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  • Twins Minor League Report (8/5): Dean Dazzles

    Today's baseball news was focused primarily on 12 players who received 50-game PED suspensions and one other who received a 211-game suspension and has decided to appeal. I haven't turned on ESPN, but I'm sure you could get a more in-depth run-down on these 13 players within 30 seconds on turning it on.

    Fortunately, no Twins were involved. Former Twin Danny Valencia was investigated and cleared. It turns out he had higher-than-normal amount of "swag", but nothing illegal from Biogenesis.

    Let's take a spin around today's farm action:

    Box Score

    While the obvious headline coming into the game was the fact that every member of the Twins Opening Day starting outfield (Willingham, Hicks, Parmelee) is in the Red Wings lineup, it was a pitcher who stole the show.

    Pat Dean, who made his AAA debut after struggling in New Britain - he leads the Eastern League in hits allowed- had a fantastic showing. After allowing two two-out walks in the first inning, Dean sailed through five innings of hitless baseball. He exited after pitching seven innings of two-hit, three-walk shutout baseball. Striking out four, Dean has probably assured himself of another week in AAA, this coming not more than a few weeks after I speculated about his grip on a spot in the AA rotation. Great for Pat and great for the Red Wings, who continue their pursuit of an International League playoff spot.


    The bullpen made the game interesting. Michael Tonkin retired the side in the eighth before running into trouble in the ninth. He left two on for Edgar Ibarra, who allowed them both to score before turning the game over to Shairon Martis with two on and one out. Martis allowed a runner to reach after failing to make a catch. With the bases loaded, he struck out a batter on a full count before recording the third out on a fielder's choice.

    Josh Willingham was 0-for-3 with a walk and strikeout in his rehab debut. He DH'ed. Aaron Hicks was 0-for-4 with two Ks.

    Chris Parmelee had two doubles.

    Both Jeff Clement and Josmil Pinto had three hits. After going 0-for-4 in his AAA debut, Pinto has transitioned well, batting 8-for-14 (.571) since.

    Scott Diamond makes his first start for Rochester this season tomorrow night at 7:05 pm.

    The Red Wings are currently two games up in the IL North and 2.5 games up in the Wild Card race.


    D.J. Baxendale takes the ball at Akron tomorrow at 7:05 ET.

    Box Score

    The Miracle did nearly everything they could to get a win tonight, but blew a save in the bottom of the 9th to lose to the Tampa Yankees.

    Darrin Mastroianni playing well in his rehab, reached base twice tonight by walk and, despite going 0-for-3, stole a base too. Mastroianni played right field along- side Byron Buxton and J.D. Williams. Easily the fastest outfield collection in the Twins minor league system, you might be hard pressed to find a faster outfield anywhere in baseball.

    Buxton had a hit, a walk and stole his 8th High-A base. Willams also stole a base following a walk. Stephen Wickens had two hits and a stolen base. Dougie Baseball apparently likes to give the green light on the basepaths.

    Matt Koch and Levi Michael both doubled.

    Jason Wheeler struck out three over five innings. Steven Gruver and Corey Williams bridged the gap to Adrian Salcedo, who gave up a two-run walk-off home run in the 9th inning. Why Salcedo you ask? Excellent question.

    The Miracle have a day off tomorrow.

    Box Score

    Not a lot to write about tonight.

    Adam Brett Walker doubled and homered to drive in both runs Kernels runs.

    Christian Powell allowed five runs (four earned) over five innings while striking out four. Hudson Boyd (2 IP) and Alex Muren (1 IP) each struck out one over three combined scoreless innings.

    Brian Gilbert allowed a run in his inning of work.

    If you're looking at making a weekday trip to Cedar Rapids, tomorrow is the day. Josue Montanez will face off with #1 pick Mark Appel at 6:35 CT.


    Josh Burris and Yorman Landa will start tomorrow in a doubleheader that begins at 6 ET.

    Box Score

    Rehabbing Cole De Vries pitched three perfect innings, striking out four.

    Sam Gibbons struck out four over the next four innings. He allowed two hits. Zach Hayden struck out two in one inning.

    Lester Oliveros, also rehabbing, allowed two hits in his inning of work.

    Zach Larson (RBI) and Brian Navaretto (double) both had two-hit games. Engelb Vielma drove in a run and stole his sixth base of the season.

    At 20-19, the GCL team has pulled within one game of the lead in a tight GCL South race.

    Tomorrow will be a rematch of the same two teams and Noon ET.

    Leave your questions and/or comments!
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    1. Pius Jefferson's Avatar
      Pius Jefferson -
      Nice to see Buxton back in the lineup.
    1. AM.'s Avatar
      AM. -
      Great write-up. In particular, I like the next day's pitching matchup.

      Walker is having a great season.
    1. jlanky's Avatar
      jlanky -
      I was at the Red Wings game last night in Durham. A nice pitching performance by Dean. Of two hits, the first one he gave up was a bunt single. Nothing hit too hard againts him.

      Willingham, despite going 0-3, did hit a ball very hard to the gap in left-center that was run down. Parmalee looked good in his at-bats. Hicks looked completely lost last night. I also though Pinto had good at-bats last night.
    1. SD Buhr's Avatar
      SD Buhr -
      I don't know if it's just the long season wearing on young guys who have never had to play 140 games before or the fact that they've already got a playoff spot nailed down and they just aren't as motivated as their opponents, but the Kernels have just been flat for several games now.

