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  • Three Wishes

    You are walking down the street on this Friday afternoon when you bump into something. You look down and notice that you just kicked a lamp of some sorts. You reach down and notice that it's quite dirty, so you start to rub it and notice that it is quite shiny. Suddenly, smoke starts coming out of the lamps opening and POOF! A magic genie is kind of floating in front of you. At least you hope it is a magic genie because otherwise the guy standing in front of you is a little scary.

    But anyway, it is a magic genie and he says to you, "Your wish is my command. I can give you three wishes."

    Because you are such a big Twins fan, your first wish is to become the GM AND Manager of the Minnesota Twins for one day. Voila! Suddenly, you're sitting in the GMs office at Target Field, wearing your Twins uniform with a lineup card in front of you and a cell phone, ready to make transaction.

    Wow!! This is really happening (for this blog's purpose only. Again, we reiterate that TwinsCentric and Twins Daily are in no way associated with the Twins and can not actually give you that kind of power).

    Suddenly the genie is back in front of you and says, "Congratulations! You have two more wishes."

    Real quickly, you make your two additional wishes. There is suddenly world peace and your bank accounts each have ten figure balances.

    All is right in the world, yet, you still are the Twins GM and Manager for the next 23-and-a-half hours. You have just a couple of rules.

    1.) You can't fire the current Twins GM or the current Twins manager. It was agreed that they would return to their individual posts at the end of the 24 hour period.
    2.) You can only make three transactions. (Granted, one transaction can be "option Players, X, Y and Z, and recall Players A, B and C.)
    3.) The genie is no longer helping you out, so if you were to make trades, they have to be realistic. In other words, you can't trade Jeff Gray and Matt Maloney to the Tigers for Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander.
    What do you do?

    What would I do?

    Decision #1 - Option Chris Parmelee to Rochester, Promote Drew Butera.

    I'm sure I'll take heat for this one, but I really believe that Parmelee needs to play most every day. Although he's keeping his head above water in the big leagues, I believe he needs at least a couple more months. Sending down Parmelee would create a situation in which Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Ryan Doumit would be able to play most every day. Morneau would need to play some 1B and DH. Doumit and Mauer would catch, play 1B and DH. Butera would allow Gardy to feel comfortable with those three players playing every day. Butera should get no more than about 2 plate appearances a week.

    Decision #2 - Keep Francisco Liriano in the rotation, Option Liam Hendriks, Add Anthony Slama to the 40 man roster and promote him, and put Anthony Swarzak in the rotation.

    As you can see, since I am believing that this is a rebuilding year, I want the young players to get time in Rochester to work on a few more final things. I would have all of them (Hendriks, Parmelee, Revere, Benson, Tosoni, Diamond, Guerra, Dozier, up by July). This transaction gives Liriano his last attempts as a starter. It allows us to see if Swarzak can be a starting pitcher. It gets Anthony Slama back on the roster (hey, if his lone problem has been throwing strikes, he is no worse than Jeff Gray and Slama actually gets strikeouts).

    Decision #3 - Do NOT sign Brandon Inge.

    Enough said?

    Now it's your turn. What would you do?
    This article was originally published in blog: Three Wishes started by Seth Stohs
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    1. twinswon1991's Avatar
      twinswon1991 -
      Wake up people! The nats wouldnt give up Zimmermann for Span AND Sano.

      A more realistic scenario is Span for Detwiler OR a mid-level SP prospect.
    1. James Richter's Avatar
      James Richter -
      1) DFA Gray, add Slama to take his spot in the bullpen, promote Deolis Guerra to take Slama's spot at Rochester.

      2) Trade Revere to the Rays for RHP Alex Cobb. Give Cobb Hendriks' spot in the rotation and send Liam back to AAA. Release Brendan Wise to make room for Hendriks and send Daryl Thompson to the bullpen.

      3) Decline Scott Baker's $9.25M option for 2013 and resign him to a 1-year, $5M contract with a $9.25M option for 2014. This is basically a do-over of the final year of his deal, prorated for an anticipated mid-May return from TJS rehab. He can earn a $200K bonus for every GS over 25, in case he gets back into shape early. That sets the Twins up for an eventual 2013 rotation of (#1 starter), Baker, Cobb, Hendriks, & Blackburn at a total cost of $11.5M. That leaves plenty of room in the budget to bid heavily on one of the available front-of-the-rotation FA next offseason. Yes, TR, you can afford Greinke!
    1. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
      Fire Dan Gladden -
      For those of you completely sold on this being a rebuilding year:

      1) Trade Justin Morneau to any team that will take him with his salary in full for pitching prospects (poor as they will probably be). The same for Pavano, Liriano, Marquis, Carroll, and any reliever except Perkins.

