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    It was a busy, long weekend, but it was a tremendous opportunity. I traveled from the tip-top of Minnesota, down to the Twin Cities on Saturday. I then spent all day Monday driving back home. One has a lot of opportunity to think while driving more than seven hours each direction, so I thought I would put together a quick Stream of Consciousness blog for today. I encourage you to leave your thoughts on All-Star festivities below.

    So bear with me. Iíll cover a lot of topics, and hopefully you enjoy this potentially chaotic format.

    Iíll start with my thoughts on being down at the All-Star Sunday festivities and go from there. But to wake up on Sunday morning and see my name in a byline in the Pioneer Press was pretty cool! I was asked to write an article on the Three Twins Prospects in the Futures Game, so that was pretty neat!

    My daughter, along with my brother and sister, and I went to the Minneapolis Convention Center on Sunday morning for All-Star Fan Fest. As I mentioned on the podcast portion of the Gleeman and the Geek podcast, it reminded me a lot of going to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. There were about 400,000 square feet of baseball events and displays. It was as if you just needed to walk around and see everything, and then take a step back to think about what you wanted to do, what you wanted to look at.

    Sure, it would have been great to spend more time in several of the areas, but with an 8-year-old girl, being in one place for terribly long isnít always possible.

    The highlight was certainly being included in the Baseball Round Table discussion with Jack Morris, Lindsay Guentzel and Rod Simon on their Sunday morning ďThis is Twins TerritoryĒ show. It was a bit surreal to be having a conversation with a guy with Jack Morrisí baseball history. (May be able to get audio for this up later. Will be posted here if we can.)

    A close second would be getting to watch Jennie Finch run a clinic on a small field at Fan Fest. That was good times! (She'll come up in this stream of consciousness a bit later as well.)

    I was then dropped off at Target Field around 12:30 and stood outside waiting for the gates to open at 2. Honestly, it was such a cool atmosphere outside the stadium that 90 minutes didnít seem all that long. My Twins Hangouts co-host Jeremy Nygaard, who had run in the Color Run earlier that morning, got there with the tickets.

    The Futures Game itself was great. It was so much fun to watch players whose names we have heard, but itís always a different experience to see them in person. Thatís why I always talk about people trying to get down to Cedar Rapids to watch the Kernels play in person if youíre able. In my mind, it enhances your knowledge about players when you can say youíve actually seen them play rather than just reading the box scores and stat lines.

    Jeremy spent more time talking about the three Twins playersí performances. For me, it was pretty encouraging to see. Consider that the Twins top two prospects, Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano, did not play because of injuries in the first half, and Trevor May was supposed to pitch but he was on the DL, the Twins were represented by three terrific prospects.

    Kennys Vargas made an impression in batting practice, but people also wrote about his personality. He is a jovial young man, and why not? I mean, he became a first-time father last week and got to play in a very prestigious prospect event. He struck out a couple of times, but he did short-hop the fence in right field for a double.

    JO Berrios got the starting nod for the World Team and was impressive in his one-inning stint. He showed a fastball that sat 94-95 with a slider at 85-86 and a changeup at 81-82. A three-pitch mix like that certainly bodes well. Add in that people rave about his maturity and make-up and we can understand why he is such a highly-touted prospect.

    Alex Meyer had a very short outing, but it was good. He hit 97, 98, 97, 97 and 97 with the five pitches that he threw. The first batter lined out to left. The second lined a single to left, and the third grounded into a 4-6-3 double play to end his inning. You can say that he got hit hard if you want, but the fastball is legit. If you also remember that heís got four good pitches and he didnít even show the other three, you can be quite excited about his future. You can also understand after this why it is so important to have more than just a big fastball.

    Joey Gallo (3B, Rangers) put on an incredible display in batting practice, and he got hold of one in the game too that went a long way. He was impressive. Javier Baez (SS, Cubs) hit a bomb to right center field (he bats right handed) against Lucas Giolito (RHP, Nationals). Not many are able to do that!

    Between games, John Bonnes found Jeremy and I, and we went high up in the top deck of Target Field and podcast the second half of the Gleeman and the Geek podcast. It was fun to talk about what happened in the first half of the minor league season. I almost lost my voice because it was rather difficult talking over cheers for the pyrotechnics of the Panic! At the Disco two-song performance and the huge cheers as Adrian Peterson, Zach Parise and Jim Thome were introduced for the Celebrity Softball game.

    We made an assumption that the Futures Game crowd would exit after that game and that there would be fewer people there for the Celebrity Softball game. Nope! Many people came in just for that game and it was even more packed. The highlight of that game was the fast pitches that Jennie Finch threw to Adrian Peterson. It was awesome! Parise looks like he could play still. And, Iíve always been a huge Nelly fan, and he hit two home runs.

