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    "The teams may have figured out something since then. In the five years since, only eleven pitchers have reached that $20M level. No class since has had more than three pitchers reach that plateau. In fact, no class has had more than seven pitchers even get $10 million contracts."

    I don't have skill nor the time to look this up, but I was wondering how much pitchers re-upping with their old team has to do with not throwing all that money at FA's. The Phillies just did it this season, and if I'm not mistaken, didn't CC opt out of a deal around last summer and get a bigger deal from the Yanks? Just question's I would like answered. Thanks
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    Okay, who are the top 25. The bigger question is will the market be able to pay out that much money for that much starting pitching. I doubt it. So could some bargains, or some nice backend deals.
  3. beckmt's Avatar
    I would try, but do'nt think Baker will take it. He can get more from other clubs.
  4. Rosterman's Avatar
    There is no reason Baker can't and shouldn't take the buyout and see if someone else offers him a 20-year contract with incentives. The Twins have to convince people they can win to get people to sign with them, period.
  5. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Yes. Sorry. Fixed it in the story, but not here. Fixed now.
  6. mini_tb's Avatar
    John McDonald kneed Justin Morneau in the head, not Kelly Johnson.
  7. glunn's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Jim Crikket;bt3521

    Also, am I wrong to feel that, assuming you are bound to be ranked near the bottom in SOME positions, I'd rather it be 2B and SS than most other positions? Sure the team OPS at those positions is bad, but how much worse is it than average for that position? Point being, I'd rather be 29th at 2B than 29th at 1B, where there'd likely be a significant spread.[/QUOTE]

    I share Jim's desire to hear the answer to his question.

    I also would like to know where Revere would rank if he was playing his natural position of CF.
  8. Jim Crikket's Avatar
    I appreciate this kind of research because it's the kind of thing I wonder about but not enough to research it myself. But here's the follow-up question I generally have... don't most teams have similarly uneaven offenses? Or at least most teams that aren't the Yankees? Maybe since the teams the Twins have to contend with primarily are within their own division, what do the other divisional rivals' positional ranks look like?

    Also, am I wrong to feel that, assuming you are bound to be ranked near the bottom in SOME positions, I'd rather it be 2B and SS than most other positions? Sure the team OPS at those positions is bad, but how much worse is it than average for that position? Point being, I'd rather be 29th at 2B than 29th at 1B, where there'd likely be a significant spread.
  9. Brandon's Avatar
    I believe Dozier will get better next year. I believe they need a new 2b with Carroll as the utility player. I am fine with Revere's production especially at his cost. I am more convinced that Morneau has it figured out more than Parmelee does so I hope they keep Morneau. Doumit is doing the job and doing it cheep.

    I think this exercise also poiints out the need for a professional bat off the bench. With a bench of Mastroianni, Carroll and Butera and Doumits versatity, can the Twins now bring back THome to PH and DH for one more season next year?
  10. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    John, I think you just made a pretty good case why the Twins shouldn't move Morneau. I'm in the camp that the Twins are not far away from competing for the division. Moving Morneau at this point doesn't make a lot of sense unless they get a goldmine for him (which they won't).
  11. nokomismod's Avatar
    Wow, he really is the cream of the crop. I'd really like to see what Parmalee can do with the big league club before the Twins make any decisions.
  12. Wade Mobley's Avatar
    I really appreciated your post, then committed the same error later that day.
    Slow to learn, I guess.
    It's not that our individual contexts define truth or make it impossible for us to communicate, but that our individual contexts color our own thoughts and commentary. The wise communicator evaluates his context before he discusses, then discusses wisely.
    Thanks for your insightful writing.
  13. pogofan's Avatar
    I donít know that there is a lesson to be learned here.

    There absolutely is a lesson to be learned here, John, though as a non-listener to your podcasts (who has time?), I can only take your word for it that it applies to you. The lesson is, "Seek first to understand, and then to be understood," or in other words, "Really take the time to listen before you talk." Our country would be far better off if all our discussions about politics and public issues followed that guidance! Whether you and Aaron follow it isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, of course, but if you want to strike one little blow for better dialogue in American society, I recommend keeping sentences like "I'm not sure I followed that; can you run it by me again?" close at hand.

    Thanks for another of your always-thoughtful posts.
  14. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I hate the prospect of Liriano have a great 2013 with the White Sox.
  15. Texastwinsfan's Avatar
    Most important of all.... If I have to hear Hawk say "He Gone" one time when Frankie strikes out a Twin - I will throw my remote throught the TV.
  16. mike wants wins's Avatar
    I look forward to next week, when you (hopefully) rip the Twins for once again not putting a guy on the DL right away. Unreal on Plouffe (I'm assuming they'll DL him soon).....unreal on the training staff. Just unreal. Didn't TR talk about accountability throughout the organization? What does accountability mean, exactly?
  17. Rosterman's Avatar
    The Twins would have to offer arbitration to Liriano, which means (like Ortiz last year with the Red Sox) the Twins could get stuck with a $12+ million purchase. Granted, Liriano would want to itch like hell in 2013 to get an even bigger buyout, but the Twins (or whomever gets him in a trade, could be on the hook for even more).

    The flipside is that if the Twins can get halfway decent worth for Liriano, they can watch him do whatever he will do for the remainder of the year, and possibly outbid others on a multi-year contract during the offseason and sign him for that $24-27 million 3-year contract.

    Is his shortterm worth worth it to a team in 2012?

    How many players will actually be in that 2013 class.

    Would the Twins spring for a couple of free agents?

    And how abdly will the team get decimated in July (Span, Capps, Pavano, Morneau cold all be gone for prospects). Are the internal building blocks fully in place to replace those guys in 2013 without spending in the free agent market and will replacements be comparable (can Parmelee hit 18-20 homers and bat .240, for example). Can Mastro play right field and bat .270 and steal 15 bases and hit three homers. Will the Twins still have bench and bullpen depth to pull from as next season straddles on?
  18. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Isn't compensation now granted only when the qualifying offer is quite high, an average of top players or something, in the range of $11M per year?
  19. drivlikejehu's Avatar
    Edwin Jackson is another free agent, as are aging Ryan Dempster and Huroki Kuroda.

    Not only is it a huge free agent class, but clubs in general are less pitching-starved than has been the case in a long time. Everyone could still use more, but a lot of teams will think twice about paying big money to 2nd-tier or below guys. I think the Twins should just plan on making the qualifying offer (or whatever it's called) to Liriano and going from there. A one-year deal would be a nice gamble, and if he walks instead they get draft compensation.
  20. USAFChief's Avatar
    IMO, 3/$24 would get it done. Less than the 1st 8 on your list, and still leaves money for 2 more.
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