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  1. drbob524's Avatar
    Having lived outside of MN for 5 years now and subscribing to MLB extra innings or MLB.TV for that time and having to listen to other teams TV announcers I realize that Dick and Bert are above average. There are a few teams with better announcers, I think the Indians are pretty good and a lot of teams with worse announcers, Yankees, both Sox, Royals. My overall grade B
    I think Roy is not very good. He talks about stuff in such a manner that it takes him 10 minutes to tell a story or talk about a play that anyone else could do in 15 seconds. I also agree that he over-exagerates the players abilities. my grade C-
    I think TK is great. I would love a three man booth of him, Dick and Bert. TK clearly knows the game and its intricacies which is great for people who really know the game, but at the same time he can talk about it in a way that anyone can understand.
  2. rogrulz30's Avatar
    Overall I am not a big fan of Dan Gladden, the biggest reasons Bonnes suggested as I don't know what is going on after the ball is hit. All of a sudden it could be over the fence with no excitement either way. Gladden knows baseball, but doesn't have all the words to go with it during plays. Overall I give Gladden about a C-, I think he can get a lot better by adding more words. Bremer I have always liked, he is likeable, funny, has good chemistry with the person he is in the booth with. He is just very consistent!! I think that makes him good, I think the biggest thing he may lack compared to other TV guys is a little more excitement and opinion. I give Bremer a B
  3. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I'd grade Provus higher, Smalley lower and Kelly a little higher, though I agree that it seems like he would run out of things to say.

    As for Bremer and Gladden, I'm ok with Bremer and I like Gladden as a color guy. The one thing I like it the he calls it like he sees it. But he struggles with play by play - I often don't know what really happened when listening to him. And I agree with the author that he and Provus lacked chemistry initially. It seems like it's getting better and I hope that's because Gladden is starting to recognize he's not alpha dog there. He shouldn't be. He makes a great complimentary piece, but Provus needs to be the show.
  4. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    What's your take on Bremer and Gladden?

    Bremer is a company man, but does fairly well. I would give him a B-.

    Gladden is the worst thing on the radio I have heard. I would even rate him lower than Bill Walton for the NBA. Gladden rarely lets you now the situation, does a very poor job of explaining the action, and gives little to no technical details on what is going on. He is the worst announcer I have heard on thde radio or television, hands down. Grade = F-. He needs to go now.
  5. drbob524's Avatar
    Great post. I had a few thoughts while I was reading it. I currently live in KC and this is the first time Ive been in a city during the ASG. Unfortunately I was unable to go to the game or the Derby (tickets prices were astronomical), but it was a ton of fun being here when the whole city (baseball fan or not) is talking baseball. Second, I am a recent convert to soccer. I had some friends in college and grad school that were huge soccer fans that got me interested. I couldn't agree more with your statement about "watching" soccer or baseball. To the untrained eye baseball is people throwing, hitting and running, and soccer is just people kicking a ball around. Obviously, to fans it is so much more. here in KC we have an MLS team, and Ive been to a few games, sitting (actually standing) in the supporters area. Being around 2000 other fans that are die-hard and chant and sing the entire game makes it so much easier to enjoy whether you understand the game or not.
  6. rogrulz30's Avatar
    Your comment about the players that have contracts that sit is alarming when you look at Casilla, Valencia, Toshi, Thomas, Blackburn, that is a lot of money tied up in absolutely nothing and it really adds up when those guys hold a big chunk of money. We will never give up Butera, I just have to thank god they re upped Doumit. As far as the Liriano thing, if he pitches well the second half I don't see why we wouldn't offer the 12 mill contract for him next year.
  7. Rosterman's Avatar
    The Liriano situation, getting two draft picks, means you have to offer him arbitration. Unless Frankie is totally lights out, I doubt that he would get a one-year $12 million contract in the free agent marketplace. I also wonder if teams would take a multi-year flyer on him for $10 million a year, even. He might actually have to settle for $7-8 million, again, and hope to be stellar, except that the team that has him at the moment won't be able to get him for that unless they let him walk. If the Twins trade him, they can always offer him a free agent contract - think about that -- and still get something in trade...if he wants to pitch for the Twins, that is.

    We all like Span, but once again he is approaching the .260 average, like he did last, year, and besides hitting a bunch of doubles, isn't doing it on the offense. He has a friendly contract, is a bit higher rated than ever now, and if we can trade him, do so. Surprisingly, Mastro is heating up and would make a nice tandem in the outfield with Revere, for now.

    The question is Morneau. If you aren't overwhelmed, you keep him and hope he is overwhelming on the field in 2013.

    Casilla. Second-coming of Luis Rivas? The big problem is that he'll be a near $2 million player next season. Is he worth it? I mean, look what the Twins paid Punto in the past, and even Jamey now. Rememebr when the Twins didn't want to pay Hocking a million to be Mr. Infield.

    Somehow, the Twins have to stop devaluing their players so early. There is no worth when a guy sits: Casilla, Valencia, Toshi, Clete Thomas, Balckburn now are all guys that could potentially be released and had for either remaining salary or pro-rated major leave minimum and the Twins get nothing in return. If nothing else, the Twins should do minor organization moves with these guys and get some sot of minor league player back to fill the system and maybe blossom, rather than just a salary cut.

