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  1. Eric R Pleiss's Avatar
    I had a ton of fun recording this episode. Finally figuring this podcast thing out.
  2. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    I sing the grinch song to start the episode, that alone is worth a listen.
  3. Rosterman's Avatar
    You could be Twins tickets for a quarter. Don't know about free shipping, though.
  4. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    I'm excited to see both the hitters, and the pitchers that the Twins have down towards the bottom of their system (EST, lower-levels), obviously projecting that far down is always a bit of a crap-shoot, but I think there is a lot of talent down there and I'm excited to watch those guys grow and mature as thay make their journy towards Minnesota. And I agree that Goodrum should have a bounce back season in 2013, too much talent there for it not to.
  5. lightfoot789's Avatar
    You could make an arguement for Romy Jimenez, as he had an outstanding season and improved his power numbers considerably as well (Best Lower Level Hitter). He was having a triple crown season before injury. I'm going on record and saying my Breakout Hitter for 2013 (Lower Levels) is Adam Brett Walker (Cedar Rapids). Kepler will contiue to do Kepler and is a star in the making, but I have my eye on the young slugger (Walker) who is still only 20 years old. Goodrum will make eyes turn this 2013 season as well.
  6. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    Is it fair that I counted Parmelee as a minor leaguer even though he is officially a rookie this season? I say yes. If you have an issue, just substitute Arcia in his place to give him three victories.
  7. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Looking forward to these posts.

    If you want, you can add that logo to the header for your blog. Just go to Blog Settings (in the sub menu) and put the image in the Blog Description (and maybe center it.)

  8. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    You're right about Solarte and Osterbrock. Osterbrock was released just days after this post originally appeared on
  9. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
    @rogrulz: Parmalee will be fun to watch if he can hit MLB pitching with any sort of regularity, if not, it'll be a long season for Parmalee fans. While I think he may get off to a slow start I think Parm can be about league average at 1B this season.

    @PeantusFromHeaven, it's going to be fun watching Ben get into games this year, hopefully he still gets his ABs and time out in the field so we can watch him make crazy catches in the OF and run wild on the base paths.
  10. rogrulz30's Avatar
    May as well jump on the Parmalee bandwagon, I really want to hope he is for real this year.
  11. shs_59's Avatar
    I don't think Yangarvis Solarte (tex) , or Dan Osterbrock and a few others are in the organizatoin anymore.

    C- Chris Herrmann
    1B- Matt Rizzioti (AA from Phills last year)
    2B- Levi Michael
    3B- Deibinson Romero
    SS- Brian Dozier
    OF- Aaron Hicks
    OF- Oswaldo Arcia
    OF- Nathan Roberts
    RHP - Adrian Salcedo
    RHP - Bobby Lanigan
    RHP - David Bromberg
    LHP - Tyler Robertson
    LHP - Corey Williams
    LHP - Pat Dean

    *almost went with Eddie Rosario at 2B or OF, and Niko Goodum if 4 years was an option.
  12. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    To be sure, Ben Revere's boundless glee makes him an automatic favorite, but just to be different I'm going to take Luke Hughes (both for the Aussie jokes and the "Hughes the Force, Luke" meme that I fall back on in Twitter comments. So I'll go for the reserve infielder, hoping that he squeezes into a starting role thanks to average defense and above average hitting...and perhaps some Jedi Mind Tricks on Gardy.
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