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  • My Love for Video Games-OOTP '14

    When I was younger, my brothers and I loved to play video games. We took a liking to games of all kinds, but especially enjoyed playing baseball games together. Typically we wouldn’t “play” many of the games, we would simulate them. This allowed us to get in a number of seasons in a short amount of time. We would sit for hours in front of the television, hanging on every game in the careers of imaginary players on a screen. It sounds ridiculous, but video games gave us a hope that these players could be us one day.

    Each of us would usually take a liking to a specific guy. This guy would play a similar style to our game and we would take them from draft day to the Hall of Fame…in a few weeks time. We would imagine ourselves in his shoes, getting called on draft day, debuting in the big leagues, becoming an All Star and a hero for his team. It was wash, dry, fold, repeat.

    Every year a new game would come out and we would get our hands on it, spending hours trying to perfect our players and our squad into World Series champions.

    This has been a way for us to bond as siblings. We still try to play against each other remotely. Over the past few years we have played an online game called Strat-O-Matic Baseball. It was perfect for us because we could play in the same league and the entire game was based on simulation. Recently I stumbled upon a game called Out of the Park Baseball. It too is a game based entirely on simulation, but unlike Strat-O-Matic, it is a comprehensive package.

    OOTP 14 recently came out and I was given the chance to preview it. If you enjoy Twins Daily’s Prospect and GM Handbooks, you will enjoy this game. While you can sit and imagine what you would do if given the chance to run an organization, this game gives you that opportunity. You control every team to every detail with personalized options available for each player. You control contracts, call-ups and team strategy.

    The new game added the new rosters for 2013. Free agents can now come from a number of different places-the draft, international signings, independent ball, etc. A new interface makes navigating the game much easier and a new player development tracking system allows you to get a better grip on your farm teams.

    I thought everyone here at Twins Daily would enjoy it. If you do decide to get the game, be prepared for a possible addiction. I spent a number of hours playing the game right when I got it.

    I shared this game with my older brother and he immediately began playing. It is a fun way to feel connected to your hometown team and it can also be great way to get to know more guys in the system.

    If you are interested you can check the game out here: https://store2.esellerate.net/store/...ageCatalog.htm

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      Quote Originally Posted by notoriousgod71 View Post
      Strato makes life worth living.
      You should apply for a job as their marketing guy.
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      Quote Originally Posted by SgtSchmidt11 View Post
      Game is pretty fun, but I had to turn the injuries down to very low. I played as the Rangers and lost every starter except Darvish and Moreland to injury. Kinda weird that everybody would get injured for a long period of time, Mark DeRosa couldn't carry the slack...
      I decided to try their historical feature, so I started with 1913. The next season Babe Ruth was available in the draft so I grabbed him. He wasn't real good that next season (age 19), and then the next season he got an injury that took a few days to diagnose. When the diagnosis mail came, it was a torn labrum, and "unfortunately it is a career ending injury." Oh well, easy come, easy go.

      Kind of funny when you do those historical leagues to see a guy get injured and require Tommy John surgery that keeps him out for a year.
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