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  • The Human Fan Condition (Twins versus Phillies Recap)

    Run(s) Scored
    (Twins 3 Phillies 2)

    Run(s) scored.

    When my team is at bat, I add up all the players and figure out how many runs couldíve gone on the scoreboard. I assume the highest number possible.

    But when itís the other team . . .

    As soon as ďRun(s) scoredĒ appears on my smartphone screen all sounds around me cease. I can hear my heart beat. I donít even add up how bad the damage could be. I just assume infinity.

    Somehow, despite seemingly being on the mound for all but four minutes of the baseball game, PJ Walters escaped two of those soul-stopping Ē Run(s) scoredĒ announcements with the minimum amount of damage and Justin Morneau smacked a single to take the game.

    By the way, we were watching a zombie movie called Warm Bodies last night. When the movie-makers wanted to up the young-and-innocent-love factor, they showed the lovers visiting a ballpark.

    I think Iíve said this before. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, baseball is our only hope.

    The Old Man Snuggle
    (Twins 4 Phillies 3)

    The Twins came from behind and won.

    Iím not going to lie. I didnít even give this game a chance.

    I went to bed early because Iím old and cranky and totally felt like it.

    It was great, too. Quiet and peaceful. The wife stayed up watching TV, so I had the whole bed to myself.

    Thatís a lie. I had two small cats with me who didnít take up a small amount of space, but I didnít mind. And then the wife came to bed and I gave her the third of the bed space sheís used to.

    When I was in my early twenties, this would have felt like surrender. Now, it feels like Christmas.

    The present came when I got up in the morning, checked my text messages and saw the good guys had won.

    Not a bad way to start a morning.


    Deckstravaganzapalooza Gala
    (Twins 2 Phillies 3)

    The Twins came up with a lead in the downhill innings, then gave it right back and spun around in strikeout circles until the game was over and the home team had lost.

    Two out of three and all that.

    Rough game-ending for the Twins Deckstravaganza outing, where Twins bloggers and social media types get out on the Budweiser deck to watch the game.

    First, I gotta say that someday I WILL get up to the Budweiser deck.

    Secondly, I gotta wonder if all of us who type and tweet would give it all up for a chair at the barbershop or a booth at the local restaurant where the baseball talk flows without the aid of technology. Would we still do this if we knew a place where everybody knows our name and theyíre always glad we came?

    I mean, what are YOU doing with all the free time youíve saved because you knew how to handle technology?

    Nothing against the Deckstravaganza Ė Iíd love to go someday. And I love meeting others in this great big world of blogging.

    I guess, after a loss and busted sweep, I just need a hug and an album by The Cure.
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