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  1. USAFChief's Avatar
    Saw it last night. Highly recommend it. Well written, well acted, not overly sentimental or sugary. Pretty good baseball scenes, never got slow or dull, from my perspective. Pretty much all the comments I heard coming from the crowd leaving the theater were very positive.
  2. Willihammer's Avatar
    To Helgeland’s credit, the movie doesn’t sugar coat what Robinson experienced (in fact, as it is in most cases, you know the movie barely scratches the surface)
    So... it sugarcoated it?
  3. IdahoPilgrim's Avatar
    I haven't seen it yet but am looking forward to it. Thanks for the review!

    I agree that, particularly for younger audiences, they need to be reminded/taught that this was the way life really was not too long ago. We need to never forget what it was like, and how distasteful it feels now, or we run the danger of it happening again someday.
  4. VATwinsFan's Avatar
    "The beginning credits alert us that it was “based on a true story.” Really? Who knew! (Maybe there was a specific reason they had to include that, I don’t know.)"

    Perhaps the producers of the movie realized that a lot of people are clueless about what happened before they entered the world and that history didn't start on their birthday.

    For example, last year when there was so much talk about the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster there were more than a few youth who were quoted as saying they thought the movie "Titanic" was just a good story and had no idea it was based on something that really happened.
  5. Seth Stohs's Avatar
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  6. jorgenswest's Avatar
    I enjoyed your report. It is a fun event.
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