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  • Twins prospect Eddie Rosario tested positive for banned substance?

    Reports from Puerto Rico suggest that Twins prospect Eddie Rosario has tested positive for a banned substance and could cost him a 50-game suspension in 2014.

    While the reports are still unconfirmed, according to an article in Sport LivePR from November 18, Rosario had informed his winter league team that he tested positive in a recent MLB drug test. According to Frankie Thon, the general manager of the team Rosario plays for, Rosario reportedly took some pills during his arm rehabilitation that were on the banned list. Thon also said that Rosario would be allowed to play in the offseason league due to a new agreement between the MLB and the winter leagues.

    Here is the explanation from the article through Google translation:

    The General Manager of the Indians, Frankie Thon, explained how he heard the news. "Eddie Rosario called me three days ago, I had some bad news, which was positive in this test question that supposedly hurt his arm and took some pills and was positive to some kind of 'drug'. It has 50 sets of suspension and understood that he could not play Winter League, "said Thon.
    Rosario spoke with the Puerto Rican website elnuevodia.com and said he was informed of the failed test after playing in the Arizona Fall League. The article also stated that his lawyers are currently appealing the suspension but Rosario believed there is little chance that the decision will be overturned.

    Rosario also said that the pills he took were they same kind he had taken in 2011 after he was struck in the face with a line drive while in Class A Beloit.

    The Twins outfield/second base prospect, who was recently named as Baseball Prospectus’ seventh rated prospect in the system, his coming off a solid year in which he hit .302/.350/.460 with 10 home runs and 32 doubles split between New Britain and Fort Myers.

    There is no official word on Rosario’s status from the Minnesota Twins.
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    1. Thrylos's Avatar
      Thrylos -
      Quote Originally Posted by Steve Penz View Post
      Does anybody have any more developments with this? Info available on the internet through normal channels is no different than last week. I am wondering if MLB has said anything about a timeframe for investigation. Also, if these are painkillers that he took before, was he just lucky in that he did not get caught or is there more to it?
      Here is what I think, based on what he said in an interview in Puerto Rico (details here) He clearly said that what he tested positive now was in a pill. And he took the same pills (presumably by prescription) when he was hit on the face and broke his jaw while in Beloit. Those pills were for pain (not for "healing".) And standard procedure to prescribe them for these type of injuries. I think that the sticking point is whether this time he had a prescription (he did last last time). And this is what the MLB is investigating. If he did not have a prescription for narcotic painkillers (Percocet or whatever) then it would fall under the street drug category. Hard to see someone prescribing opiates to treat throwing arm tendinitis though...
    1. TRex's Avatar
      TRex -
      Hard to see someone prescribing opiates to treat throwing arm tendinitis though...
      I know it is a bit naive, but you wonder if maybe he had a couple of pills left over and 'self medicated'.
    1. Thrylos's Avatar
      Thrylos -
      Quote Originally Posted by TRex View Post
      I know it is a bit naive, but you wonder if maybe he had a couple of pills left over and 'self medicated'.
      Yeah, that's possible even likely. And one has to remember that pharmacies and medication control work differently outside the US. There are several places in this world that you could walk to a drug store and buy antibiotics for sure. Not sure whether this applies to the equivalent of schedule II meds here, but...
    1. johnnydakota's Avatar
      johnnydakota -
      Are you saying Viagra ,aint viagra down here in Mexico?
      untill last july, you could walk into any Farmacia and buy just about any drug made without a prescription
    1. kab21's Avatar
      kab21 -
      Regardless of how it happened it really doesn't concern me. He was taking a painkiller according to most accounts so we aren't talking about a PED or a recreational drug. Hopefully he can avoid a 50 game suspension but it doesn't concern me long term.
    1. mike wants wins's Avatar
      mike wants wins -
      Not a long term issue to me. I doubt it effects his prospects of being a good MLB at all. He'll be a starting OF or 2B for someone in 2015.
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