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    Buyers or Sellers

    Buyers. Following an indifferent start and, Yasiel Puig notwithstanding, an uninspiring May and early June, the Dodgers found themselves, on June 22, 9.5 games out of first and at a season-low 12 games below .500. Since then they have ripped off a 17-4 run, cutting the Diamondbacks' lead to 2.5 games and re-establishing themselves in the soft NL West race. While still below .500, the Dodgers were built in the offseason to win and win now. On the back of their recent surge, they will be looking to add, with the only subtraction coming, possibly, from their list of qualified outfielders in Puig, Carl Crawford, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier (hint: it wont be Puig and Kemp is on the DL with shoulder irritation).

    What they Need

    With an Opening Day payroll of $216 million (roughly 8.9x the Astros), the Dodgers appear to need little, but then again the Dodgers have received little for their money. The Dodgers currently have $59 million (roughly 2.5x Houston Astros) worth of former All-Stars on the DL in Kemp, Ted Lilly, Chad Billingsley and Josh Beckett. Other highly paid pieces like Ethier and Adrian Gonzalez have underperformed. The holes left by Billingsley and Beckett may have been filled, in part, by the recent addition of former Marlin Ricky Nolasco. However, they could use some complementary pieces in their young bullpen and help at second base, where the Nick Punto/Mark Ellis combination scares roughly no one.

    What Might Work

    Glen Perkins. The Dodgers could do with a proven closer for the stretch drive and Perkins is the most valuable chip the Twins can put in play. The Dodgers have bounced between closers this year, featuring both the disastrous Brandon League and the better Kenley Jansen. Most recently, Don Mattingly ousted League from the role on June 11. Bringing in a closer like Perkins would allow the Dodgers to move Jansen back to a set-up role and scrap League altogether, since his ERA has risen each month this season.

    While Perkins is not a certain trade chip from a financial standpoint (hes cheap and under team control through 2016), he would start a bidding war if put on the market. The Dodgers have what the Twins lack: young starting pitching that could reach the majors as early as next season.

    Sleeper Targets

    Matt Magill - 23 - RHP - AAA
    Magill made six starts for the Dodgers this season. While his control was disastrous (28 walks in 27 ⅔ innings), his strikeout numbers and near major-league readiness make him an intriguing option. He wont see much of the big-league mound in LA with all the veteran names in front of him, so perhaps the Dodgers would be willing to deal him?

    Jesmuel Valentin - SS - Low A
    gamble on Valentin is a gamble that he will learn how to hit, which may never happen. Hes not posted an average higher than .212 in four low minor-league stops. However, the Twins have been looking for middle infielders since seemingly the dawn of time and Valentin (the son of former longtime big leaguer Jose Valentin) will likely stick at shortstop as he rises through the system. Hell never be an offensive juggernaut, but neither is Pedro Florimon.

    Onelki Garcia - LHP - 22 - AA
    Garcia, like Puig, is a Cuban defector. Unlike Puig, and most other Cuban ballplayers, Garcia was actually drafted (3rd round, 2012). He pitched two innings at class A Rancho Cucamonga last year, and struck out four of the six hitters he faced. Hes continued to miss bats in Chattanooga this season, striking out 40 in 38 innings while posting a 2.84 ERA in 16 appearances (six starts). A beast at 63 220 from the left side, the fast rising Garcia could be worth a look.

    Dream Target

    Yasiel Pu...- Just kidding. Honestly, there isnt a ton to love in this farm system, but if the Dodgers do come sniffing around Glen Perkins, the Twins might want to start their negotiating with young shortstop/third baseman Corey Seager. The younger brother of Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager is only 19, and put up impressive debut numbers at rookie level Ogden in 2012 and is following that up with a .302/.388 /.491 season with 8 HR and 43 RBI at low-A Great Lakes this season. At 64 215 (so far) his future may lie at third base (a location where Miguel Sano has a lease with an option to buy), but hes the best the slim Dodger prospect list has to offer, and you can always find a home for good players.
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    1. markos's Avatar
      markos -
      Regarding a potential Perkins trade with the Dodgers, I think it has to start with at least one of three prospects:
      Zach Lee
      Joc Pederson

      Personally, I think Lee is the best. However, I'm not sure any of them on their own would be sufficient return. Anyone else feel differently?
    1. beckmt's Avatar
      beckmt -
      What about Ethier? Dodgers have one too many starting outfielders and we could flip him in a year or two. Outside of that Lee would not be in a Perkins trade Rest of Dodger minor leagues are probably will not be good enough. Other two will not be enough for Perkins.
    1. Mave's Avatar
      Mave -
      Too bad we cant ask for Tom Windle to be thrown in, since you cant trade a player until one year after he is drafted... but it is nice to see he is off to a fine start to his career.
    1. Brock Beauchamp's Avatar
      Brock Beauchamp -
      It'd be damned hard to turn down Lee for Perkins.
    1. darin617's Avatar
      darin617 -
      If they could have their choice and money doesn't mean much to LA would they rather have Perkins or Papelbon? You would think they would choose the more experienced closer who has dealt with post season pressure.
    1. blairpaul715's Avatar
      blairpaul715 -
      Seager and I Lee are both Top 100 prospects, I take Seager over Lee, and if they threw in a lower tier prospect, I personally would do it for Seager, I seen him play in person, and he looks top notch to me, probably profiles more as a 3rd baseman, not sure tho. Seager and or Lee, would rank as a top 5 to 7 prospect in Twins deep system, Seager maybe even higher.
    1. SpiritofVodkaDave's Avatar
      SpiritofVodkaDave -
      How about Santana for Kershaw, Kemp and Loney? Or do we need billingsley tossed in as well? We need to make sure we get a good deal for our ace!
    1. Oxtung's Avatar
      Oxtung -
      I think there are several interesting pieces in the Dodgers farm system. Personally I am enamored with Julio Urias. He is a 16 year old LHP dominating A ball in the Midwest League. 41K's 13BB's in 35IP with a 2.80 ERA.

      They also have some interesting bullpen arms in Yimi Garcia at AA and Jose Dominguez who has pitched 6 games in the majors this year. Garcia has a .76 WHIP with 53K's in 46IP. Dominguez has some control issues, 4.3 BB/9 in his minor league career, but his fastball sits 97-102 mph and he has an average slider to pair with that heat.

      Perhaps a Urias, Dominguez and a nearly MLB ready arm that is ok, like Magill or Rob Rasmussen, for Perkins makes sense. Urias is a low minors arm with potential, Dominguez is future closer and we could fill another hole in the 2014 rotation, albeit with a back of the rotation arm.
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