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  • Twins Minor League Report (5/26): Memorial Day in the Minors

    Happy Memorial Day!

    The Twins returned from their west coast trip fresh off a Giant sweeping. They were in action Monday afternoon against the Rangers. It marked the first game that Aaron Hicks played as only a right-handed batter. It also marked the first loss of Aaron Hicks’ career playing as only a right-handed batter.

    After Sunday’s game, it was announced that both OF Josh Willingham and OF Oswaldo Arcia would be re-joining the Twins. Heading back to Rochester would be OF/1B Chris Colabello and C/OF Chris Herrmann. The Kernels also made a move, sending RP Yorman Landa to the DL and bringing P Chris Mazza up from extended spring training.
    No one was deserving of the picture, so you’re getting a bunch of the US flag instead.

    Moving on to the farm…

    Red Wings Report
    Box Score

    The Red Wings had 13 hits and pushed across ten runs in Monday’s victory. Chris Rahl hit his second home run. Deibinson Romero had two doubles. Only Dan Rohlfing failed to get a hit.

    Trevor May didn’t have his best stuff today. It took him 107 pitches to get through five innings. He walked three and struck out three. While he allowed five hits, only one run scored and it was unearned.

    The bullpen struggled. Matt Hoffman struck out three, but gave up two solo home runs. Michael Tonkin walked three and allowed a run. Aaron Thompson gave up a home run.

    Rock Cats Review
    Box Score

    Not much to say about this one. Corey Wimberly doubled and Brad Boyer singled. That was all for the hitting.

    Pitching-wise, Virgil Vasquez made a start and pitched six innings of four-hit ball. Unfortunately, four runs scored, though only two were earned. He struck out four and walked two.

    DJ Baxendale made his second appearance (both out of the bullpen) since coming off the disabled list. This outing lasted two innings. He allowed one run on two hits. It should be noted that he threw only 21 pitches. (He threw 14 in his first outing.) It remains to be seen if Baxendale gets stretched out to return to the rotation or continues in his bullpen role.

    Miracle Matters

    The Miracle were off today and will be back on the field tomorrow.

    Kernels Nuggets
    Box Score

    The Kernels comeback came up short, scoring three runs in the eighth off back to back home runs by Chad Christensen and Mitchell Garver. Bryan Haar got the Kernels on the board in the top of the fourth with a two-run home run of his own.

    Those three hitters - the 3-4-5 batters in the lineup - had five of the team's eight hits. Engelb Vielma added a double. Garver also stole his fourth base of the season.

    Kohl Stewart, who had been so good up until this point, left a lot to be desired today. He walked four in only 2.1 innings. He also gave up five hits which resulted in four runs (all earned). He struck out three.

    Felix Jorge made his first relief appearances since starting his first eight games. He last 2.2 innings. He gave up a walk and three hits, which resulted in two earned runs. He struck out two. Jorge will be replaced in the rotation by Derrick Penilla.

    Chris Mazza struck out three and walked one in two hitless innings. Mazza was making his season debut.

    Alex Muren pitched one inning, allowing a hit.

    HITTER: Deibinson Romero, Rochester Red Wings
    PITCHER: Chris Mazza, Cedar Rapids Kernels

    Rochester vs Syracuse (6:05 PM Central) – Scott Diamond (Listen)
    New Britain at Portland (5:00 PM Central) – Pat Dean (Listen)
    Fort Myers @ Clearwater (6:00 PM Central) – Matt Tomshaw (Listen)
    Cedar Rapids @ Beloit (11:00 AM Central) – Derrick Penilla (Listen)
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    1. clutterheart's Avatar
      clutterheart -
      Derrick Penilla?!?!
      Why not Thorpe or

      Penilla had a 5.40 ERA in the GCL last year....he has a 5.40 ERA this year...I can't see how he helps the team win or builds for future.
      And while we are talking about the Low A Starting rotation, why the heck is Jose
      Montanez still getting a shot at starting? He wasn't good last year, and he's not good now.

      I am not privy to insider info coming out of the EST. But based on past performance, I can't see what is gained by holding back Thorpe and Gonsalves.
    1. Chance's Avatar
      Chance -
      Could not agree more. I have mentioned this in the last couple MLR as well. The rotation has been garbage with the exception of Stewart and Slegers. The guys they are running out there could use more time in EST. Give some other guys a shot. They seem very set on not changing the plan with these guys. They most want to space them out and have them a year behind Stewart?... I'm not sure way Thorpe and Gonsalves have not been progressing along with Stewart. Thorpe at the very least.
    1. mike wants wins's Avatar
      mike wants wins -
      I admit to confusion over Thorpe and Gonsalves being not in CR.
    1. clutterheart's Avatar
      clutterheart -
      Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
      I admit to confusion over Thorpe and Gonsalves being not in CR.
      I don't mind them starting the season in EST but the current starters are not impressive. Unless they are stinking it up down there I can't see any benefit not bringing them to low A
    1. SD Buhr's Avatar
      SD Buhr -
      I'm as anxious to see Thorpe and Gonsalves in CR as anyone, but there are a couple of factors to consider. First, Penilla is a 22 yr old pitcher drafted out of college. It's not at all surprising that the organization sends the older guys to fill spots at low A ahead of younger arms. Also, despite the use of a 6-man rotation, some pitchers can start to bump up against inning limits by the end of July and in to August. Having one or both of Gonsalves & Thorpe available for the final couple of months of the season isn't a bad thing. It doesn't really matter whether these guys get their innings in from April-July or from June-August and then in to instructs in Sept.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      I still think Gonsalves will get up to Cedar Rapids, maybe even before the Elizabethton season starts. But it definitely doesn't hurt for Thorpe to go pitch in the Appy League. See how he does in the small, hitters' ballparks, and if he does well, bump him up. He just turned 18. It's not a race.

      also, another great point was made above, we don't know everything that is happening at Extended Spring Training.

      I did see Penilla in spring training and thought he looked pretty impressive. He's only made one start. Give him an opportunity and then go with the younger guys.

      But SD Buhr is correct, others will get opportunities later in the season.
    1. DJL44's Avatar
      DJL44 -
      Cuts are coming. My guess is they want to give the fringy guys some playing time to see who goes home. Thorpe and Gonsalves are not getting cut. They both might be slated for Betsy instead.
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