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  • Ryan Doumit's strange but true feat

    Ryan Doumit's strange feat
    Jayson Stark of ESPN likes to try and find some strange but true things that happened in the baseball season. He picks out his strange but true player of the year, game of the year, injury of the year, etc. There are some entertaining items included in his list and I encourage you to check out his entire post over at the four-letter network's site.

    One of his strange but true tidbits from this season revolves around Ryan Doumit and a strange feat he was able to accomplish in 2012. At the beginning of September, the Twins were playing at US Cellular Field against the Chicago White Sox. Minnesota would easily handle Chicago in the game by a final score of 18-9 and the lopsided win helped Doumit to reach his accomplishment.
    The Twins found themselves trailing the rival White Sox by a score of 3-0 in the top of the second inning. Minnesota wouldn't be behind for long as they jumped all over starter Jose Quintana. The strange item for Doumit in the inning was the fact that he accounted for the first and the third outs. This wouldn't normally be a strange feat but what happened later in the game would add to this strange but true tale.

    Minnesota would put together another huge inning later in the game. This time Doumit would be part of the rally instead of the rally killer. As the second batter of the fifth inning, he smacked a single to right field. He would eventually come around to score the second run of the inning on a Trevor Plouffe triple but he wasn't done.

    Doumit would come up to the plate with two outs and the bases loaded. A short line drive to left field would be enough knock in Joe Mauer and Josh Willingham. Chris Parmelee was the next batter and he would continue the scoring spree by knocking a home run that scored Doumit and Justin Morneau. The Twins would end the frame up 17-4 and Doumit had accomplished something strange but true.

    By recording two outs in one inning and then getting two hits in one inning, Doumit became the first man in the expansion era to accomplish this feat. He added a solo home run later in the game to top off the scoring for the Twins. Doumit ended the game going 3-for-6 with a home run, three runs scored, and three RBI.

    He was the only member of the Twins to rack up three hits in their blowout win and he accomplished quite the strange but true feat.

    What are some of your favorite strange but true stories from America's favorite pastime? Leave a COMMENT and start the conversation.
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    1. Jack Torse's Avatar
      Jack Torse -
      Some of the most jaw-dropping factoids/statoids have come from Nolan Ryan. He threw 37 no,one, or two hitters. Struck out the side on 9 pitches in both leagues. 10 or more k's 215 times. 5714k's will never be touched. A pitches would have to average 200k's for 28 years to do this. It's almost as safe as Cy Young's 511 wins. All done in fairly modern times. Probably not what you were after for comments but I have been in awe of some of his accomplishments. Never forget him throwing 97mph when he was 46. Unreal.
    1. edavis0308's Avatar
      edavis0308 -
      How did Nolan Ryan only win over 20 games twice? Were his teams that crummy? The majority of his career was before my time. And sweet Jesus he through 300+ K's a lot
    1. glunn's Avatar
      glunn -
      Interesting article. I hope that Doumit can continue to make history of the good variety.
    1. twinsfaninsaudi's Avatar
      twinsfaninsaudi -
      How about the fact that Darin Mastroianni got his first MLB hit against a team (blue jays) for whom he had registered three at-bats the season before. Has a player ever gotten his first MLB hit against a team that he had previous MLB at-bats for?

      I really want to know. This happened in May and I emailed Jayson Stark about it in July and asked him if he could find out from Elias SB. He told me it was too late to put into an in-season useless info article but that he'd file it away for the end of the year strange but true article. But he didn't put it in there, and if he contacted Elias SB to find out if Mastroianni was the first he didn't let me know about it.

      Does anyone know how one could request info from Elias SB? There website is not helpful.
    1. jimbo92107's Avatar
      jimbo92107 -
      Given an infinite number of highly unlikely events, it is inevitable that something highly unlikely is happening all the time.
    1. crarko's Avatar
      crarko -
      Quote Originally Posted by jimbo92107 View Post
      Given an infinite number of highly unlikely events, it is inevitable that something highly unlikely is happening all the time.
      Littlewood's Law of Miracles. Google it.
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