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    Buyers or Sellers
    Remember the start of the season when all the "experts" were forecasting a fall from grace for the Yankees? [Sigh] Those were the days to be a Yankee hater. Now a team of has-beens and "who-the-hells" are sitting a couple games over .500 and just a handful of games outside the wild card race.

    And even if they weren't, the Yankees would still be buyers. They'll always be buyers.

    A plague of flesh-eating bacteria could decimate the entire franchise, and the Yankees would still be buyers because everyone in the Bronx, from the owners, to the fans, to the flesh-eating bacteria, expects it of them.

    What They Need

    The Yankees offense has been less Bronx Bombers and more Trenton Tiddlywinkers, ranking 22nd out of 30 teams in runs scored (two spots behind the Twins), so hitters will be welcomed.

    Early in July, they hoped rehabbing All-Stars would eliminate any need to trade for hitting. But a combination of surgery, re-injury, delayed rehab and an acute case of "threatened suspension for steroid use" have created needs at first base, shortstop, the outfield and third base.

    Even with those gaping holes, and even though the pitching staff has often carried the offense, the Yankees know that you can never have enough pitching and will at least consider spare starters, strong relievers or anyone with an arm attached to his shoulder. Sorry Venus de Milo.

    What Might Work
    Justin Morneau isn't up to Lyle Overbay's standard, nor is Jamey Carroll a better backup for Jeter's spot. With Willingham hurt, Ryan Doumit would be the only outfielder to help, but he can't fit with Ichiro in right, Francisco Cervelli returning to catch, and a number of DHs in waiting.

    Trevor Plouffe might not curl the toes of the New York Post, but with A-Rod on the edge of oblivion, and back-ups Kevin Youkilis/Jayson Nix banged up too, he's a vast improvement on the spare parts out there now. While the Yanks have been ogling Chase Headley and Michael Young, both would be pricey, making Plouffe not only viable but relatively affordable.

    Though the Twins (unsurprisingly) don't have a starter who would upgrade New York's rotation, they could help solidify a strong bullpen. Sadly, David Robertson has been anointed as heir to Mariano's throne (sorry Perkins theorists), but Brian Duensing could be a welcome extra lefty alongside Boone Logan (improving on Joba the Hutt).

    Sleeper Targets
    Jose Campos - RHP - 20 years old - ACampos is back in form after an elbow injury last season. He'd be ideal for Twins coaches, with a variety of pitches and good control numbers (1.7 BB/9, 5.08 K/BB). The elbow might make him a relatively low buy in the right deal.
    Vidal Nuno - LHP - 25 - AAANuno also fits the Twins formula. He has an array of pitches that stay around the plate (1.05 WHIP in minors). He doesn't throw hard, which could mean he's been lucky; if so, he's been lucky at every level for several years, which might be less luck and more like command.
    Rafael DePaula - RHP - 22 - A+DePaula crushed Low A Charleston this year before scuffling lately at High A Tampa (14 R/12 IP). He struck out Byron Buxton at the Futures game and has huge upside, but he's a big risk due to a lack of off-speed stuff and a birth certificate conundrum.

    Brett Marshall - RHP - 23 - AAARoughed up in his Major League debut start, and shaky in Scranton (1.69 WHIP & 58 BB/ 94 IP), Marshall's recent results are better. But the sink on his fastball and change haven't translated to ground balls...worrisome.

    Dream Target
    Gary Sanchez - C - 20 - A+Sanchez is the Yankees power prospect. He has 13 homers so far in his second season at High A and is drooled over by Bronx Zoo residents the same way Twins fans drool over Miguel Sano. At a premium defensive position, he'd be a valuable asset (especially with Joe Mauer nearing transition time). Better still, Sanchez and resident catching prospect Josmil Pinto become two options to offer should we need an impact arm at future trade deadlines (though hopefully that impact arm isn't named Matt Capps).
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    1. Ozziedavisfan's Avatar
      Ozziedavisfan -
      as a rule, I don't like it when they trade with the yankees because the yankee cupboard is always so bare. And we would never get sanchez, then again as with montero i never thought that they would trade him to seattle but they did .
    1. Siehbiscuit's Avatar
      Siehbiscuit -
      I strongly disagree with your dream target. The Twins have Pinto and drafted 3 catchers in the very early rounds. Including Hermann, there are plenty of catchers in the organization that could break through. Once upon a time, Austin Romine was considered the next big stud catcher in their system (as was Jesus Montero). Not a fan of any of these prospects.
    1. Smcginnity's Avatar
      Smcginnity -
      I think the dream target would be Mason Williams. They don't have good minor league pitching...so...eliminate that, unfortunately
    1. beckmt's Avatar
      beckmt -
      Did not see anything worthwhile on the trade list. Means TR would be taking projections or projects. A real risk as most of those are at very low levels.
    1. diehardtwinsfan's Avatar
      diehardtwinsfan -
      With the exception of Sanchez, who is unavailable, none of those guys excite me. DePaula might be acceptable given the reward, but no way I'd trade a guy like Perk for him.
    1. Oxtung's Avatar
      Oxtung -
      I think there are some interesting prospects in the Yankees system that might match up well with the Twins but I don't think the Twins have much the bombers need. Perhaps Plouffe, although he has been in a big slump recently so that isn't helping his value.

      Manny Banuelos could be a high risk/high reward candidate if the Yankees are concerned about his future. A 22 year old lefty with 3 above average pitches, including his FB, that underwent TJ surgery in 2012 after pitching 6 games at AAA (sound like anyone we know?). He was a top 100 prospect before the injury. Potentially could be a buy low candidate.

      Jose Ramirez is another interesting pitcher. 23 and at AA/AAA this year he has a plus fastball that sits at 95 and probably an above average hard slider. He has some problems with control, but what hard thrower doesn't in the minors? If he doesn't pan out as a starter he could be a very interesting back of the bullpen guy with his fastball and slider combo.

      However, like I said we don't match up well with their needs so I doubt anything happens here.
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