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  • Twins Hangouts: Tuesday, March 18

    Join us tonight at 8:30 to talk Twins Baseball. Seth is back home, so he should be less tired (in theory). Ask us lots of Twins and Twins minor league questions.

    The show is also available on the YouTube page too.

    You can view this and all other episodes on our YouTube channel, download our shows on iTunes, or listen to them on our webpage.
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    1. Paul Pleiss's Avatar
      Paul Pleiss -
      When Eric Fryer was sent down my head exploaded with joy. When Gardy made comments that confirmed his irrational fear of using his backup catcher as DH (which seems like it would make sense if Pinto backs up Suzuki) my eyes bled tears of blood. If Ron Gardenhire is such a rube, why does he still have a job? Will you start a white house petition to have Rick Anderson fired?
    1. lightfoot789's Avatar
      lightfoot789 -
      My friend was down in Ft. Myers today and said ABWalker hit his 4th home run in 8 Spring Training games. He also heard that he has 5 doubles during that time frame as well. His OBP & OPS% are great, but not due to BB's. That being said: If he is able to continue his solid play - What do you see in the future for him this year?
      1) Stays in A+ or
      2) Possible move to AA?
      3) Are there prospects in front of him preventing his move forward?
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