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  1. Sbb33's Avatar
    bates is a possible right handed replacement. Give him a chance he can prove that. He replaced mike Lowell and Jeff bailey in 2009, for a stint with Boston and did well. Sometimes all a guy needs is a long enough shot.
  2. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Especially with all the talent that is wafting towards the Twins from the lower minors, it seems as though, with the exception of our starting pitching staff because, except for Gibson, we don't have many great starters, we will have a very home-grown team that has a lot of upside. With that home-grown talent not costing very much, we could, when this talent wave hits, go out and have more money to spend on higher-upside starters and even relievers. Therefore, I feel the Twins are kind of in a buffer zone, with several good players here already, but several more with significant upside on the way. Terry Ryan knows this, so the moves he made this offseason go towards that youth movement that shall be arriving soon; he brought in Carroll on a 2-year deal, and he is expected to be the bridge to Brian Dozier arriving. If any of the Twins highly touted outfield prospects finally show that they are ready for the bigs, they could take over for Willingham when his deal is up. Also, Chris Parmelee appears (or so it seemed when he was called up last September) that he could take over for Morneau if necessary. These deals are classic of Ryan, and he knows that he just needs to buy time until about 2014, when prospects like Rosario, Sano, Arcia, and others are expected to arrive in the show.
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    As you said in the article, I don't really see Doumit playing much at first, but the Twins do have several possible options besides Morneau. The ones that I would trust the most at first would be Mauer (because he is most likely going to end up there anyway) and Parmelee, although he needs to prove that the call-up last year wasn't just a streak of really good hitting.
  4. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I think that you are right about the Tigers definately losing many runs per game now that their infield looks like: 1b: Fielder; 2b: Inge/Santiago; 3b: Cabrera; SS: Peralta. You can't win games with that defense, but if they produce, they will win with their offense. The Twins need to do better both at fielding and producing at the plate to have a shot at contending this year. The good thing about having down years is that you get good draft picks, and the Twins definately need to score some big ones to help them out in their minor leagues.
  5. RobbySmith's Avatar
    Nick, I am sorry to say that I disagree with you on this one. I don't think that the twins even have a chance to win this year. In my mind I'm thinking that we need to prepare ourselves for last or second to last (if we can beat out the royals) in the division. I just can't see this team pulling out to many wins for the state on Minnesota this year.
  6. Fanatic Jack's Avatar

    I think we should release all our good players and give the young guys in New Britain a shot. They deserve it and payroll is not important anyways. Do you work for the Twins?
  7. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Good blog, Nick! I'm with you 100% Payroll isn't a direct link to win, as you mentioned, we need look no further than 2011 Twins. Take Mauer and Morneau's contracts at a combined $37 million, and Ryan has $63 million to put together the other 22-23 players on the roster. I'll take my chances, for sure.
  8. Fanatic Jack's Avatar
    Absolutely!! It was shocking to me as a season ticket holder ownership slashed payroll by $15 million after drawing 3.2 million fans in year two of Target Field (Financed by tax payers). They will be under a ton of pressure in 2013 to spend some loot after they lose 90-95 games this year.
    Updated 02-28-2012 at 09:36 PM by Fanatic Jack
  9. Highabove's Avatar
    Each Teams circumstances dictate the level of payroll they need. The Tampa Rays do not need a large payroll. Their farm system is producing star players. Yes Terry Ryan did more with less Money but look at who the farm system was producing back then. Do the current Twins need a little more payroll. The state of the Bullpen will give you that answer.
  10. WolvesGeek's Avatar
    From your lips to God's ears on the defense. Last year was the most difficult season I've seen from a Twins team defensively in a generation. Not to malign Billy Smith about everything that went wrong last season, but we have to hope that Terry Ryan's track record when it comes to fundamentals will reappear.
  11. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    I agree that overall he has done a good job so far given the salary constraints that have been put on him. I think it is going to take some tough, sometimes unpopular decisions to overcome the mess that we have created over the past couple of years. I believe we need to let things play out before passing judgment on Ryan.
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