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  • Series Preview: Orioles By The Numbers

    I know the Twins still have five days until they get to play the Orioles, but I can’t wait. The roster is set. There are a couple more meaningless games against the Rays, because you can’t play enough meaningless games against the Rays. And then a game versus the Miracle? Really? I’ll be damned if I’m not going to look forward to Friday.

    Orioles By The Numbers

    69.5 – The over/under Vegas set for Orioles wins this year. Which means if they go 70-92, they would still exceed expectations. That’s the worst over/under in the American League.

    103-116 – Manager Buck Showalter’s record with the Orioles.

    2-6 – Twins record against the Orioles last year.

    30 – Where the Orioles whole pitching staff ranked in ERA last year, one spot behind the Twins.

    5.39 – The collective ERA of the Orioles starting rotation, worst in the major leagues.

    0.57 – How much worse that ERA was than the second worst team.

    3 – Days before the season opener that Showalter will be announcing his Opening Day starting pitcher and the rest of the Orioles rotation. That’s Tuesday.

    13 – Combined number of wins the Opening Day starting pitching candidates, Jake Arrieta and Tommy Hunter, had last year. (Both are right-handers.)

    $3.25M – Biggest contract the Orioles paid to a free agent from MLB this offseason. That’s not per year - that’s total.

    $19.5M – Amount Orioles spent on a pair of Japanese starting pitchers, Wei-Yin Chen and Tsuyoshi Wada.

    .290 – The highest batting average of an Orioles everyday player last year. It belonged to Vladimir Guerrero, who was not signed during the offseason and is considering playing in Japan.

    14th – Where the Orioles offense ranked in runs scored last year in MLB.

    196 – Number of times Orioles third baseman Mark Reynolds struck out last season while hitting .221.

    .806 – The highest OPS of any Oriole regular last year. It belonged to Mark Reynolds.

    7/9 – The fraction of this year’s Orioles lineup that had an OPS of at least 750 last year.

    0 - Percent chance JJ Hardy will not be ready for Opening Day, according to JJ Hardy. He’s been out for a week with discomfort in his right shoulder and received a cortisone shot for it on Thursday.
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    1. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
      Fire Dan Gladden -
      Awesome picture of Buck. I'm not sure anybody on the Twins could pull it off.
    1. diehardtwinsfan's Avatar
      diehardtwinsfan -
      for some reason, I thought there was more reason for hope in Baltimore... this makes it sound like it's going to be a long year there.
    1. kemics's Avatar
      kemics -
      I'll be at the game on Saturday, looking forward to it.
    1. Parker Hageman's Avatar
      Parker Hageman -
      John, Wei-Yin Chen is Taiwanese, not Japanese.
    1. MrHockey's Avatar
      MrHockey -
      Tyler Kepner of the New York Times predicted yesterday that the Twins would finish last and so would the Orioles.
    1. sotafan's Avatar
      sotafan -
      Quote Originally Posted by Parker Hageman View Post
      John, Wei-Yin Chen is Taiwanese, not Japanese.
      They both are!!! Do you guys follow baseball?
    1. Neinstein's Avatar
      Neinstein -
      I'm still predicting the Twins take 2 of 3.
    1. USAFChief's Avatar
      USAFChief -
      Quote Originally Posted by sotafan View Post
      They both are!!! Do you guys follow baseball?
      Uh...Tsuyoshi Wada is Japanese, and has pitched in Japan his entire life (including a quite reknowned college career.)

      Chen is Taiwanese, but has pitched professionally in Japan since '05.

      I do indeed follow baseball. Thanks for asking.
    1. Ultima Ratio's Avatar
      Ultima Ratio -
      Get the brooms out boys!!! Calling the sweep!
    1. Jim Crikket's Avatar
      Jim Crikket -
      Hardy was playing SS on Friday vs the Tigers and seemed to be throwing OK.
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