      2) Resist the urge to call up any prospect until they are ready. Let them earn their chops in the minors without wasting service time in the majors. Fill all holes with cheap, replacement level players.

      3) Take out a full page ad in the papers reminding all Twins fans what Gardy and Ryan have done for the Twins during their time here. Tell the fans to lay off Gardy and Ryan for at least 18-24 months to see if they can re-right the ship. Also remind them that any regime change will still be bound by the rules the Pohlads lay out, and if Ryan/Gardy are replaced, it might be Bill Smith all over again (or worse).
    1. tharasix's Avatar
      tharasix -
      What's everybody's problem with Jeff Gray? Are we looking at the same stats, or do people want to see him gone before he regresses to his career norms? His current BABIP is unsustainable at .185, but we have a bullpen full of replacement-level pitchers. What makes Gray so much worse than the others?
    1. Top Gun's Avatar
      Top Gun -
      Maybe we can pickup Bobby Abreu, we need another dh.
    1. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
      YourHouseIsMyHouse -
      1. Minor League Arrangement Changes. Promote Sano and Rosario to High A Fort Myers. Deolis Guerra to AAA. Angel Mata to Beloit. Diamond recall and Devries promotion to MLB club. Swarzak optioned and Maloney placed on waivers.

      2. Fire the training staff and hire a new one.

      3. If I can't fire Gardy can I trade him? A la Ozzie Guillen?
    1. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
      YourHouseIsMyHouse -
      Quote Originally Posted by YourHouseIsMyHouse View Post
      3. If I can't fire Gardy can I trade him? A la Ozzie Guillen?
      If that's a no, I'd promote Nishioka then immediately designate him for assignment. Just hoping, praying actually, that someone else wants him.
    1. striker_86's Avatar
      striker_86 -
      Quote Originally Posted by rogrulz30 View Post
      I love this idea first off.

      #1 I would pull a Billy Beane move and just tell what Gardy has to do going forward and that is this.

      I would set the lineup

      Valencia ( we will talk about this in a bit) Plouffe, when we send down Valencia.

      #2 I would eliminate the "closer" and close every game by committee. Like I have said before, "closers" are overrated unless you are Mariano Rivera, Dennis Eckersley, Bobby Thigpen, Joe Nathan-- These guys were really good, and yes there are more I am missing, but you can maybe count on 10 fingers a really good "closer".

      #3 I would send Valencia down, cut Burroughs, sign Inge, use Inge as an emergency catcher, allow Mauer, Doumit to be in the lineup every day.

      #4 Give Liriano a chance to throw some shutout innings in the bullpen to get some confidence back. Then try and get him back in the lineup.
      I like your closer by committee approach. Between Perkins, Burton, and Capps. It gives us a little more flexibilty.
    1. ashburyjohn's Avatar
      ashburyjohn -
      My previous three wishes have not been granted. I want a mulligan.

      1. Drop the AAA affiliate in Rochester, choose Washington DC instead.
      2. Promote pitchers Strasburg, Gonzalez, Zimmerman, Detwiler, Jackson, Rodriguez, and batters Harper and Ramos (the latter just because).
      3. Profit!
    1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
      Shane Wahl -
      1. Purges, DFAs, and Sorry, we tried you out too soon:
      Release Clete Thomas
      DFA Jeff Gray, Matt Maloney, Anthony Swarzak, and Sean Burroughs
      Option Chris Parmelee

      2. An addition I wanted last November, and some promotions
      Sign Bobby Abreu incentive-ladenly to replace Thomas
      Promote Anthony Slama, Scott Diamond, and Jeff Manship to replace Gray, Maloney and Swarzak
      Promote Darin Mastroianni to replace Parmelee and Ray Chang to replace Burroughs

      3. Set the damn lineup and rotation:
      vs. RH
      1. Denard Span, CF
      2. Joe Mauer, C
      3. Josh Willingham, LF
      4. Justin Morneau, 1B
      5. Ryan Doumit, RF
      6. Bobby Abreu, DH
      7. Danny Valencia, 3B
      8. Jamey Carroll, SS
      9. Alexi Casilla, 2B

      With Chang backing up three infield positions (and 1B if needed), Mastroianni backing up all OF positions (and 2B if needed), and Trevor Plouffe backing up RF and 2B (and SS, LF, and 1B if needed)

      vs. LH, Plouffe in for Abreu, Mastro in some for Doumit and Chang in for Morneau.

