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  1. coddlenomore's Avatar
    Hate to admit it, your point gives me a reason to hope and is hard to argue. Here is praying that the miracles continue to happen!
  2. Thrylos's Avatar
    Still not sure that there will be a third catcher... A couple of things that happened within the last week have me hopeful:
    - Ryan said that Gardy might go north with only 2 catchers and that Butera has to win that job
    - Gardenhire said that Doumit is not an option on 1B, so they are looking at him as a C/OF/DH. If Morneau is the DH, then Doumit is full time backup catcher OF

    Also, in my mind, Hughes is a lock. Other than Morneau, he has the most MLB experience in 1B and can play 2B and 3B. Burroughs might push him, but Hughes has no options and the Twins will not risk losing him. Plus by playing decent 2B, he can fill in there when Carroll needs rest (he is 38) and have Casilla slide at SS. Florimon is another backup infield possibility and will push Nishioka. He actually did have a decent winter in the Dominican.

    I think that, depending on how Morneau does and whether a first baseman is needed, Aaron Bates will also get a long look in addition to Steve Pearce. Also, Darin Mastoianni might make it as a PR, bat off the bench and defensive specialist.

    Fun to see what will happen...
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