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  1. Don't Feed the Greed Guy's Avatar
    These are the managerial moves that will define Gardy's final contract year. Are the young players progressing? Is the current manager building up the organization? Too soon to tell, but woudln't it be nice if a ballgame at Fenway in early May 2013 will be remembered as a turning point in Aaron Hick's long career as a Twin? Gardy has had this impact in the past, as Justin Morneau credits his turnaround, not on a fight with Torii Hunter in Kansas City, but with a sit-down heart-to-heart with his manager, early in his 2006 MVP season. JockBio: Justin Morneau Biography I'm hoping Uncle Gardy takes the kid aside when the cameras aren't rolling, debriefs the situation, and puts "Hicksie" back in center field tonight. I would love to see the kid get his first multi-hit game of the season on the backside of this incident.
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  2. Pius Jefferson's Avatar
    Hicks is a big boy who's not going to cry because Gardenhire yelled at him for a stupid play.
  3. USAFChief's Avatar
    Was this really worth the tirade, captured by the cameras? Was it worth embarrassing the kid?
  4. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    > Never say never but, if history has any indication, the likelihood of him pitching effectively in April appears low.

    Now, got any stock tips, as the market appears to be nearing a top?
  5. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Very nice analysis Parker. Thank you.

    I am not anxious to give up on Dozier. Here's hoping for a breakout year for Brian.
  6. gil4's Avatar
    "switching from his current agent to Dwight Yoakam, in response to Robinson Cano’s switch to CAA that is partnered with Jay-Z"

    That's pretty damned funny, unless you're his current agent.
  7. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Um, I like our bench more this year.

    If I didn't believe this was a rebuilding year I would be terribly disappointed.
    Should be interesting to see to what extent Hicks, Plouffe, Parmelee and Dozier can secure a position going forward.

    Also we will probably see Worley, De Vries, Gibson, Hendriks, Deduno and others given enough time to see who might seriously contribute next year.

    That's how I am looking at the season.
    For me, any other approach would just be depressing.
  8. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    It's good to see that Hendriks is working on making himself a better pitcher. He has the skills to be a #3-#4 type guy; he just needs to realize his full potential against MLB hitters like he has against AAA hitters.
  9. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    This is a great read. I actually ran into Hrbek at Target Field in 2010! He smelled like smoke and looked like he was about 280 lbs. My kinda guy. I said, "Hey Kent!" He was not happy to be recognized because there were a ton of people around. So i just kept walkin.
  10. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    I think delmon hit 21 HR's in 2010
  11. Rosterman's Avatar
    Line-up construction. Can others besides Mauer get on base consistently at the top of the order. Is Morneau around for the long haul. Will Parmelee and Plouffe follow him and strike fear in the hearts of pitchers everywhere?
  12. Bombo Rivera's Avatar
    Might be time to "sell high" on Willingham as well. It is pretty obvious that we won't be seeing the Twins contend for at least a couple of years.
  13. beckmt's Avatar
    That means our focus should be younger pitching. No pitcher should be signed who is over 30 and should be younger. If this means trades and getting younger, so be it. It would be hard to less competitive than last year. Stockpile arms, that is how you make good trades for very good players.
    Twins need to move their young arms forward, faster than slower. Get as many of these types as possible.
  14. ScottyB's Avatar
    Coming into this off-season, Terry Ryan said multiple times that everyone was on the table. He's now hedging his bets on next season in an interview with Phil Mackey - in other words 'don't expect much, I'm not spending a lot of money'. As long as we're throwing away 2013, let's build for 2014 and 2015. I liked Span, I like Revere, but I'd be willing to trade him away as well as Morneau and/or Willingham, if we could get some good starters who could be here by mid-2014. If Avisail Garcia can be playing regularly for the Tigers (a contender), Hicks and Arcia should be able to play just fine on a team building for the future. It might even draw more fans. Let the clock start ticking now, because down the road we can have Buxton and Kepler. If you could move all three for pitching, I'd be willing to take our lumps with an outfield of Hicks, Arcia and Benson, with Parmelee at first. It would actually be a much stronger defensive outfield than our current option (Willingham, Revere, Parmelee). As Ryan said, everyone should be on the table.
  15. zchrz's Avatar
    I love these break downs, the picture and .gif breakdowns of mechanics and positioning and all that are the most interesting articles in all of the sports world to me. Great and very interesting work.
  16. LaBombo's Avatar
    You made a good case for Marcum, but you omitted the last sentence of the interview with him...

    "The Kansas City, Mo., native added that he has no preference with the geographic location of a franchise or if it's an American League or National League squad, but wherever he ends up signing, he wants there to be a realistic chance at making the playoffs."

    Which pretty much rules out the Twins. On the other hand, rationalization can be a powerful force when fueled by greed.

    But if Marcum rules out the Twins for being non-competitors in 2013, we'll have another high water mark of Twins futility, since Marcum apparently sees an 89 loss team that's gone 20 years without a postseason appearance as having a better shot at the playoffs.
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  17. Thegrin's Avatar
    You must be Youking !

    adding Youkilis means we are going to give up on Plouffe. That is not the way to make long term improvements to the Twins.

    What if Plouffe had not hurt his hand ? What kind of hitter would he be ? That is what the Twins must find out. You propose to spend a lot of money on an iffy proposition, without giving Plouffe the chance to prove his value. Are you related to Bill Smith ?
  18. emoeby's Avatar
    Any chance this is was a reaction to Target Field, to try to pull the ball and maybe more power?
  19. Willihammer's Avatar
    If he is going to keep stranding runners, they had better get someone behind the dish who can actually catch those pitches.
  20. Rosterman's Avatar
    If he needs a rest....go for it. But it would be nice if he is on the field in someway during the homestands.
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