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  • Three Wishes

    You are walking down the street on this Friday afternoon when you bump into something. You look down and notice that you just kicked a lamp of some sorts. You reach down and notice that it's quite dirty, so you start to rub it and notice that it is quite shiny. Suddenly, smoke starts coming out of the lamps opening and POOF! A magic genie is kind of floating in front of you. At least you hope it is a magic genie because otherwise the guy standing in front of you is a little scary.

    But anyway, it is a magic genie and he says to you, "Your wish is my command. I can give you three wishes."

    Because you are such a big Twins fan, your first wish is to become the GM AND Manager of the Minnesota Twins for one day. Voila! Suddenly, you're sitting in the GMs office at Target Field, wearing your Twins uniform with a lineup card in front of you and a cell phone, ready to make transaction.

    Wow!! This is really happening (for this blog's purpose only. Again, we reiterate that TwinsCentric and Twins Daily are in no way associated with the Twins and can not actually give you that kind of power).

    Suddenly the genie is back in front of you and says, "Congratulations! You have two more wishes."

    Real quickly, you make your two additional wishes. There is suddenly world peace and your bank accounts each have ten figure balances.

    All is right in the world, yet, you still are the Twins GM and Manager for the next 23-and-a-half hours. You have just a couple of rules.

    1.) You can't fire the current Twins GM or the current Twins manager. It was agreed that they would return to their individual posts at the end of the 24 hour period.
    2.) You can only make three transactions. (Granted, one transaction can be "option Players, X, Y and Z, and recall Players A, B and C.)
    3.) The genie is no longer helping you out, so if you were to make trades, they have to be realistic. In other words, you can't trade Jeff Gray and Matt Maloney to the Tigers for Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander.
    What do you do?

    What would I do?

    Decision #1 - Option Chris Parmelee to Rochester, Promote Drew Butera.

    I'm sure I'll take heat for this one, but I really believe that Parmelee needs to play most every day. Although he's keeping his head above water in the big leagues, I believe he needs at least a couple more months. Sending down Parmelee would create a situation in which Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Ryan Doumit would be able to play most every day. Morneau would need to play some 1B and DH. Doumit and Mauer would catch, play 1B and DH. Butera would allow Gardy to feel comfortable with those three players playing every day. Butera should get no more than about 2 plate appearances a week.

    Decision #2 - Keep Francisco Liriano in the rotation, Option Liam Hendriks, Add Anthony Slama to the 40 man roster and promote him, and put Anthony Swarzak in the rotation.

    As you can see, since I am believing that this is a rebuilding year, I want the young players to get time in Rochester to work on a few more final things. I would have all of them (Hendriks, Parmelee, Revere, Benson, Tosoni, Diamond, Guerra, Dozier, up by July). This transaction gives Liriano his last attempts as a starter. It allows us to see if Swarzak can be a starting pitcher. It gets Anthony Slama back on the roster (hey, if his lone problem has been throwing strikes, he is no worse than Jeff Gray and Slama actually gets strikeouts).

    Decision #3 - Do NOT sign Brandon Inge.

    Enough said?

    Now it's your turn. What would you do?
    This article was originally published in blog: Three Wishes started by Seth Stohs
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    1. DAM DC Twins Fans's Avatar
      DAM DC Twins Fans -
      Decision #1--rebuild by giving players experience NOW--recall Dozier, Benson, Diamond, dump Burroughs, and Gray and Maloney (my choice--definitely two of the bullpen). Play Dozier at SS, Parmalee at 1B, Willingham in LF, Benson in CF and Span in RF (Revere as 4th OF). Put Diamond in rotation and Liriano in pen.

      Decsion #2--(doesnt fit your scenario)--in June trade Span or Benson with somebody (Valencia??) for good number 2 starter say Jordan Zimmerman of Nats.

      Decision #3--pick up free agent starter like Oswalt.
    1. sorney's Avatar
      sorney -
      Come on, everyone knows the first thing you do is ask for 100 more wishes.....

      Then you go in full rebuild mode come July. Build up trade value for all players and start selling immediately. Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild.
    1. jimbo92107's Avatar
      jimbo92107 -
      Parmalee to AAA, Burroughs gone, bring up Dozier and Benson, Clete Thomas gone. Okay, that takes care of my first wish... ;-)

      Maloney gone, Gray gone, Slama up, Diamond up. Two...

      Butera up. Grrr. Plus 150 points on his batting average. This is fantasy, after all. Three.
    1. Dark Kinetic-Grip's Avatar
      Dark Kinetic-Grip -
      The build it for next year plan.

      [#1] Give Joe Maurer, Danny Valencia, and Clete Thomas their unconditional release. (when someone, somewhere picks up and renegotiates Joe's contract to market value, use the $23M next year to sign 2 free agent starters to 3-4yr $10M deals. Call up Brian Dozier, Drew Butera, and Joe Benson.

      [#2] Trade Span for the best young serviceable starter or reliever available. (release Jeff Gray, call up Ben Revere).

