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    For those who are unfamiliar with this feature, I scour the most reliable internet sites trying to determine whether or not a former Minnesota Twin is forgotten or not. I use all the best sites – Wikipedia, Google, Bing, eBay, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Baseball Reference. If the player isn't featured to my liking, he is officially forgotten. The entire first paragraph will come from my own memory though. No guarantees of accuracy or insight. At the very end, I will ask one random person if he remembers the player. Let’s start with someone I barely remember.

    My memories of Bernardo Brito
    Can I say pass? I certainly remember his name because it's hilarious. But who is Bernardo Brito? I'm going to say he was an outfielder and that he was only with the Twins for two seasons. I want to say that he was on a Hall of Fame path as well. I'll guess he played for the Twins from 1993 to 1994 and that he hit about 7 home runs. As you can clearly see, I have basically no recollection of Bernardo Brito.

    Let's do some research!

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    Oh goodness what a gold mine! Apparently he is known as "El Pupo." Fantastic. I love Bernardo Brito. I can't find a translation, but Google Image seems to think it means bellybutton. Is Bernardo Brito "The Bellybutton?" I am so glad I chose him. Brito was born on December 4, 1963 in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. He made his MLB debut on September 15, 1992. He was known for his power and hit five career home runs. He was an outfielder! He played in Japan after leaving the Twins in 1995 and also played for the Sioux Falls Canaries. His nickname was "The Bellybutton."

    Baseball Reference

    Brito was signed out of the Dominican Republic in 1980 and made his debut in 1992. That is wild! Brito is the most fascinating player ever. Brito played 40 games for the Twins spread out over 1992, 1993 and 1995. He hit .219/.237/.466 in those games. His Minor League stats are amazing. He hit 295 career Minor League home runs. He played over 700 AAA games. He had just under 1500 hits in the minors. His 1994 season at AAA: .309/.353/.572, 24 doubles, 29 home runs, 122 RBI. The Bellybutton!


    Well, the third result down is a bit discouraging. Apparently I completely ripped this idea off from RandBall. Great. We've come too far to not proceed; I'll just have to make sure to not completely rip him off.

    Stu's Hunt Down

    No! That would be ripping him off. Idiot

    Back to Google

    Bernardo Brito E Cunha appears to be a Portuguese writer. Down South America way, I guess. Anyway, he does not seem to be related to our Brito. Here's a great Google Image result of Brito when he was apparently 13 years old: Young Pupo. The card looks to be a million years old, and I really wish I had it.


    Bing is stupid. Regardless, I'll use it. The Stu's Hunt Down feature is at the bottom of the second page of results, so that's something different. On the fourth page of results, I did find this baseball card on Amazon, which you can buy for just over 7 bucks. It's a great way to commemorate that awesome 1994 season I mentioned earlier. The paid search results seem to be imploring me to "find Bernardo Brito" and "uncover Bernardo Brito", which makes me worried that we have a missing person case on our hands. Probably not the case.


    Oh man. Did you ever want a really fake looking baseball card AND a signed note card of Bernardo Brito? Here you go! You know this is an authentic autograph because no one would forge a note card. I had a friend write the third verse from Onyx's "Slam" on a note card in 3rd grade and that is the only note card I would take over this Brito autograph. No word on whether or not the note card is GEM MINT 10!!!


    Bernardo Brito doesn't have a facebook page that I can find. He doesn't have a fan page yet either. That's garbage. El Pupo needs a fan page. If anyone wants to go ahead and start one, I'll add a link at a later date. Garbage.


    Ok, there is definitely a guy named Bernardo Brito on Twitter and he tweets a lot. I don't think it's our man though. I can't read any of it, because I don't speak any languages, but the picture doesn't match and I can see faces. I decided to look for "el pupo brito" and that led me to this man who is arguing that Brito is a better hitter than Albert Pujols and Jose Bautista. Do you want to argue that?
    El Pupo Brito. RT @Josearmandoacta: Quién es mejor jugador en la actualidad: José Bautista o Albert Pujols?
    — Carlos Maxwell (@carlosmaxwell) June 29, 2012

    There are all kinds of tweets including Brito and other fun baseball players but I can't read any of them because I only took 8 years of Spanish and I'm a fantastic student.


    I decided to roll the dice using "el pupo brito" as my search terms on YouTube, but the first result was about Julia Stiles, so I think I failed. I tried everything, you guys. I looked for Brito, Brito plus Twins, Brito plus baseball and there's just nothing. The internet is devoid of Bernardo Brito videos. This video of the 10 worst ceremonial first pitches will have to suffice.

    Random Person

    I sent a text to a friend regarding Brito:

    • Me: Do you remember Bernardo Brito?
    • Friend: Nope
    • Me: Did you know he was nicknamed "El Pupo?"
    • Friend: How would I?

