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  • The Twins introduce new menu items to Target Field lineup

    The Minnesota Twins and Delaware North Sportservices hosted a sampling of the new Target Field food lineup and TwinsDaily’s John Bonnes and Parker Hageman were on-hand to cover the new items and some ballpark favorites.

    Beginning at Hrbek’s the Twins introduced some of their new food items, including offerings from elebrity chef Andrew Zimmern (a lamb/goat burger), freshly battered walleye fingers from Mac’s Fish & Chips, Panino’s Baked Sandwiches, new brats from Sheboygan Sausage Co and a trio of mac ‘n cheese selection from the Food Network just to name a few.

    The Twins dubbed the event “The Graze” as a collection of media members and lucky season ticket holders circulated the ballpark sampling a variety of food and beverages.

    The threesome of mac ‘n cheeses were exceptional, particularly the new Cajun Andouille using Kramarczuk’s sausage, and this dish received John’s highest vote of the day.

    While the improvement to the starting rotation has yet to be seen, the one area they did improve is shaving calories. Two new stands will offer those who prefer healthier offerings to the standard ballpark fare.

    The first of which is a to-go stand which dishes out fresh fruit cups, bananas, hummus and chips, and wrapped sandwiches. This can be located along the first base line.

    The second healthy menu option is the new Garden Goodies stand, also along the first base line, which makes fresh salads using vegetables and herbs that are grown locally and served by “participating youth from ethnically diverse areas of the Twin Cities.”

    The Twins missed a golden opportunity to brand this stand “Gardy’s Goodies”, in my opinion, but with only the year remaining on his contract, the organization may not wanted to have grown too attached…

    Sheboygan Sausage Co, along with the tried and true Kramarczuk’s, will be dishing out sausages – Italian, Polish, bratwurst and cheddar bratwursts throughout the year.

    It was around this time in the sampling that our pair of testers grew weary.

    The duo recovered quickly when they found out the beverage sampling was on deck.

    Perhaps the biggest tweeted question of the day involved the whereabouts of the Surly taps. There will no longer be a “bandwagon” stand but a full-fledged tap stand just inside Gate 34 and carry Surly’s Bender, Furious and Hell. Fulton’s Sweet Child ‘O Vine will also be on tap there as well as the Town Ball Tavern.

    The State Fair stand will boast the new Mac’s Fish & Chips, including the new fresh battered walleye – you can’t get any more Minnesotan than that. (No word on if the fish was actually zander…)

    Understanding that you don’t just want to be inundated with food shots all day, John Bonnes wisely added this contribution:

    Along the third base line, hungry fans can locate Panino’s buffalo chicken and spaghetti sandwiches in addition to the gianormous meatballs at Frankie V’s. The new comer is the creation of Andrew Zimmern’s – a lamb/goat burger found at the AZ Canteen.

    Despite sounding like an unusual combination, the burger was amazingly juicy and tasty.

    The tour came full-circle back to Hrbek’s where the new malt cups and milkshakes could be sampled. John, of course, was more than ecstatic to try both:

    Along with the new items, plenty of the old favorites will return, such as the Murray’s Steak Sandwich, the El Burrito Mercado’s Walk A Taco, Tony O’s Cuban Sandwich and Loon Café Chili.

    Opening Day cannot arrive quickly enough but the Twins have a fully loaded food and drink menu to draw you into the ballpark all season long.
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    1. twinsnorth49's Avatar
      twinsnorth49 -
      I'm offended, you people just dont know how to make it and for some bizarre reason still insist on putting ketchup on it, that's yuck!

      LOVE the Kramarchuks stand, Tony O's cuban is a huge winner, would love to see a decent Jucy Lucy offering. As far as the 'za goes, I agree the Papa John's call is pretty poor, I'd be on board with Luce or Punch but would love to be able to grab some Lola at a game.

      Oh well, the beer will make up for a lot this year.
    1. MoonDog's Avatar
      MoonDog -
      Quote Originally Posted by Don't Feed the Greed Guy View Post
      So, does anyone have a top-five list for Target Center food? I would put Kramarczuk's at the top of my limited personal list, along with Fulton's "Sweet Child..." brew. The Murray's Steak Sandwich was underwhelming. Other favorites?
      I agree with you totally so I'm hoping to get some suggestions for the 10-15 games I'll be at this year. Kramarczuk's is my go to food but I'm looking for more. I liked the Cuban and was also not blown away by the steak sandwich.

      Can't wait for tomorrow!
    1. Nick Nelson's Avatar
      Nick Nelson -
      I hope the buffalo chicken Panino at Target Field comes close to matching the original you get at Panino Bros. That is a bomb sandwich.
    1. CDog's Avatar
      CDog -
      Quote Originally Posted by MoonDog View Post
      I agree with you totally so I'm hoping to get some suggestions for the 10-15 games I'll be at this year.
      Two items that are decent and only mildly overpriced (making them a great bargain in the world of ballpark items) are the Walk-a-Taco (I forget the location) and the Asian stir fry stand (down near the left-field foul pole). Neither is really "ballparky," but otherwise...

      For more of a snack, I've found the gelato stands pretty good.
    1. jay's Avatar
      jay -
      I'm looking forward to the cajun mac 'n cheese.

      I'll add to the calls for bowls of some delicious, gravy-filled, cheese-soaked poutine. Small, fresh cheese curds please.
    1. Sarah's Avatar
      Sarah -
      Kramarczuk's brats are my favorite and the gelato is really good too. The nachos in the Town Ball Tavern were really good but they gave me terrible heartburn (and I don't normally get heartburn). I may try Andrew Zimmern's goat/lamb burger, I have to admit it does sound intriguing...
    1. Oxtung's Avatar
      Oxtung -
      I had all 3 mac and cheeses when I went earlier this week. I would not recommend them at all. I was extremely disappointed. The cajun was the best of the bunch and the buffallo chicken was the worst by far.

      FYI there was nothing spicy about any of the 3 either. They may sound like they'd have a bit of a bite but there was nothing....nada.
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