      [#3] Move Brian Duensing back to the rotation and develop a pitch to deal with RH batters.
    1. Dark Kinetic-Grip's Avatar
      Dark Kinetic-Grip -
      Oh, and release Capps too. He will not pitch MLB beyond 2013.
      Put Slama on the 40-man and bring him up.
    1. ashburyjohn's Avatar
      ashburyjohn -
      Again, we reiterate that TwinsCentric and Twins Daily are in no way associated with the Twins and can not actually give you that kind of power
      You can't? Please cancel my subscription.

      My wishes:
      1) Kangaroo court Joe Mauer for every first-pitch strike he takes. Not because it makes him a bad hitter, it's because we have enough table setters, and he's the one on this team who can best adjust his game. (I may have said this already somewhere.)
      2) Get Liriano drunk, laid, hypnotized, whatever it takes to get his mind completely on something else, and see if that helps hit the catcher's mitt.
      3) Bring up Darin Mastroianni. He's my adoptee, I am legally required to advocate this.
    1. twinsfan214's Avatar
      twinsfan214 -
      If you're going to truly commit to a rebuilding year then I agree with most others.
      1. Get rid of Burroughs and Thomas for sure. Bring up Dozier and Benson.
      2. I'd like to trade Valencia along with maybe some other to get a starting pitcher, but who would play 3rd? If only Miguel Sano were ready...
      3. Lirano to a back, dark corner of the bull pen. Put Swarzak back in the rotation. Oh and make Perkins the closer!
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      I'm all for the rebuilding mode that others have indicated... but it's because of that that I actually send those future building blocks down... let them get their final AAA at bats in until guys get traded/released in July/August. The rebuilding with the young guys is likely to take all of 2013 as well so no need to rush the young guys... especially those advocating Benson coming up right now... when he's hitting about .170.

      I keep guys like Thomas and Gray and Maloney because they are stop gaps who can just get you to the time when the prospects are ready.
    1. Thrylos's Avatar
      Thrylos -
      Other than your decision #1 (and with only the Butera part), I have no problem.

      3 wishes and cannot fire Gardy... hmmm... Can I fire Rantz? or make him retire at least? Ok. Here are my 3 wishes:

      #1 Cannot fire Gardy or Ryan, but do a massive upgrade in Twins' coaching staff (no restriction for that ) : I hand Stevie, Liddly, Andy and Vavry their walking papers and replace them with Tom Brunansky as the hitting coach, Bobby Cuellar as the pitching coach, Jake Mauer as the third base coach and hire a veteran like Terry Francona as the bench coach or make Molitor or Kelly do it. Because, this is the Twins and gotta be Minnesota nice, I give Andy and Vavry the option to be the pitching and hitting coaches at Rochester and Stevie to realize his live long dream and manager the Miracle. As far as Liddly goes, he has the option to run the EST program. Jerry White stays.

      #2 Trade Carl Pavano, Denard Span, Aaron Hicks, Drew Butera and Matt Capps to the Philies for Tyler Cloyd, Trevor May, Domonic Brown, and Michael Stutes (pretty fair trade for both teams at this point, and if I'd trade with someone, might as well trade with my home team )

      #3 Option Parmelee, Hendriks, Burnett; DFA Gray, Maloney, Thomas, Burroughs; Recall Cole Devries, Anthony Slama, Aaron Bates, Rene Rivera, Brian Dozier ; need 1 extra 40-man spot: remove Nishioka from the 40-man roster and prey he is claimed or quits.

      Rotation: Tyler Cloyd, Fransico Liriano, Trevor May, Anthony Swarzak, Jason Marquis pen: Glen Perkins, Michael Stutes, Jared Burton, Nick Blackburn, Brian Duensing, Anthony Slama, Cole DeVries,

      Starters: Mauer C, Morneau/Bates 1B, Casilla 2B, Dozier SS, Valencia 3B, Brown RF, Revere, CF, Willingham LF, Doumit/Morneau DH

      Bench: Plouffe(OF/IF), Carroll (IF super sub), Rivera (Liriano's personal Catcher), Bates (1B/OF)
    1. twinswon1991's Avatar
      twinswon1991 -
      If I cannot fire Gardy or Ryan the wishes really dont do any good so I would wish the following:

      1. I would give Terry Ryan a brain transplant from anyone who has even a limited knowlege of meaningful statistical anaysis and sabermetrics. It would be great to have a gm that does not put a high value on rbi. , pitcher wins, or the famous proven closer mantra.

      2. For my second wish I would give Gardy a skin transplant. Gardy cant deal with controversy or players who dispute his hit it the other way and throw it over the plate strategy. With thicker skin he wouldnt ruin or run off so many good players.