      Starting rotation:
      Carl Pavano
      Liam Hendriks (letting him work it out at this level)
      Scott Diamond
      Nick Blackburn
      Jason Marquis

      Jeff Manship
      Anthony Slama
      Jared Burton
      Francisco Liriano
      Alex Burnett
      Brian Duensing
      Glen Perkins
      Matt Capps

      ROC is left with

      If Swarzak clears waivers, he replaces Diamond. If not, oh well. He's the Luke Hughes of the staff.
    1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
      Shane Wahl -
      Some of you guys are nuts!

      Anyway, my motive was to bring in some fresh faces. Six new guys on the 25-man roster looks good to me.
    1. glunn's Avatar
      glunn -
      There are lots of good ideas here, but also some crazy ones. For example, if Benson is not hitting in the minors, it does not make sense to bring him up.

      I would give the team another week or two to start winning, and unless there are major improvements, then I would be trying to trade for minor league pitchers who are close to ready for the majors.
    1. birdwatcher's Avatar
      birdwatcher -
      I'm with Seth and others who want to lock and load for 2014 and beyond. ANd that's what I think they ARE doing. SO):

      1. I do close to nothing before the trade deadline. Parmelee will get enough AB's and he's not overmatched up here. Yes, I might DFA Clete Thomas or one of the Gray/Maloney combo just because I can't stand watching them, but their 2012 replacements, guys like Tosoni, Revere, Waldrop, Guerra, and Robertson (unlike many of you, I think Slama will fail in MLB), are served well in AAA for now.

      2. I dandle the whole damn 25-man roster at the deadline, for prospects only. I want value, but pitching will be my priority. I'm not fussy about the current level in minor league ball, just interested in future talent, hoping for two or more quality prospects per trade. No one will want Mauer bad enough to offer value, and unlike others, I'm not concerned about freeing up budget with him. The likely trade chips are Span, Willingham, Pavano, maybe Liriano, and Perkins. I have to get what I want, and if not, I continue to do nothing and let the season play out. BUT, I expect to get at least one pitching prospect that will be ready to challenge for a rotaion spot in 2014.

      3. Baker gets an incentive-laden one-year deal. My rotation in 2013, with injury alternates, is probably Baker, Liriano, Blackburn, Gibson, Hendriks, Wimmers, Diamond, Swarzak, and maybe Stuifbergen and one of my trade deadline pick-ups. Maybe my 2012 1st rounder is knocking at the door by 2014. I will probably pick up one mid-level FA starter for even more depth. But, for 2013, I'm banking on keeping the fans engaged with my everyday lineup and the new blood: Benson, Dozier, Parmelee, Revere, Tosoni...and with growing excitement about that next wave: Hicks, Herrmann, Morales, Michael, Arcia, Rosario, Sano...PLUS whatever I've garnered at the trade deadline.

      2015 is looking good to me now....
    1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
      Shane Wahl -
      Not bad, Birdwatcher. Slama should still get the opportunity to fail, though. God knows so many others have . . . .
    1. SweetOne69's Avatar
      SweetOne69 -
      "Give Joe Maurer, Danny Valencia, and Clete Thomas their unconditional release. (when someone, somewhere picks up and renegotiates Joe's contract to market value, use the $23M next year to sign 2 free agent starters to 3-4yr $10M deals. Call up Brian Dozier, Drew Butera, and Joe Benson."

      If the Twins release Joe Mauer (never happen) and another team snatches him up, why would they renegotiate his contract when the Twins' have to pay it.
    1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
      J-Dog Dungan -
      Really, those are what you would waste your wishes on? You wouldn't use it to have the pitching staff magically improved to all be the best starters in the majors? and #2, to have the Twins average with RISP jump up to .750?
    1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
      Shane Wahl -
      Bumping this. Because maybe it is all the relevant after some time for people to think about this again.

      I still say an injection of new blood is needed immediately. Clete Thomas, Drew Butera and Matt Maloney have to go because they are terrible. Parmelee because he doesn't belong in the majors right now, etc. Give Slama, Chang, Carson and soonish (hopefully) Dozier a chance. