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  • Butera, Waldrop, Holliman Out, Burroughs Likely In for Opening Day Roster Spot

    (Editors note: Updated at 10:30 with additional information from Joe Christensen's blog.)

    The Twins announced via Twitter this morning that they had optioned backup catcher to Rochester, reassigned utility infielder Mike Hollimon and placed relief pitcher Kyle Waldrop on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to March 26th. Furthermore, Butera told Star-Tribune beat reporter Joe Christensen that the Twins told him they were only taking two catchers north, leading Joe to believe that Sean Burroughs has won the last spot on the Twins bench.

    Butera has served as the primary backup catcher for the Twins the last two years, relying on stellar defensive skills, but struggling offensively to a historical degree. His demotion means that JR Towles, a minor league free agent who came to the Twins from Houston, is the lone remaining option who could be added as a 3rd catcher. However, it appears now the Twins are at least leaning toward carrying only Joe Mauer and Ryan Doumit as catchers.

    If so (and provided Alexi Casilla's knee is ready in time), it appears that Sean Burroughs would win the last spot on the Twins roster. Burroughs was a top prospect with the Padres who fell out of the major league, struggled with substance abuse issues and returned to the majors last year with the Diamondbacks. He is a left-handed hitting 3rd baseman who would likely primarily be used as a pinch-hitting option. He was signed as a minor league free agent, so he would need to be added to the 40-man roster, but that doesn't appear to be a serious limitation.

    Hollimon was also a minor league free agent with little chance to come north with the team, but a tremendous spring performance kept him in the running for a utility infielder spot until this last weekend. Waldrop was in the race to make the Twins bullpen but has been out several days with elbow discomfort.
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    1. benhertz's Avatar
      benhertz -
      I was hoping the Twins would take Butera off the 40-man roster, but I'm glad they met me halfway.
    1. JDW's Avatar
      JDW -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jack Torse View Post
      Other than he's one of the worst hitters anyone has ever seen in the major leagues.
      What part of this has anything to do with what I said.
    1. ThejacKmp's Avatar
      ThejacKmp -
      Quote Originally Posted by John Bonnes View Post
      As much as has been written about what a waste it is to carry a 3rd catcher, what about a left-handed pinch hitter who is limited positionally and doesn't have much pop? I'm trying to figure out where he bats. I guess for Casilla? Is there anyone else he hits for in this lineup? Carroll, maybe?
      He pinch hits for Valencia when matchups late in a game work that way - which they often will since many closers and setup guys are righties.
    1. bdodge22's Avatar
      bdodge22 -
      Can someone please explain to me why it is that anytime a player doesn't perform (or gets injured and doesn't heal fast enough), its Gardys fault? and anytime the team does something well, Gardy never gets any credit? Gardy didn't like the fact that Butera couldn't hit, he focused on the things that he did well because he was trying to make the best of a bad situation. The twins didn't have a better option at the time. That being said, after this spring training, I'm incredibly excited for this team! Can't wait for opening day!
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