      Last night, in the top of the ninth, QC had runners at the corners and 1 out and Gilbert got himself a picture-perfect DP ball to end the inning. But Goodrum and Polanco both appeared to lose track of the outs. Goodrum just flipped the ball to Polanco at 2nd for the force and they both started jogging toward the dugout as the run scored.

      Not exactly the kind of thing you want guys doing 2 days after a closed-door meeting or with the organization's GM sitting behind home plate taking notes.
    1. mike wants wins's Avatar
      mike wants wins -
      Time to stop switch hitting yet? I think I'll just put that in my sig, so I don't have to type it.

      Nice start for Dean. On the steals, you often wonder if it is an issue with the other team, especially in the minors.

      Loved the Butera line, thx for the grin.
    1. lightfoot789's Avatar
      lightfoot789 -
      Walkers pushing the 25+ HR and 100+ RBI statline. Most of that came after Buxton left for Ft. Myers too. Where would that put him in terms of prospect rankings for you @ the end of 2013?
    1. lightfoot789's Avatar
      lightfoot789 -
      Quote Originally Posted by lightfoot789 View Post
      This team is built to win and only knows winning from its time in the minor leagues (Appy and Beloit). The key is going to be how do they handle failure if they start to lose? What is their mental toughness when / if they start losing? I believe they handle itlike the winners that they are and bounce right back.
      I wrote this in a Twins Daily forum on April 4th. Don't make me into a liar Kernels. Time to get that SWAGGER back.
    1. lightfoot789's Avatar
      lightfoot789 -
      I agree Buxton is the guy. He won't be a player to watch because everybody will already be watching him. I hope people don't put to many expectations on the kid and allow him to grow into his 5 tool potential. He like all prospects, are a work in progress. One of my points was that while everyone is watching Buxton do his thing - watch the ABW stat line sneak up on ya.
      I wrote this on April 2nd. I'm just saying........................
    1. jokin's Avatar
      jokin -
      Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
      Time to stop switch hitting yet? I think I'll just put that in my sig, so I don't have to type it.

      Nice start for Dean. On the steals, you often wonder if it is an issue with the other team, especially in the minors.

      Loved the Butera line, thx for the grin.
      Do you have the link for the Butera mirthful muse? I missed it.

      I don't think enough has been made of the bitter irony of the Twins starting outfield now starting for Rochester, instead. I wonder how many times that has ever happened to a major league club in the same season?
    1. tjsyam921's Avatar
      tjsyam921 -
      Could Pinto make Doumit expendable during the off season?
    1. mike wants wins's Avatar
      mike wants wins -
      Quote Originally Posted by jokin View Post
      Do you have the link for the Butera mirthful muse? I missed it.

      I don't think enough has been made of the bitter irony of the Twins starting outfield now starting for Rochester, instead. I wonder how many times that has ever happened to a major league club in the same season?
      Not to mention Diamond and Worley (and Hendriks to a lesser extent).
    1. jimbo92107's Avatar
      jimbo92107 -
      Let's talk about stealing bases in the minor leagues. What's the big deal? If I'm coaching at 1st or 3rd, every guy faster than a turtle has the green light to steal, especially if I'm yelling "steal!" at them and trying to kick them in the butt.

      What's the point of even being in the minors if guys don't push their limits. Every fast player should be stealing, period. I don't care if they get thrown out...IT'S THE MINOR LEAGUES. They aren't there to learn how to be conservative, they're there to learn how to read a pitcher's move, how to get the longest static lead possible, how to do three skips on every pitch, how to explode towards that next base, how to peek left on the third step, how to read the fielder's body language so they can adjust their slide to avoid the tag.

      Okay, maybe I do care if they get thrown out...at least I'll say so to keep my job. But however on the other hand, as a coach you're supposed to teach baseball players a thousand different ways to apply pressure to their opponent. You have to think of everything you do out there like it's a part of your offense. The better you are at seeing weaknesses in the other team, the more you can exploit them and win.

      It's like fencing: If you're afraid of getting stabbed, gouged, slashed or impaled, then you should try some other sport. Same with baseball. Don't pick up a bat if you're scared to whack the mascot. Well, maybe that's a little out there, but some of those guys have padding.

      BTW, I've got a rule change for the minor leagues. How about each team's manager gets 3 "do overs" per game, to be defined before the game with the other manager. Suppose you want Eddie Rosario to work on stealing second, and he blows the first attempt (late break for 2nd) because he sucks at reading the pitcher. "Do Over!" Make him do it again, same count, back to first base. Although somewhat humiliating, this might provide a serious teaching moment to guys that need work on a particular aspect of their game. I'd make him steal again on the next pitch, but then, I am a bastard.
    1. Don't Feed the Greed Guy's Avatar
      Don't Feed the Greed Guy -
      Regarding Pat Dean: I saw him pitch on 7/11 when he shut out the Trenton Thunder over 7 2/3 innings, while giving up 6 hits. Dean was lucky. There were several line-outs, and finesse plays behind him. You mention that he leads the Eastern League in hits allowed... Sounds like a minor league version of Carl Pavano or Carlos Silva. I hope Mr. Dean develops one more pitch that helps him to miss bats. By the way, he's super nice guy. My boys (eight and ten) got his autograph and he posed for a picture with them after the game. I wish him the very best.
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