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  • Twins Hangouts: Tuesday, June 24

    Join us again tonight (Tuesday) as Seth and I discuss the last week in the Twins baseball. We'll be going live at 9pm, shortly before the Twins and Angels kick off their series.

    We'll be taking questions, so please leave below. Topics you'd like us to discuss? Let us know!

    Last week we went two hours and 42 minutes. This week we promise to keep it shorter and sweeter. Or will we?
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    1. KOHG's Avatar
      KOHG -
      Injury update on Buxton? Did they amputate civil war style and top it off with medication from a 1920's medicine cabinet When is this guy expected to play again? I understand caution, but how serious is this thing?

      With Alex Meyer's short high pitch starts - is their concern regarding the shoulder?

      Is their some type of statistical track record (their has to be) regarding minor league players who have been demoted in the minors AA to A and from like A to Low A and what type of success rate do they have at getting to the majors? What type of player at the majors do they turn out to be? What percentage drop off does being demoted affect percent chance of making the majors compared to others who have not experience demotion at any time in there professional career in the minors.
    1. JB_Iowa's Avatar
      JB_Iowa -
      “He’s getting better,” Twins general manager Terry Ryan said Tuesday. “He’s able to do most everything.”

      Buxton still isn’t able to take batting practice but Ryan said the former No. 2 overall draft pick had progressed to dry swings and tee work in addition to taking fly balls in the outfield.

      “There’s some encouragement coming out of there,” Ryan said.

      Ryan said there is a timeline for Buxton’s return, but he did not want to share it publicly because previous timelines have “meant nothing” for the five-tool talent.

      Even with Buxton’s lengthy absence, Ryan said there is no organizational fear surgery will ultimately be needed.


      This from Berardino at the PP. Similar info coming out from Bollinger. Assume the Strib just isn't quite as fast in getting the info out.
    1. KOHG's Avatar
      KOHG -
      Aaron Hicks...Yes, its his career, but the twins have spent alot of money, resources, and time that could have been used else where on his career. He is an employee he needs to do what the employer wants. They are paying him and developing him.
    1. Otwins's Avatar
      Otwins -
      I was wondering how much a prospect costs. Is the annual cost any consideration when considering signing the international prospects?
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      Sorry again for the Technical Difficulties. Thsi just has not worked well with my phone. I should be getting my computer back next week.

      Just so you know... every time you couldn't hear me... I made a really wise, genius point.
    1. Jeremy Nygaard's Avatar
      Jeremy Nygaard -
      Wow. What a mess. The content was great... but you're not likely to get it all.

      Seth and I will try to get our stuff together and record a new podcast. We're not going to put this audio on iTunes. Look for a "Hour of Power-cast" later this week.
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