before they sign a third pitcher, and I also think he won't be much better than the dreck we're sorting through already.
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