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  • Joe Mauer and Glen Perkins Are Named To All-Star Team

    Catcher Joe Mauer and closer Glen Perkins will represent the Minnesota Twins at this year's All-Star game on July 16th. Mauer was the top vote-getter among fans and will start at catcher for the American League. It will be his sixth time he'll have been named an All-Star. Perkins will be attending the event for the first time.

    Mauer entered Sunday with a .314 batting average, a .395 on-base percentage and an OPS of .864 while playing the most demanding position. By comparison, the average OPS for a catcher this year is .706 in MLB, while the average on-base percentage is .312. This is the 10th year of his major league career and he has received MVP votes in five of them, including winning the award in 2009.

    Perkins entered today with a miniscule 1.99 ERA and has saved 20 games for the Twins. His other statistics give a better idea of just how dominant he has been:
    • He has allowed just 18 hits in 31.2 inning. The average reliever allows a little less than one per inning.
    • He has struck out 44 while walking just 7, a ratio of 6:1. The average reliever has a ratio of about 2.5 to 1.
    • His WHIP (walks plus hits per inning pitched) is just .789. League-wide for relievers, that number is 1.29.

    Perkins converted to reliever in 2011 and was handed the job of closer - the relief pitcher whose main task is to hold a lead of three or fewer runs, generally, in the ninth inning - in the middle of last year. He has reportedly been coveted by several teams as the trade deadline approaches. The Twins have given no indication they plan on trading him.
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    1. snepp's Avatar
      snepp -
      More Perkins fun.

      There are 154 relievers in the league with 25+ innings pitched.

      His 1.87 FIP and 2.21 xFIP both rank 5th.
    1. 70charger's Avatar
      70charger -
      Good for Perk. He deserves it, and it's about time the Twins had more than one representative.
    1. buckninetyone's Avatar
      buckninetyone -
      Attachment 4718

    1. buckninetyone's Avatar
      buckninetyone -
      Attachment 4724
    1. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
      Bark's Lounge -
      Much respect to the Stillwater Ponies. My wife and Glen Perkins Alma Mater.

      Congrats Glen. You earned this one!
    1. Danchat's Avatar
      Danchat -
      That was a cool move by Jim Leyland to add Glen Perkins to the All-Star Roster.
      Or wait... does he just want to scout Perkins so he can trade for him?
    1. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
      YourHouseIsMyHouse -
      I really can't say there were any Twins that were snubbed this year. Both well-picked players and two gems on a poor team.
    1. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
      YourHouseIsMyHouse -
      Quote Originally Posted by Danchat View Post
      That was a cool move by Jim Leyland to add Glen Perkins to the All-Star Roster.
      Or wait... does he just want to scout Perkins so he can trade for him?
      Yeah, like the Twins would trade him to a division rival, let alone some team in the AL.
    1. greengoblinrulz's Avatar
      greengoblinrulz -
      Both deserved it.
      Not for trading Perk at all. Build your pen around him.
    1. Badsmerf's Avatar
      Badsmerf -
      Congrats to these guys. Great seasons and they deserve it.
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