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  • How Do You Feel About This Year's Roster?

    About a year ago, the Minnesota Twins left Florida with a roster of 25, bound for the Twin Cities and, ultimately, the basement of the American League Central.

    Quite a bit of turnover has occurred from that collection of individuals Ė a whopping 12 from the 2012 Opening Day roster are no longer with the organization. Several of those players caught on elsewhere but have deemed unfit to place on another teamís 40-man roster. A few of those are out of major league baseball.

    Among the departed is last yearís Opening Day starter (Carl Pavano, who remains unsigned because of a life-threatening injury sustained while shoveling), the teamís closer (Matt Capps, who was recently cut from the Cleveland Indians but was retained on a minor league deal), two of the five bench bats (Sean Burroughs, unsigned, and Luke Hughes, who last played in Australia) and their situational lefty in the Ďpen (Matt Maloney, who may not pitch much due to recovering from Tommy John surgery).

    Beyond that group, Opening Day third baseman Danny Valencia failed to catch on with the Baltimore Orioles this spring and will start the season with their Triple-A affiliate. Reliever Jeff Gray did not merit enough of a role to even make the Chicago White Soxís 40-man either and will be stashed with their International League team as well.

    Think about that for a second. These were supposed to be either key contributors or maneuverable pieces that turned into flotsam and now a vast majority of the other 25 teams would not bend over to pick up for nothing. Just one year removed from the Twins evaluators determining these guys were among their best 25 players.

    [How did they ever win 66? Itís a miracle. Itís a miracle.]

    With the finalization of the roster occurring over the next few days, the Twins staff will be attempting to move on from a group that went 6-16 through the seasonís first month.

    The objective of the offseason was to create a rotation that can keep the Twins in the game long enough to remain competitive but this year, the staff is having troubles identifying their number one guy as the Opening Day starting pitcher still remains unknown (but is widely believed to be Worley). Outside of Jamey Carroll, the bench will consist of athletically talented yet unproven players in Eduardo Escobar, Wilkin Ramirez and Darin Mastroianni. Maloney and Gray will be replaced in the bullpen with Tyler Robertson and Ryan Pressly, two guys who have 25 major league innings between the pair.

    While the success of the team is dependent on the rotation, the starting lineup and defense, depth plays a large role as well. Is this group solid enough to finish April at or near .500, let alone for the duration of the season?
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    1. jokin's Avatar
      jokin -
      Quote Originally Posted by Riverbrian View Post
      It may have happened... I didn't see it... I'm pretty sure it isn't typical. Something didn't go right. The Runner didn't score from 2nd because his arm is weak. (yes... I believe Ben's Arm is sub-par).

      One reason I'm pretty sure about this (without actually seeing the play). With a runner tagging on 2nd and a ball hit to the OF'er in the air... The Outfielder isn't throwing home.

      Ben had to make a bad throw to the cut that may not be an actual error but a fundemental error and any outfielder is capable of that and it has little to do with arm strength.

      Anyway, Ben's a ghost now... I wish him well in Philly... Loved watching him to do his thing in Minnesota.

      Now that he's gone... I'm not sure which player I'm going to have to work overtime defending this year.

      BTW... Check out the held percentages... Ben was above league average for RF and CF. Runners were not taking the extra base on him. His arm was sub-par but the effect of that arm is way overblown.
      Haven't seen the metrics, but it appeared that Revere got good coaching and made adjustments to improve his OF efficiency to offset some of his arm-weakness deficiencies, he actually had a few OF assists, as well.
    1. Riverbrian's Avatar
      Riverbrian -
      Quote Originally Posted by jokin View Post
      Haven't seen the metrics, but it appeared that Revere got good coaching and made adjustments to improve his OF efficiency to offset some of his arm-weakness deficiencies, he actually had a few OF assists, as well.
      Fundamentals can be quite helpful. Get to the ball quick and get it in... The Runner ain't going anywhere.

      The place where Revere will get burned is the routine flyball that he settles under. Runner tagging... Those are the situations where your arm is on an island. Your feet or fundamentals won't help you too much in that situation.

      You either got the hose to nail him or you don't. Ben don't.
    1. snepp's Avatar
      snepp -
      Quote Originally Posted by USAFChief View Post
      ...using defensive metrics.
      By using the combination of ridiculously unsustainable best and worst case scenarios, for multiple players, at multiple positions, yes.

      That isn't a slight against a metric, it's a slight against the egregiously moronic misuse of one.
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