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  • Twins Promote Eduardo Escobar and Luis Perdomo as September Callups

    Per a tweet by Pioneer Press beat reporter John Shipley, the Twins are only calling up two players as September callups. Eduardo Escobar, a middle-infielder acquired when the Twins traded Francisco Liriano, and Luis Perdomo, a right-handed reliever who pitched for the Twins earlier this year, will join the Twins tomorrow.

    This means that shortstop Brian Dozier, who spent most of the year with the Twins, and reliever Anthony Slama, who gave up just four earned runs in Rochester this year, will not be joining the Twins. It also means two top prospects from New Britain (AA), Aaron Hicks and Oswaldo Arcia, will also not be on the team. It also means the Twins have three open spots on their 40-man roster.
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    1. Rosterman's Avatar
      Rosterman -
      I think the Twins only have one open spot on the 40-man, unless they do something with Capps. Valezquez and Walters took two of the three. Originally thought the Twins might be grabbing someone cut before the end of August. But there also will be some 40-man cuts in the next few days as teams add non-rosters players as September callups.

      Still surprised that we aren't getting Slama. And when do they expect to get a looksee at Guerra. Really, man, really...that should be a given. Manship, you know. Dozier, needs a rest and you know. I would've awarded Arcia!
    1. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
      Bark's Lounge -
      That is sort of a bumber. It would have been fun to see Arcia or Hicks get the call, but I get it and it is important to play Parmelee everyday this September - I couldn't see Hicks or Arcia playing too much. Slama getting snubbed is the real tragedy of this announcement.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      Slama not beimg promoted is a joke! Likely the Twins want a full look at Florimon. Escobar could play 2nd or 3rd . I don't think he'll play much SS.
    1. joeboo_22's Avatar
      joeboo_22 -
      I just don't really get the call-ups. I guess I understand that Dozier hasn't really deserved a call-up but at the same time I think he needs to be called up. Slama? really.

      Why don't they just 60 man DL Capps? Same with Span, this well they might be ready late in the year is just a joke.

      For a pitching staff that very few really deserve a pass and a free ride into next year, I thought they could have called up a few more names to look at.
    1. Mr. Ed's Avatar
      Mr. Ed -
      Dozier was given the Death Mark for arguing about the play w/Gardy and saying he was right in public.

      Not bringing up Slama for a look is unintelligent.

      Arcia would only confuse matters if he was called up and hit well.
    1. TwinsMusings's Avatar
      TwinsMusings -
      Not bringing up Slama is more disappointing than surprising to me. I would like to have seen him get one more chance at the big league level, but he is not on the 40-man roster - taken off last off-season - and for some reason the Twins do not see him as part of the future. His age (28) plus time on the DL again this summer may have something to do with it.
    1. Highabove's Avatar
      Highabove -
      Escobar has really earned his call up from Rochester by hitting a putrid 224 with an OBP of .261
      The Bill Smith Memorial Scholarship is alive and well.
      Wait!!! I thought the Scholarship program had been canceled.
    1. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
      Bark's Lounge -
      It appears the season long Slama situation erks just about everyone on this site.

      I really don't know how one starts a petition or how to go about it, but it would be nice to see a petition drawn up demanding an in-depth answer from Terry Ryan on why this organization is sour on Slama and why they won't give him an extended chance to prove himself at the MLB level.

      Sure, Ryan would not be legally bound to give an answer, but if there were enough angry and disenfranchised fans putting their name to the said petition, maybe it would put enough pressure on Ryan to give a worthwhile response - maybe his answer would quell Twins Fans disappointment? Who Knows... just thought I'd throw it out there.
    1. Rick Niedermann's Avatar
      Rick Niedermann -
      All we are asking as dedicated Twins fans, is when a guy throws the ball like Slama has at every level and isn't given a chance on a LOUSY, LOUSY team, management needs to tell us why! I am so furious at Terry Ryan right now. I hope he takes the interim tag off and retires. This Pohlad run crew got there stadium, lied about payroll and now will not even reward a kid that has done terrific in the minors. What a sham...what a shame.
    1. glennhl's Avatar
      glennhl -
      Manship is out of options for next year and I would have thought the Twins would want to give him a good chance as a starter. Manship has done a lot better as a starter than a reliever. Why? I'm thinking that he needs to pitch more often to be effective. And when he was a reliever with the Twins they hardly ever put him in on a regular basis. I think the Twins really messed up when they decided that Manship was going to be their next Matt Gurrier.

      If you look at Jeff just as a starter with the Twins, he did very well in 2009 getting a very important win near the end of the season. He was pulled up and down in 2010 mainly as a reliever and never got much of a chance. He was hurt most of 2011, but when he was healthy was part of the no-hitter at Rochester that included 2 other pitchers. Then 2012, he again has gone up and down only as a reliever. His AAA numbers as a starter has been excellent this year. If he had started out the year as a starter in Rochester I'm betting he would be starting with the Twins right now.

