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  1. Nick Nelson's Avatar
    @ashburyjohn: That picture cracked me up.
  2. TwinsGuy55422's Avatar
    Maybe he looks so serious because he is sick of carrying that pinkish/purplish lunchbox on the way from the dugout to the bullpen. The initiations that ballplayers go through are quite humorous.
  3. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Serious Swarzak is serious.
  4. woolhouse's Avatar
    Swarzak's face looks like it needs some facial hair. Something to cover up those lines and space between lips/nose. A nice, thick goatee, or perhaps just a Pavano-stache.
  5. mike wants wins's Avatar
    btw,. it's time to stop calling him a future HoF player. 3 catchers in the AL Central have a higher WAR than him this year, he's missed many, many games with injuries, and this team isn't winning squat during his prime.....
  6. mike wants wins's Avatar
    Who cares where he was born? He chose to move his first day he turned 18. He had as much choice about where he eas born as this chair I am sitting on has. As for you treatise, it is well written, but fruitless. Booing is emotional, not logical. So making a logical argumentakes no sense.
  7. SweetOne69's Avatar
    Nice article, but I have 1 correction for you, Mauer "only" pays taxes in Minnesota for half of his income ($900,000 in tax revenue). He (and all professional athletes) pay taxes in the states where the income was earned, not where he is employed or resides. Mauer actually pays a little more than that as Minnesota has a reciprocity agreement with Wisconsin so he pays his Wisconsin tax to Minnesota.
  8. markroehl's Avatar
    I don't know what my intention was, but you're right, it definitely ended up being depressing. I think it was to put in context how bad the Twins starters have been this year.
  9. SpinnesotaGirl's Avatar
    Kind of puts it in perspective, doesn't it?
  10. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    This made me laugh.
    And then cry.
    Good work, if that was your intention.
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