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  • Kernels Post-Buxton Era Begins: Welcome Max Kepler

    It may surprise some Twins and Kernels fans to learn that, even with the promotion of fan-favorite Byron Buxton on Sunday, the Kernels still have an outfielder in their line up that was ranked among the Top 10 prospects of the parent Minnesota Twins coming in to the season.

    The reason for the surprise is that few fans have seen that prospect on the ball field yet this year.

    Max Kepler was promoted to Cedar Rapids last week and arrived just in time to join the team for their trip to Appleton, Wisconsin to face the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. He had five hits in the four-game series and three of those hits were doubles.

    Max Kepler

    I ranked Kepler #9 on my list of top Twins prospects back on December 31, which was directly in between the #8 ranking he was given by mlb.com and the #10 ranking by Baseball America before the season started. He was expected to open the 2013 season as a member of the Kernels' outfield, but an elbow injury suffered during spring training resulted in Kepler being held back in extended spring training.

    Kepler is a native of Berlin, Germany, and was given an $800,000 signing bonus by the Twins in 2009, the same off-season that they signed Miguel Sano. That was the highest bonus ever given to a European player by a major league organization. Kepler was just 16 years old at the time of his signing and moved to the United States shortly after signin. He finished high school at the Fort Myers high school that adjoins the Twins' spring training facility.

    He has played for the Twins' short season rookie league teams the past three years and was expected to begin his first full season of minor league ball with the Kernels in April.

    I was covering the Kernels and Timber Rattlers series for Metro Sports Report over the weekend and I had an opportunity to interview Twins General Manager Terry Ryan before the Kernels game on Sunday. He shared some of his thoughts on Kepler.

    ďYeah, heís had a bad elbow and itís been frustrating for all of us because we canít figure out what the problem is. Now heís playing and heís playing the outfield. He can play left, center and right. He can play first. Heís got a lot of life in his bat. Weíll wait for him to get up to par here, because heís way behind everybody. But I think youíre going to like what you see in Kepler as the summer progresses.Ē

    You can read my entire interview with the Twins GM by clicking here.

    Kernels Manager Jake Mauer concurred with his boss. Mauer told me over the weekend, ďKepler's going to help us. He's going to be a pretty good hitter.Ē

    But just who is this young German outfielder?

    I had the opportunity to sit down with Kepler before Sunday's game in Wisconsin to ask some questions that may give fans some insight in to that question.

    SD Buhr: You were expected to open this season with the Kernels. Can you tell us what happened and what you've been doing the past couple of months?

    Max Kepler:
    Iíve been rehabbing. Iíve been set back three times and it was due to an elbow strain that happened during spring training. I made a throw to home and it just didnít feel good in my elbow and I was taken out of the game right then and there.

    I got an MRI and got the results and it was said to be an elbow strain. We worked on it, but Iíve been set back a couple of times and thatís why Iíve been out for so long, which is unfortunate. But now Iím back!

    SDB: It had to be tough staying back in Florida while the guys you were training with and playing with in during spring training in March were going north to Cedar Rapids.

    Kepler: You know, it happens.

    Yeah, this is the same team we had back in Eítown (Elizabethton, the Twins rookie league team that won the Appalachian League championship last season), so I missed leaving with them, but Iím glad to be back with them now.

    Max Kepler and Caleb Brewer sign some autographs

    SDB: I have to ask, you were growing up as a kid in Germany - why baseball? Itís not exactly the German national sport, right?

    Thatís true. I went to an international school and my momís from Texas, so she kind of got me in to baseball.

    I was doing like four to five sports at the time and it came down to soccer and baseball and I had to make a decision between either one. I just chose to go with baseball. I wanted to go to the States, go abroad.

    Soccerís real big in Germany so I would have spent the rest of my life in Germany if Iíd stuck to soccer. So, yeah, I went with baseball.

    SDB: You said you played four or five sports, what were the others that you were playing when you were younger?

    I played soccer, baseball, I had a scholarship in tennis, I swam, played basketball and some minor little sports on the side.

    SDB: For a lot of the international guys, the down side to playing minor league baseball is that the family doesnít get to watch them play a whole lot. Does your family find a way to follow you or get to see you play at all?