      To say I'm disappointed is an understatement. I just don't think the Twins ever gave Manship a fair shake as a starter with the big club. I think the Twins missed out on this one.
    1. PseudoSABR's Avatar
      PseudoSABR -
      Are we even sure this is the extent of the players they will call up?
    1. drjim's Avatar
      drjim -
      I thought Slama and Guerra would get a look and don't understand why they felt the need to bring back Perdomo. Don't have a huge problem with any of the other (non)moves. Arcia and Hicks would have been fun, but realistically there wasn't a ton of at bats available for them. Despite his performance in AAA, don't have a huge problem giving Escobar a look, Dozier will get his chance again next spring.
    1. drjim's Avatar
      drjim -
      Quote Originally Posted by PseudoSABR View Post
      Are we even sure this is the extent of the players they will call up?
      The local writers on Twitter basically said this was it.
    1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
      J-Dog Dungan -
      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! What the heck is wrong with Slama that they won't call him up?

      Now, with my anger vented, is there any chance the Twins still call Slama up?
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      Rochester and New Britain are done. The Twins have said that this is it. Unless something crazy happens, this appears to be it.

      The Twins don't owe me (or any of us) an explanation for not calling up Slama, but I think we deserve one, and at the very least Slama deserves one.

      I know many disagree, but I'm on board with glennhl regarding Manship. As he is out of options next year, I thought giving him some starts in September would be good. He hasn't been given an opportunity to start in over 2 years, and when he's been up with the Twins, he's rarely pitched.

      Back to Slama... he can't even become a free agent until after NEXT season. In other words, he has to put up with this stuff for another year.

      On Dozier, we all questioned the timing of his demotion. Would three weeks be enough time to work through his struggles? Of course not. But apparently 3 weeks was enough time for the Twins to judge.

      The Twins have a lot of tough 40 man roster spots that have to be figured out over the next 3-4 weeks. The guys that are up are the guys they need to evaluate. They must already know what they think about Dozier, Slama, Manship and any of the others that were not promoted.
    1. Thrylos's Avatar
      Thrylos -
      Quote Originally Posted by PseudoSABR View Post
      Are we even sure this is the extent of the players they will call up?
      That's what Ryan said.

      The Slama situation is maddening. And it is nothing new. He was not even invited to the MLB ST (De Vries too) while pretty much all the MiLB FAs they signed were invited. Just surreal. I hope that the Twins will not regret that at some point.

      As far as Manship goes, he has pitched 85.2 innings in the majors over 4 years in the tune of 6.20 ERA and 1.623 WHIP. That is a lot of innings. And he has pitched worse than Blackburn. Actually I am glad that he is not taking innings from other guys this September. Will be a free agent this winter and I am sure that Mr Boras will find him a nice home. (No way the Twins will add him to the 25-man roster - he is out of options)

      Unfortunately I think that something might be wrong with Guerra. Does not make sense to not call him up, but the last month or so has been struggling.
    1. Highabove's Avatar
      Highabove -
      Let's imagine the day, Slama comes into Target Field with another Team and mows down the side.
      That day may come. Next Winter, Anthony Slama will be a free Man.
    1. adjacent's Avatar
      adjacent -
      All I can say is that they removed much of my motivation to keep watching the games in September. And looking at the rest of the comments, it seems that I am not alone. Really, the team has been bad the whole year, is playing for nothing right now, why are you gonna watch other that looking at prospects that can give you any hope? No Slama? No Arcia? Come on!
    1. joeboo_22's Avatar
      joeboo_22 -
      Dozier- The Twins threw him under the bus, after a play where many people said he made the right move, he hadn't been hitting for a while, his defense had been so-so, but when he made a play they didn't like, they threw him under the bus and basically said he'd have to prove he deserved. so whatever, I'll live with this, I think him being called up would help his development but whatever.

      The problem I have is there are pitchers who are either rule 5 eligible or out of options in AAA, and the Twins don't really care. Call up Manship and have him start 2-3 games, call up Guerra, he is out of options. I thought Thielbar should have been called up but being selected to the Ariz Fall League probably hurt his chances.

      As far as Slama, again as I have previously stated, I am not a big fan of his, I don't think he will become a MLB closer, but at the same time even an idiot would have to admit he warrants a September call-up on a last place team.

      As far as Hicks and Arcia, unless they were going to give them AB's I agree with the decision, I just hope next year if they are ready they will get the call.
    1. JP3700's Avatar
      JP3700 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Highabove View Post
      Let's imagine the day, Slama comes into Target Field with another Team and mows down the side.
      That day may come. Next Winter, Anthony Slama will be a free Man.
      I think he will be a free man sooner than next winter. There is a good chance someone will rule 5 him after the season he had and he'll be in a major league bullpen next year. Tampa might take a shot at him, they'll need bullpen arms next year.
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