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  1. mnfireman's Avatar
    I agree with going young. 15 years ago there were no prospects to fast track. 8-10 years ago there were major league players at most positions, so letting the kids develop one level at a time made sense. Now, the team needs major league talent at several positions, trade what they can to get this talent or to stock the minor leagues and start bringing up/advancing Arcia, Sano, Hicks, etc... to see what they are made of. Several teams have done this over the past few years and for every Harper, Machado, Garcia, etc... there have been failures and there is no promise that those who have had success will sustain it, but you don't know if you don't try. 6-8 year plans for every prospect just seems too generic, players mature at different rates and handle success/failure differently.
  2. jorgenswest's Avatar
    My apologies to the Urbina family.
  3. Rick Blaine's Avatar
    "pitchers jailed for murder in their home country"

    It was only attempted murder. You should have included UUU-- just for his initials if nothing else.
  4. beckmt's Avatar
    Best way for the Twins would be to trade for pitching. Difficult but it can be done because several small market teams are looking for Cost Controled hitting. This should work to the Twins advantage if we do not pay too much or buy the wrong pitcher. Oakland, Seattle and Tampa Bay all fit this profile. Washington is another option, but has a higher budget.
  5. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    very nice analysis...
  6. Rosterman's Avatar
    Yes, it is. What is the price of a 33-year-old reliever. Can you find a comparable non-closer. Burton, is, sadly in the make $2-4 million and shut up. He may be given closer duties (think Rauch or Hawkins) but will never get a permanent job at his age....because of track record. A team wouldmore than likely try an upcomer than just reward him with the higher paying job.
  7. jorgenswest's Avatar
    They can guarantee Baker by picking up his option.

    If he can produce 2 WAR, he will exceed the value of his option.
  8. beckmt's Avatar
    Why would Baker want to sign here? Would want him only on a two or three year deal and do not think he will do that.
  9. OldManWinter's Avatar
    Hate to see the team trading away guys like Span and Morneau especially ... they practically beg to stay. That does a lot for a team foundation.

    Sign Baker. Find a good free agent.
  10. birdwatcher's Avatar
    Looks like the most reasonable quick fix is a #2-3 type FA signing, clearly "overpaying" in the process.
  11. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    WHY WHY WHY is everybody assuming this was their top priority just because it was done now? You do the deals you can, when you can. Doumit was willing, so were the Twins, it was done very quickly. Does anybody truly think that TR doesn't believe starting pitching is a huge priority? Seriously people, open your eyes!
  12. jorgenswest's Avatar
    Thanks Parker.

    I would love to see the Twinscentric group begin debate on the blueprint for 2013. To me, Doumit is the first winter free agent signing and the first step Terry Ryan has made in his blueprint for 2013.

    If trading Span is in your blueprint, how do you fill RF?

    Would you pick up options on Baker or Capps?

    Do you assume the same budget going into 2013?

    Doumit would not have been part of my blueprint at this point. I would go for pitching and see what was left to fill out the bench. It is not a knock on Doumit. I think his value exceeds the 0.0 WAR assigned to him by Baseball Reference. I don't want to argue that he is worth the contract. I do argue that the Twins have greater needs than catcher.
  13. Parker Hageman's Avatar
    Good thoughts on this subject. Thanks for sharing!
  14. jorgenswest's Avatar
    The few assets they should be willing to trade are decline phase players still playing well. Willingham and Morneau may be the only two chips that can return real starting pitching prospects.

    There are possible LF and DH solutions in the minors for next year. There are no starting pitching solutions. Those positions are also easier to acquire in free agents.

    Ticket sales will be down.
  15. Highabove's Avatar
    Trade Willingham and Morneau? How many people will buy tickets to see this product.
  16. jorgenswest's Avatar
    I agree, the Twins can not expect anything back for Pavano, Marquis and Carroll. Given their current level of play, they all have contracts that exceed their value. If they can get a team to take the contract. Great. If they include a minor leaguer similar to those the Twins received for Delmon. Better.

    I suggest that the Twins invest the playing time in players who could be part of the solution... even if it leads to additional losses in 2012.
  17. Top Gun's Avatar
    Who would you trade for Pavano, Marquis, and Carroll? Nobody so that is what you will get! We need inning
    eaters and inf help, power bats they have all left for nottin. Nate, Young, Kubel, Cuddyer, Thome Ect. You
    just can't replace these players with minor leaguers, you have get something back.
  18. jorgenswest's Avatar
    Guerra moved to AAA today. Let's see him in July also.
  19. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Id like to see Benon master AAA before he takes on pitchers with MLB control.
  20. Rosterman's Avatar
    better yet try to predict the off-season 40-man, who will be around from present company to start 2013. I doubt that anyone will bring a top-notch prospect...probably a possible overpaid aribitration player.
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