    Hey, one big question: Does any Liriano trade also involve Drew Butera as the throw-in?
  8. glunn's Avatar
    Nice post. I am sorry to hear of the flooding, but glad that the Twins are giving you so much enjoyment.
  9. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Nice. I have very similar experiences growing up in Bemidji and watching the Cubs during the afternoons.
  10. Rosterman's Avatar
    There ain't much on the cabinet shelf. Maloney, French and Deduno. Bromberg should be back. Albers, Logan, Hirschfield and Hermsen at New Brit. Non on the 40-man. Hermsen needs to be added in the off-season. What we have is what we get...more of DeVries or the return of Hendriks. Will Pavano suck it up and take one for the team, showing some worth...or will he breakdown completely. Either way, he's no longer a Twin, and even if he shows some life he will bring us a low-end prospect at best. Liriano, no matter how good or bad he pitches for the Twins, won't return. Since the day they screwed up his service time (although he got a free year in there)...he wants money and he wants to win and he wants to be bigtime...WANTS is the magic word. Baker could be back if he would sign for 2 years at what he is making this year. A dollar more, no. Someone will sign him for two years and hope he rehabs okay and gives a solid half-season and returns to form in 2014. Blackburn is Carlos Silva all over. If you can get a string of good performances and a modicum of interest, dump the salary please. You can always take him back when someone else releases him. But I'm not sure if the Twins can survive with Walters, Diamond, DeVries, Hendricks, Bromberg, Swarzak, a roll of duct tape and lots of prayer.
  11. stringer bell's Avatar
    I've said it several times on many different threads--this is a much better team than last year except for the starting rotation, which is five for five rolling snake eyes with the projected starting rotation. If the rotation miraculously becomes average, could they contend? I think so, but I really can't see a rotation with Pavano as the nominal ace, Liriano, who has been dreadful except for his last start, followed up by the not highly regarded Diamond, Walters, and De Vries being competitive. The rotation needs to be rebuilt. This season is about guys proving they belong or don't. Maybe there will be a miraculous run--heck they are probably as good as their '08 team (except for starting pitching)--but I'll pay attention to see who could be a fixture and who will hit the road.
  12. denarded's Avatar
    Reality is they can win a few games, the teams lineup is healthy, Pavano, Diamond, Walters, De Vries (Blackburn coming back) and Liriano have at least been solid now. Hell they won 3 in a row, lets make it a few more and at least make things interesting after these next few series.
    Yep, I'm drinking the same thing you are, and I'm not being sarcastic, maybe stupid, but that's what fandom is
  13. TiberTwins's Avatar
    This is completely true. The Twins have no fire, no desire to prove they are the best, to BEAT other teams. They are content to play but not beat other teams and prove they are best. If they could get this attitude they would do well even if the talent right now is not that good.
  14. rogrulz30's Avatar
    The bullpen has played very well, well above expectations. I know Capps is 8/8, he has improved from the beginning of the season, I am personally not a "closer", "save" guy, I think we would do better by committee. As I stated in previous posts, if I have e.g. Cabrera, then Fielder, with a guy on up by 1 in the 8th, I would really have to think I am going to go Capps, then Perkins to get those guys out there, rather than wait and put your "closer" in, in a "save" situation, that is the stupidest saying ever, "Up 2, facing the 6,7,8 I am glad we saved our "save" guy for this rather than facing the best hitters in the 8th. Way overrated!!!
  15. ping3woodguy's Avatar
    Let's see, closer by committee seems idiotic to me. So the far the bullpen has been the least of the Twin's problems. Capps is 8 for 8 this year and is pitching fine. The rest of the bullpen is pitching well in their spots as well, why change it. While I understand the frustration with Mauer hitting 3rd there are not alot of good options for the Twins right now. Dozier is doing well hitting 2nd and hopefully Morneau starts hitting and we can see what they can do with the main guys back together for a change. I really think they either need to trade Span for some pitching or have him play right field more and let Revere play center. It is time to keep Revere and get his speed back in the lineup along with his glove. Span has played quality right field before and has the arm for it.
  16. rogrulz30's Avatar
    I am nuts. I can be, as I said miraculous scenario, why not??
  17. Top Gun's Avatar
    I think you are nuts!
  18. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    I am also in favor of the closer by committee idea. "Closers" (like Mariano Rivera, or Joe Nathan in his prime) are for winners. Unless this team pulls of about 12 wins in a row, I don't think it's necessary to use Capps, our most expensive bullpen arm, solely in 9th inning situations wherein the Twins have a lead (or are tied and at home, per Gardy's prediliction with that).
  19. rogrulz30's Avatar
    Capps has 7 saves, that stat is soooo over rated though. He has gotten quite lucky on a few of those. The biggest thing is, when your team comes back from 3 down, you need a shut down guy, Gardy, should not have put him out there.
  20. jeffk's Avatar
    Runs happen sometimes. While the save statistic has its well-document issues, it's worth pointing out that Capps is 7/7. It just feels worse because they never win.
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