    Yeah, you know the time zone is a lot different there so theyíre up until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning just getting to see the first half of the game. But they love doing it and theyíll be down pretty soon, a couple weeks.

    SDB: I saw you in your first spring training with the Twins three years ago and I saw this skinny looking guy on one of the back fields. Thatís not you anymore and the difference showed up a bit in your power numbers last year.

    Yep. I gained some weight (laughing). It happens.

    I put on some weight and learned to pull the ball better in those couple of years and it paid off!

    SDB: Do you have a particular hitting philosophy? Do you see yourself as a power hitter or are you just concerned about driving the ball and if it goes over the fence, fine?

    I used to strictly see myself as a contact hitter. I came to the Twins as a contact hitter, just going (opposite field) all the time.

    Now, basically, itís just a start to a new season, first couple games, just see the ball right now and hit it. But when Iím in a groove, I like it to go far, the ball to go deep.

    SDB: Off the field, in your down time, what sort of things do you like to do when youíre not playing baseball?

    I like staying active. Last year, in Eítown, we used to go out on lakes, go fishing. Eítown didnít have much to offer, but we found stuff to do.

    SDB: What about during the offseason?

    I love working out. Just getting back with friends and family. Spending a good time with family.

    SDB: Do you go back to Germany in the offseason?

    Yes, thatís very valuable to me. I only get like a month because they (the Twins) usually send you somewhere to play winter ball. I spend most of that time with family.

    Kepler will make his home debut at 12:05 Tuesday afternoon when the Kernels open their first home series of the second half of the season against the Burlington Bees.

    SD Buhr covers the Kernels for MetroSportsReport.com in Cedar Rapids.

    This article was originally published in blog: Kernels Post-Buxton Era Begins: Welcome Max Kepler started by SD Buhr
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    1. orangevening's Avatar
      orangevening -
      Do we know if he will be in CF most of the time with Buxton in FM now?
    1. SD Buhr's Avatar
      SD Buhr -
      Quote Originally Posted by orangevening View Post
      Do we know if he will be in CF most of the time with Buxton in FM now?
      We don't "know," but we'll get a clue today at noon today (weather permitting). If his elbow still isn't 100%, I would imagine he goes to LF with JD Williams moving to CF. Interestingly, however, Kepler and Jeremias Pineda are listed on the Kernels official roster as a CFs (Williams is simply listed as an OF), for whatever that's worth, which isn't much really.
    1. mike wants wins's Avatar
      mike wants wins -
      Big fan of Kepler. Hoping he makes a nice adjustment to A ball this year. He's either starting in the OF or 1B in MN in 4 years.....
    1. Boone's Avatar
      Boone -
      Very excited about Kepler. He had the 2nd highest BB/K ratio in the Appy League last year and the 4th highest ISO. Still young and inexperienced which means he has the potential to improve rapidly. A real shame he had to miss the first half of the year.
    1. Winston Smith's Avatar
      Winston Smith -
      Sounds like a nice kid, wish him well.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      JD didn't play much CF last year with Beloit either. For some reason, he's been primarily in the corners. A lot of RF last year. He was an infielder in high school.
    1. JB_Iowa's Avatar
      JB_Iowa -
      Thanks for the great read ... seems to bring a lot of personality along with talent.
    1. birdwatcher's Avatar
      birdwatcher -
      Hope plenty of CR fans are savoring this season. That lineup, even without Buxton, is as good as it gets. A team OPS of .800 and .275+ BA? Wow.
    1. SD Buhr's Avatar
      SD Buhr -
      Kepler played CF today for the Kernels.

      He had a double (his 4th) and his first HR of the season, an opposite field 2-run HR that gave the Kernels their margin of victory in a 6-4 win.
    1. TNTwinsFan's Avatar
      TNTwinsFan -
      In the 8th, Kepler smashed the go ahead homer to put the Kernels up 6-4. For Kepler, his first home run as a Kernel and 5 of his first 7 hits have gone for extra bases. The long ball was also just the 2nd off the season hit off of Bees reliever Joey Krehbiel.
    1. TNTwinsFan's Avatar
      TNTwinsFan -
      That is a quote from MiLB.com (so as to make it legal and such).
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