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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Good post! I *love* the burnt popcorn label. Perfect.
  2. BigTrane's Avatar
    Good point on Mauer, though I would go further.
    @ 1B, he's likely to make more starts & get more ABs than behind the dish the last couple seasons, bringing along his OBP. Sure, he doesn't fit the trad. 1B mold, but if Suzuki has a decent OBP & is on base with Mauer batting behind him, he could pick up some extra RBIs. Regardless, he'll be on base plenty. Will be interesting to compare his '14 numbers with post-concussion Morneau, though...

    Net benefit.

    No reason to believe Mauer won't continue to be a hit machine, and to try and pigeon-hole him into a slugging 1B slot makes no sense. Mauer will produce just fine- probably better, and the Twins' overall fate won't hang on his SLG.
  3. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    My overall feeling about the infield is that I would like to see more of Eduardo Escobar in 2014. They may find out that he isn't worth playing, but that would be good information to have going into 2015.
  4. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    I completely agree that Polanco is a much better prospect than Santana, but I'm not sure he reaches the Majors by 2015. That would require him to move three levels in less than two seasons and the Twins just typically aren't that aggressive. I could see Santana as a utility guy by 2015, just because he can play multiple positions and even if the batting average is empty, someone is going to look at it and think he deserves a shot.

    Regarding Plouffe, I completely agree. I don't actually think he is versatile because he can't play any one position well. However, I am certain that the Twins like the idea of having a guy who can play third and a corner outfield position, with second base being an option in a huge pinch. I'm not sure he'd be average at any of those positions, but he can physically play each.
  5. Steve Johnson's Avatar

    I don't think the Twins would be satisfied with rushing Polanco to be a utility guy. If all goes well, in 2015 he will be in double A looking forward to his first real look in spring training in 2016.

    With Danny Santana I'm more worried about his strike zone control. He's not going to hit .290 in the majors with that little power and those strikeout/walk rates. Often, a shaky glove works its way out in ways a bad eye at the plate doesn't.
  6. Steve Johnson's Avatar
    Plouffe is a bad third baseman. To be versitile, don't you have to have some competency at various positions? Plouffe's versitility is more of a mirage than anything. That they have shifted him around is as much a result of his inadequacies as it has been for the needs of a roster with perrenially thin infield depth.
  7. Steve Johnson's Avatar
    Plouffe is a bad third baseman. To be versitile, don't you have to have some competency at various positions? Plouffe's versitility is more of a mirage than anything. That they have shifted him around is as much a result of his inadequacies as it has been for the needs of their roster with their perrenially thin infield depth.
  8. Joe A. Preusser's Avatar
    If the TR decides Collabello isn't part of the future do we take advantage of his option and let him play the year mashing in AAA again? Or do we cut him loose and give him the chance to catch on with another MLB roster?
  9. Thrylos's Avatar
    Almost certainly, this will not be the 40-man roster of infielders come late March. According to multiple reports the Twins were in on Chavez before he signed with the Dbacks and are looking to upgrade the infield positions in the majors. I will be surprised if the Twins do not add another infielder and subtract Colabello from the list.

    Re: intermediate/long term SS. Polanco is much better player than Santana and he is close to be ready. Santana's ceiling is utility (he is worse than Casilla was a minor league at every aspect of the game) while Polanco is the real deal with excellent OBP skills even as a teenager. I will not be surprised if he gets up to AA this season and makes the Twins team in 2015.
  10. beckmt's Avatar
    Escobar may start a few games at third against very tough right handers. Unless Santana gets here this year(or Rosario) this is what we are looking at this year. Only other thing would be if Bartlett turns back the clock and wins the shortstop job(very unlikely)
  11. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Yeah, I agree with that. It will be interesting to see Garza's contract, but I could see it being two extra years and about $60-70 million more.
  12. Willihammer's Avatar
    I like Phil Hughes too. He's like a slightly worse version of Matt Garza.
  13. johnnydakota's Avatar
    Ok with the earring remark and Playa , we are now laughing with you =)
  14. BigTrane's Avatar
    This is a sea change, no doubt- and I like it!
    Good points about Hughes.

