• 25 Minnesota Twins Drafts in 25 Days: 2004

    We are getting closer and closer to draft day. With a little over a week left until the Twins make their next draft choices, I present to you my recaps from 2001, 2002, and 2003. Just click the years to see which of those three drafts was the most handsome.

    Here is 2004:

    The 2003 draft produced Scott Baker and heartache. First-round pick Matt Moses never reached the majors, marking the 3rd time in 6 years the Twins' top pick did not play MLB baseball (not the video game, the real life). Adam Johnson was one of the three who made it, so I'm not sure that really counts.

    The solution to that problem? Have a whole mess of first round picks! The Twins had five in 2004. Five! They received a first and a supplemental first for both Eddie Guardado and LaTroy Hawkins. Both of those guys had their moments, but wow, that is just way too much compensation. The Twins did not complain. Would they cash in?

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed!

    1st Round Picks

    They kind of cashed in. With the 20th pick, the Twins selected Trevor Plouffe. Plouffe was a high school shortstop and has proved to be a relatively valuable player due to his power and low salary. With the 22nd pick, the Twins selected Glen Perkins. Perkins did not pan out as a starter, but has become a reliable closer. The next three don't go so well.

    Kyle Waldrop at 25, Matt Fox at 35 and Jay Rainville at 39. Waldrop and Fox pitched briefly for the Twins and Rainville was out of baseball after 2009. Waldrop is having a really good season at AAA for Pittsburgh, but that's of little value these days. These five first-round picks have produced just under 6.0 WAR so far. I do expect that number to climb, mostly from Perkins and possibly from Plouffe.

    Ah, but what if?

    Let's keep Perkins. Other than Perkins, there are probably four names the Twins would rather have. Gio Gonzalez went 38th, right before Rainville. In the second round, Yovani Gallardo went 46th, Hunter Pence went 64th and Dustin Pedroia went 65th. What if the Twins had somehow hit the jackpot and left the 2004 draft with Perkins, Gonzalez, Gallardo, Pence and Pedroia? I believe MLB would just stop holding drafts and award the Twins the winners trophy.

    Also, what if the Twins could have packaged their five firsts and traded up for Justin Verlander? That would be cool, though I'm not sure those five firsts were worth the second-overall pick, where Verlander went. Also, it's very cool to follow the rules, so this scenario is actually uncool.

    So many what ifs!

    Best Player Drafted

    Glen Perkins, which sounds like a nice fielded area to visit. Perkins did not thrive as a starter, as I mentioned before. He also did not appreciate the treatment he received from the organization. However, fences were mended and then immediately destroyed by Perkins' revived fastball. It seems that relieving agrees with Perkins, as he has turned into a dominant closer. Seems appropriate that he was compensation for losing Eddie Guardado.

    Worst Player to Reach MLB

    In 2010, Matt Fox made one start with the Twins, going 5.2 innings and giving up four runs, eight hits, two walks with no strikeouts. He then made three appearances with Boston, giving up two more earned runs in 1.2 innings. He never recorded a strikeout. At least not yet... He's still kicking around, pitching for the Mets' AAA team.

    The One Who Got Away

    Toronto's own Rene Tosoni! Tosoni was a 34th-round pick out of Terry Fox SS, which probably stands for Super School or something Canadian that I am not aware of. However, Tosoni wanted to pursue his dream of playing one year at Chipola College in Marianna, Florida, so he did not sign. Don't be too sad, we all know how this story ends.

    Best Name

    Eammon Portice, in the 17th round. He did not sign, but he made an impact with his name.

    Fun Facts

    • Trevor Plouffe went to Crespi Carmelite High School, which sounds like a tasty candy bar.
    • 32nd-round selection Nolan Mulligan was drafted three times, which seems appropriate.
    • The Twins drafted Anthony Swarzak with the 61st overall pick, in the second round. At least, that's what they want you to think...
    • Twins' 18th-round pick Josh Rose was the inspiration for Seal's song, "Kiss from a Rose."
    • 16th-round pick Matt Tolbert looks a little bit like a bird.
    • Four of the Twins' five first-round picks reached the majors. I think that's pretty good.

    All those drafted who made it to the Bigs

    Glen Perkins, Kyle Waldrop, Anthony Swarzak, Matt Tolbert, Matt Fox, Trevor Plouffe, and Rene Tosoni

    One Sentence Summary

    It would be impossible to convert five first-round picks.

    Link to the Twins' 2004 draft from Baseball Reference
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    1. mike wants wins's Avatar
      mike wants wins -
      Just awful. this is why they don't have a good team right now. Just awful.
    1. Brad Swanson's Avatar
      Brad Swanson -
      Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
      Just awful. this is why they don't have a good team right now. Just awful.
      I know I am still somewhat new to blogging, but I didn't think I was the cause for all the Twins' struggles. Maybe some of them, but not all of them.
    1. mike wants wins's Avatar
      mike wants wins -
      good one.....your blogs have been great, actually. Love the format, love the work, really, one of my favorite parts of the site. You should get more likes and compliments....
    1. Brad Swanson's Avatar
      Brad Swanson -
      Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
      good one.....your blogs have been great, actually. Love the format, love the work, really, one of my favorite parts of the site. You should get more likes and compliments....
      Thanks, that is very kind! I am just happy that people are reading them.
    1. Smcginnity's Avatar
      Smcginnity -
      Brad, these are great reads. I love the undertone of wit and humor. Good stuff. Also, I used to analyze old drafts 5-7 years later like it was my job...total nerdiness but as you know, super interesting!
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      These are fun to read, thanks!

      It was a big draft for them, and to no surprise, injury definitely has had an impact... Pitchers get hurt. That's just the way it is. If a pitcher doesn't get hurt, that's the anomaly.

      Perkins has certainly turned out pretty well.
      Plouffe needs to break out to make it a great pick, but he's been able to get some good service time.
      Waldrop got hurt. That derailed what had started out as a very impressive career. He pitched well out of the AAA bullpen after that, but wasn't given many innings with the Twins. Hopefully he gets a shot with the Pirates!
      Swarzak has been pretty solid in his long-relief role. The starting thing certainly didn't work, but in his role, he's been solid as well.
      Rainville is kind of the sad one. He got hurt, then never really recovered. I believe he is now a cop. This guy was really good in those lower levels before the injury. He had some good stuff.
      Fox got hurt pretty much right away and just slowly moved up, and did well. He got that one start with the Twins against the Rangers and was really good. Then he was DFAd. He just signed with the Mets.
      Morlan was a high-ceiling type who I had hopes for.

      In other words, they only have one impact player from the draft (Perkins). Swarzak and Plouffe have had roles. Waldrop and Fox had cups of coffee.

      Not a great draft, but not terrible either.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      And, I know people like to minimize the value of a utility infielder, but Tolbert as a later-round pick to be on the roster in that role for a couple of years is pretty nice too.
    1. Brad Swanson's Avatar
      Brad Swanson -
      Thanks guys, I definitely appreciate the kind feedback!

      I tend to think that any draft pick getting to the Majors is a success, even Adam Johnson types. Baseball players are so prone to injury and one injury changes everything. I try to mention that all of these players are amazing athletes and baseball players at least every third recap or so, just to remind myself.

      Wasn't Jay Rainville a big-time hockey prospect too? I vaguely remember him being an even better NHL prospect. Could be wrong. It's always great to get additional information on these guys.
    1. mike wants wins's Avatar
      mike wants wins -
      Injuries have killed this pitching staff, Seth is right about this.
    1. Neinstein's Avatar
      Neinstein -
      I'm still confused as to why the Twins chose not to draft Trevor Plouffe as a Pitcher.
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