    There were fireworks after the game, and that was it for a long, exhausting, wonderful day! Iím glad I had the opportunity to be there that day.

    I wish I could have been at the Twins Daily/Fangraphs get-together at Masonís before the Home Run Derby. It sounds like it would have been a great time! Unfortunately, I had about 370 miles to drive home on Monday instead.

    I was lucky too because after about 9 hours in the car, I got home just in time for the start of the Home Run Derby. It was great to see Brian Dozier hit two home runs. The last thing anyone wants is to get shutout (like Yasiel Puig was). Iíd say his brother Clay did a good job too. Before the game, Jeremy Nygaard tweeted the following, ďThey just asked Clay Dozier when he realized little brother, Brian, was better than he was. His response, ĎHe is?!íĒ

    Iím not a big fan of the new format. I like the urgency of the 7 swings. There will obviously be fewer home runs with fewer outs, but it would make the event go more quickly. In theory, the concept of winning the first round and getting the bye to the second round should be a good thing. When you donít hit for more than 90 minutes after the first round, it definitely appeared (from the results last night) that it wasnít much of an advantage.

    Also, fans, if youíre in the first row of one of the upper deck sections, quit reaching so far over the fence to try to catch home runs or foul balls. Is it worth it? Man, I have to turn my head whenever I see guys hanging that far over walls.

    Tonight is the All-Star game. Letís hope we get to see Jeremy and his dadís mugs holding the huge flag for the National Anthem before the game. Letís hope Kurt Suzuki gets a chance to play in his first All-Star game. And, it would be really neat if Glen Perkins could come jogging in with a two-run lead for the top of the 9th inning!

    I know a lot of Twins fans were able to get to parts (if not all) of the All-Star festivities. Iíd love to hear your thoughts on the various events. What did you like? What didnít you like? What would you do? Obviously if you get to the parade or the All-Star game tonight, feel free to add your thoughts on that as well.
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    1. diehardtwinsfan's Avatar
      diehardtwinsfan -
      Brad Childresses lasting contribution to the sports world... stream of consciousness.

      Did you get to ask Jennie Finch how Casey is doing these days? Is he still in baseball?
    1. SD Buhr's Avatar
      SD Buhr -
      Really enjoyed the Futures Game, as well.

      You obviously can't read too much in to one inning of work each for Berrios and Meyer, or even a full game of ABs for Vargas. If one or more had laid an egg, it wouldn't have been cause for despair, so you can't get too overly excited just because they each performed relatively well.

      Still, it was fun to see them all have some success. And when you consider that the Twins have several other prospects that are projected to be even better than this trio, it just demonstrates that Twins fans have some legitimate reasons to be optimistice about the team's future over the second half of this decade.
    1. tharasix's Avatar
      tharasix -
      I'm not going to go Jim Hoey far, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned that Meyer's 98 mph heater is that easy to hit with authority. Speed isn't that helpful if it's straight.
    1. glunn's Avatar
      glunn -
      Great article. Thanks, Seth.
    1. h2oface's Avatar
      h2oface -
      It is a bit, just a bit, but still a bit troubling that i have heard and seen several people bring up that they were relieved that Dozier didn't get blanked........ as they seem to have expected him to. It was quite a bit of charity that allowed him in the home run derby, and that kind of statement confirms and conforms to that idea. Good for him though. He didn't get blanked with his 350 and 380 foot taters. good thing he pulled the ball.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      Quote Originally Posted by h2oface View Post
      It is a bit, just a bit, but still a bit troubling that i have heard and seen several people bring up that they were relieved that Dozier didn't get blanked........ as they seem to have expected him to. It was quite a bit of charity that allowed him in the home run derby, and that kind of statement confirms and conforms to that idea. Good for him though. He didn't get blanked with his 350 and 380 foot taters. good thing he pulled the ball.
      I think think getting blanked has nothing to do with HR prowess. Piazza once didn't hit any. Puig didn't last night. Dozier was a fine contestant at home. My assumption is that guys like Nelson Cruz and Jose Abreu said no. But I was glad that he did it.
    1. curt1965's Avatar
      curt1965 -
      Thanks for the great article, Seth. We'll done. Great reading-a true experience!
    1. stringer bell's Avatar
      stringer bell -
      Of the contestants, Dozier has more homers than five of the nine other contestants, including two-time winner Cespedes. He's not the classic slugger, but he has mastered the ability to pull the ball with authority and hit 350-380 ft. homers. It is unfortunate that some of the guys who really hit homers--Cruz, Trout, Abreu--all bailed on the competition.
    1. Gernzy's Avatar
      Gernzy -
      Nice call on Perkins coming into the 9th with a two run lead!
      Great game last night. So glad I was able to be there.
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