    I'm not crazy about him, but expect him to benefit greatly from pitching at TF.
    Does he shave a point off his ERA from that alone?
    It's quite possible that he benefits from Mr. Mechanics, Rick Anderson, too.

    As for the money-where-your-mouth-is commitment to getting better, you are right.
    Unprecedented in Twins history, and about time, too. Might take time to adjust to this new world- we'll see where it goes.

    Either way, '14 season has become meaningful, and the excitement is justified.
  15. whydidnt's Avatar
    The most intriguing name on this list to me is Porcello. I think he would require the least as far as trade value IMO, he's flashed signs of being really good, but has been inconsistent, and isn't super expensive. Save the $$ for a good FA like Garza. I'm probably crazy, but I'd float a Perkins for Porcello offer and see what happens. I love Perkins, but getting 180+ good innings out of Porcello seems more valuable to me than 70 great innings out of Perkins. The Tigers seem to like the idea of a "proven closer", so they may bite. Not sure on contract status, but I'm guessing Perkins and Porcello are pretty close too.
  16. Lonestar's Avatar
    No need to trade for anyone with two or fewer years before free agency at this time.

    Free agency is the place to turn this year. I agree with Garza -- a frontline starter for hopefully 4 years. Kazmir for 2. I would have added Randy Messenger for 3 years.
  17. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    I received a private message about the last two sentences of the TRADEZ section, but the person who sent it to me has too many private messages in their inbox. So, I am posting this here hoping they see it:

    Do you refer to these two sentences:

    So, some executives from the Indians took some executives from the Twins out to dinner and paid the bill. AT THE HENNEPIN COUNTY TAXPAYERS EXPENSE, probably.

    The first sentence is what actually happened, the second one was just a silly joke. It refers to a "conspiracy theory" that I see pop up in the forums every so often where the Twins built Target Field in a ploy to steal money from the taxpayers. Now that I type that up, I could see that being somewhat confrontational, but I can honestly say that I meant it as a silly joke.
  18. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    The expectations going into last year were so low that nobody could have had their hopes up at all. I think the same can be said for 2014, but there will be a lot of activity this winter by TR. Ultimately, I hope the activity produces some excitement and higher expectations than in 2013.

    Maybe we will make a big splash on the free agent market and bring back Jamey Carroll?
  19. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Oldgoat_MN
    Of course he was.
    Have you not read his articles before?
    Four or five times actually. Although, it's pretty hard to remember after the first time.
  20. jtkoupal's Avatar
    I appreciate the time and thought that you put into this. Whether your intentions were to provoke laughter or to say something constructive, it was well written. Unfortunately, we all know that Cano is either going back to New York (most likely) or to the Dodgers. We do have the money to lure him in NOW! However, what happens when our young players reach arbitration and we are stuck with Cano and Mauer making up more than half of our payroll. That would be a mess, we cannot have over $50MM locked up in 2 guys, it's not practical.

    I understand and appreciate your effort, though it is really a moot argument given Terry Ryan's history (or lack thereof) of offseason spending. There is no way Cano is in Twins blue and red next year.

    As for the Dozier argument, your argument is certainly valid, we only saw 3 months of him at shortstop in 2012. He made way too many errors, tough he also made some very good plays as well. The only thing is, Florimon has much more range and instincts at short, so a small market team will give the defensive wizard the playing time. Many of Dozier's errors were mental, and I'm sure he could be better if he went back to shortstop, but the fact is that Dozier played Gold Glove caliber defense at 2B this year, and if their projections are correct, his peak will not be that much worse than Cano. Cano will put up better numbers, most likely, but why splurge on Cano when you can have Dozier for a much more reasonable cost and similar production.

    On a side note, however, the Twins will have plenty of cash to spend this winter. With only about $60MM in commitments next year, we have plenty of flexibility. We need a starter (or 2, or 3), that is where a majority of the money will need to go. A first baseman will be needed as well. There are rumors of a possible Justin Morneau return (more than just possible from the sounds of it), which will derail the Parmelee/Colabello train (woot! woot!)

    Any way, maybe you will be right and Cano will head north to the Minny (don't count on it). Go Twins!!
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