      3. For my last wish I would like my new-brained gm to find another gm to take on Mauers albatross contract for essentially nothing. The return is irrelevant as long as the contract is off the books. The contract looks like the worst in baseball now, wait a few years when Joe is a 5 homer. 280 hitting 1b playing well below replacement level! The contract is going to kill the franchise unless he is dealt.
    1. nicksaviking's Avatar
      nicksaviking -
      Because you are such a big Twins fan, your first wish is to become the GM AND Manager of the Minnesota Twins for one day. Voila!
      I initially thought this was a typo because I thought, Yes! absolutely right, vintage Frank Viola would absolutely be my first wish.
    1. peterb18's Avatar
      peterb18 -
      I don't have to develop 3 scenarios. I really like what DAM dc twins fans has put forth. The only thing that worry about is that Benson doesn't develop. He reminds me of a great athlete who has all the tools but has trouble with the game. Hope I'm wrong on that one. However, in relation to number 2 I would include Benson with Spann in the trade group with Valencia starting in July. Disagree with Diamond---too soft of a tosser---not a Whitey Ford!!
      However, good analysis---wish the Twins would listen!
    1. Top Gun's Avatar
      Top Gun -
      Trade Span for Inge now if you hurry!
    1. SirLoin's Avatar
      SirLoin -
      I'll play armchair GM....

      #1: Trade Span, Pavano and Capps to the Angels for Mark Trumbo and Garrett Richards
      #2: DFA Burroughs, Gray and Maloney to call up DeVries, Slama and Holliman
      #3: Make Perkins the closer

      Which would make the roster look like:

      Rotation: Marquis, Hendricks, Swarzak, Blackburn, Richards
      Bullpen: Duensing, Slama, Burton, Perkins, Liriano, Burnett, DeVries
      Catcher: Mauer, Doumit
      First Base: Parmalee, Doumit
      Second Base: Casilla
      Shortstop: Carroll
      Third Base: Valencia
      Outfield: Willingham, Revere, Trumbo
      DH: Morneau
      Bench: Thomas, Plouffe, Holliman

      Which would make the every day lineup:
      CF Revere
      SS Caroll
      C Mauer
      LF Willingham
      DH Morneau
      RF Trumbo
      1B Doumit
      3B Valencia
      2B Casilla
    1. LaBombo's Avatar
      LaBombo -
      I wouldn't change a thing. My wish would be to have them continue to run it into the ground with their pitch-to-contact, go-the-other-way nonsense.

      Then, after the carnage of another 90 plus loss season, maybe I'll get my real wish that the OP won't allow: new leadership in the front office and in the dugout...
    1. LaBombo's Avatar
      LaBombo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dark Kinetic-Grip View Post
      Oh, and release Capps too. He will not pitch MLB beyond 2013.
      Put Slama on the 40-man and bring him up.
      Why release Capps? He's got "Saves". Somebody out there will be dumb enough to give us a prospect because he's a "closer".
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dark Kinetic-Grip View Post
      [#1] Give Joe Maurer, Danny Valencia, and Clete Thomas their unconditional release. (when someone, somewhere picks up and renegotiates Joe's contract to market value, use the $23M next year to sign 2 free agent starters to 3-4yr $10M deals. Call up Brian Dozier, Drew Butera, and Joe Benson.
      If the Twins release mauer (which they wouldn't), they would still pay him the $23M for the next 7 years. So there woudln't be some additional money.
    1. sotafan's Avatar
      sotafan -
      #1 Deal Span to WAS for Jordan Zimmerman--Straight up.....throw 2 or 3 mid lvl prospect at them to get it done if needed.
      #2 Trade the likes of Revere, Arica, and Hicks to a team(s) with top lvl pitching prospects. The club needs high end SP not a ton OF's. Trade a strength for a weakness. Make sense right?? (possible trade candidates ATL, TOR, OAK, TB, KC, PIT, SF and WAS)
      #3 Fire Varva!!!!!!!! Get a hitting coach that will kick MAUER in the a$$ and teach him to use the power that we all know is there. Fire Liddle as well.
    1. rogrulz30's Avatar
      rogrulz30 -
      I love this idea first off.

      #1 I would pull a Billy Beane move and just tell what Gardy has to do going forward and that is this.

      I would set the lineup

      Valencia ( we will talk about this in a bit) Plouffe, when we send down Valencia.

      #2 I would eliminate the "closer" and close every game by committee. Like I have said before, "closers" are overrated unless you are Mariano Rivera, Dennis Eckersley, Bobby Thigpen, Joe Nathan-- These guys were really good, and yes there are more I am missing, but you can maybe count on 10 fingers a really good "closer".

      #3 I would send Valencia down, cut Burroughs, sign Inge, use Inge as an emergency catcher, allow Mauer, Doumit to be in the lineup every day.

      #4 Give Liriano a chance to throw some shutout innings in the bullpen to get some confidence back. Then try and get him back in the lineup.
    1. one_eyed_jack's Avatar
      one_eyed_jack -
      Right now, I don't think I'd do anything. As disappointing and frustrating as it is to only have 5 wins, April is too early to start blowing this thing up, and panic moves do not tend to translate into long-term improvement.

      Let's see where things are in mid-June.

      We aren't at a point in the season where teams are a lot of other teams are looking to deal. I think there will be more potential trade partners in June and July.
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