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  • Twins Daily Welcomes The Cedar Rapids Kernels!

    Happy Opening Day! Again!

    Today is Opening Day for the Cedar Rapid Kernels, which explains the site takeover today (Thurs). This year, Twins Daily and the Kernels will partner to promote each other to midwest-based Minnesota Twins fans. Seth Stohs will be in Cedar Rapids this week to cover their season kickoff and Jim Crikket will provide us with weekly updates on the ballclub. Also, Twins Daily will sponsor the Twins Organizational Report and Twins Highlight Segment, shown on the Kernels new scoreboard before every game. Listen for us on the radio broadcast, too.

    Cedar Rapids is just four hours from the Twin Cities, and as the new Twins Low-A affiliate, they'll likely feature several of the Twins top prospects this year. It's an affordable way to see players like Byron Buxton and Jose Berrios up-close before they become MLB All-Stars. (editors note: knocking furiously on wood.)

    We think it's a match made in heaven (or Iowa) and hope the rest of the Twins Daily community thinks so too. Please join me in welcoming the Kernels to Twins Territory and to Twins Daily.
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    1. glunn's Avatar
      glunn -
      Welcome Kernels! I love your mascot and am hoping that you have your best season ever.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      I left Eagan at about 12:20 this afternoon, and I was at the ballpark by about 4:50. 4 1/2 hours from the cities to Cedar Rapids .Tonight was Meet the Kernels night, and it was awesome! Then they had a little practice, which was awesome. What a great, professional stadium. Tommy Watkins, Gary Lucas and Jake Mauer were all terrific. It's not a long trip. If you have a chance, try to get down here to Cedar Rapids this weekend for some Kernels baseball!
    1. MWLFan's Avatar
      MWLFan -
      If you have never been to Cedar Rapids for a Game it is a very good experience, excellent minor league park with plenty of (free) parking. The park is clean with good concessions and sight lines. I am not sure about the beer assortment as I maybe getting that mixed up with Quad Cities, one of them had a craft beer stand down the 3rd base line which I was known to frequent (Hence the confusion). The Twins could not have made a better choice then having the Kernals be their MWL team. Can't wait to head on over to catch a game, but my first Kernals game this year will be in Clinton. Go Kernals!

      The town itself is also a nice place to spend a weekend in with plenty of resturant options and good hotels. It also has a couple of casinos within a 45 drive if you feel the need to drop some cash on something other then baseball. Cedar Rapids, the home of those fine actors Ashton Kutcher and Elijah Wood, does have a thriving theatre community which may interest those looking for drama beyond whether Byron Buxton will still be on the team when you come to see the game in late June.

      All in all follow Seth's lead and head on down to Cedar Rapids this summer. It will take some work to disappoint.
    1. Jim Crikket's Avatar
      Jim Crikket -
      Wow, what a terrific surprise to start my day! I wouldn't presume to speak for the Kernels or anyone but myself, but it's great to see TD giving Cedar Rapids some love on Opening Day. As Seth said, last night's Meet the Kernels event was terrific. It got a little chilly by the end of the Kernels' workout, but I keep telling myself it won't be long until the grass on the field is much greener and the temps are much warmer. I hope many of you will come join our "Party At The Park" this summer.
    1. Brock Beauchamp's Avatar
      Brock Beauchamp -
      Cedar Rapids is going to be the club to watch this season. Huge ups to John and Seth for putting all of this together.
    1. JDW's Avatar
      JDW -
      Would like to see recommendations for places to eat in Cedar Rapids.
    1. Jim Crikket's Avatar
      Jim Crikket -
      Quote Originally Posted by JDW View Post
      Would like to see recommendations for places to eat in Cedar Rapids.
      It kind of depends on what you're in the mood for, but I can give you a couple of my favorites.

      My favorite "sports bar" restaurant is "Bushwood" (yes, named for the country club in "Caddyshack"). It's on the west side of town, on Edgewood Road not a mile or so west of the ballpark. My family and I hang out there most Friday nights (when we're not at a Kernels game, of course).

      "La Cantina" on 1st Ave right in the heart of downtown has kind of become my family's "go to" Mexican restaurant. "Gringo's", which is almost next door on 1st Avenue, isn't bad, as well.

      For breakfast, you might try the "Breakfast House Cafe" on 6th street (again, not all that far from the ballpark.. a bit east of the stadium).

      I like the pizza at Bushwood, but my favorite pizza in town is probably still "Leonardo's" on 16th Ave, again a mile or so SW of the ballpark. Leonardo's has been around since before I moved to CR in 1977, so they must do something right. The black and red "leather & suade" motif is a bit of throwback to that era, as well.

      If you're up for a short road trip, "Red's Ale House" in North Liberty (about 15 minutes south of CR) is worth checking out. Largest beer selection I've seen anywhere in Iowa and very good food.

      Those are just personal preferences and it's not a coincidence that they're all on the West side of town, since that's where I call home, as well.

      Of course, most of the usual chain restaurants can be found around town as well, but I thought I'd mention some of the locally owned/operated independents.

      Hope this is helpful.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      I will verify JC's report that Bushwoods is awesome!! We went there last night after the Meet the Kernels event and it was a great atmosphere and terrific food!
    1. lightfoot789's Avatar
      lightfoot789 -
      Since Jim and Seth were both at the "Meet the Kernels" event and practice - Who are some of the guys that impressed you in BP (I know it's only BP)? Could you judge the athleticism of some of the guys from their defensive portion of practice or base running in practice?
    1. Jim Crikket's Avatar
      Jim Crikket -
      As Seth mentioned in his article on the TD front page, several of the guys you'd expect (Buxton, Walker, etc.)were sending balls out of the ballpark during BP, despite some pretty chilly temperatures by the time they were done. I was somewhat surprised to see Tyler Grimes keeping up with them blow for blow. The LF line is just 315 ft from home plate, but the wall is about 20 feet high or more. There's a picnic area for groups beyond the fence and all three guys sent balls over the picnic area, completely out of the ballpark.

      Given my age, I would have to say, though, that I was most impressed by Gary Lucas and Tommy Watkins. They threw a lot of BP and in each case, their throwing arms were still attached afterward.
    1. CharacterGroove's Avatar
      CharacterGroove -
      Great info, guys. I look forward to heading down there this summer.
    1. Sarah's Avatar
      Sarah -
      Great photo- that does look like a nice ballpark, can't wait to visit and check it out!
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