    Good point.


    I say he's forgotten. You can't have an HOF nickname like El Pupo or The Bellybutton, have such a lack of quality internet information and still be remembered. When you throw in his minor league career, Japanese career and huge power, it just feels like there should be more to uncover. Thus, Bernardo Brito goes into the "forgotten" category, joining Pedro Munoz and Freddie Toliver.

    I also wrote about Brian Harper and Gary Wayne this week. If you click on their names, you can learn a whole lot more about each of them.

    What is your favorite El Pupo memory? Do you even have one?
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    1. ashburyjohn's Avatar
      ashburyjohn -
      I distinctly remember forgetting him. It's like it was yesterday. Because it was.
    1. snepp's Avatar
      snepp -
      I'll always remember Brito, he was/is my primary pinch hitter on the first Ken Griffey Jr. baseball game on the SNES.
    1. Jim H's Avatar
      Jim H -
      I remember Brito. He was in the Twins minor league system, seemingly forever. He always put up great numbers, especially power numbers and was never promoted. I always wondered why, until I realized that he really couldn't hit major league pitching. Oh, if you would leave him out there everyday, he would hit some home runs but his average would be worse than Adam Dunn's, there would be fewer home runs than Dunn and Brito might strike out more. Also, there was no way that Tom Kelly was going to have a player like that taking up space on his team.
    1. Vervehound's Avatar
      Vervehound -
      one of the great baseball names, for sure.
    1. corey's Avatar
      corey -
      Your articles almost always make me laugh out loud at least once. Thank you.
    1. glunn's Avatar
      glunn -
      Great article -- thanks for posting it.
    1. ThejacKmp's Avatar
      ThejacKmp -
      Ummm, Google Translate says that El Pupo means "Longfin". Not sure why that isn't included.
    1. nicksaviking's Avatar
      nicksaviking -
      If I remember right, Brito held some kind of career HR record at some point. Maybe the PCL career leader in HR?

      He was the Anthony Slama of the early 1990's. People who knew of him couldn't understand why this team wouldn't call up such a prolific minor league slugger.

      Edit: I found this article, at the time he was the active minor league career HR leader.


      And there totally was a Free Brito movement. Led by Brito.

      Further Edit: I'm such a nerd. The article also dropped the names of Scott Stahoviak, Rich Becker, Eddie Guardado, Denny Hocking, Pat Meares, Dave Stevens, Marty Cordova and Scott Ullger and that put a smile on my face. Why did reading about those guys give me so much joy when watching most of them acutally play baseball usually gave me the opposite feeling.
    1. Rick Niedermann's Avatar
      Rick Niedermann -
      I have a ball signed by Bernardo. Can't understand why he never got a real shot. I guess Tom Kelly liked David McCarty even more then Bernardo......or Rich Becker or J.T Bruett. Somehow if Kelly decided you weren't any good or you got on his bad side, you never got a shot.
    1. Jeff A's Avatar
      Jeff A -
      When we get to December 4, I'll post a bio of him.
    1. gil4's Avatar
      gil4 -
      Quote Originally Posted by nicksaviking View Post
      The article also dropped the names of Scott Stahoviak, Rich Becker, Eddie Guardado, Denny Hocking, Pat Meares, Dave Stevens, Marty Cordova and Scott Ullger and that put a smile on my face. Why did reading about those guys give me so much joy when watching most of them acutally play baseball usually gave me the opposite feeling.
      I saw Stahoviak hit a long homerun into the upper deck of Yankee Stadium. The Twins were pounding the Yankees and Gooden. Then the rain came and it didn't stop. They didn't have five innings in yet, so none of it counted. My friend and his dad had to use our rain checks because that was the last Yankees home game while I was home (in CT) on leave.

      That day always seemed to capture the essense of that Twins era for me.
    1. DrJubal's Avatar
      DrJubal -
      Brito was a masher here in Salt Lake for those Buzz teams of the mid-90s. My favorite Bernardo Brito moment was when he was called out on a grand-slam HR for passing a teammate on the basepath.
    1. Scott Povolny's Avatar
      Scott Povolny -
      My Bernardo Brito broken bat is stowed under my bed in case anybody in this tough White Bear Lake neighborhood wants to boogie. Long before it was a personal weapon of defense, ~19 years ago, it was kindly gifted to a pudgy 9-year-old at Twins Spring Training (2/24/1994) (me, Pops, Brother).
    1. Brad Swanson's Avatar
      Brad Swanson -
      Quote Originally Posted by glunn View Post
      Great article -- thanks for posting it.
      Thanks! I really enjoy hearing everyone's Brito stories/memories. I might have to "research" a few more guys.
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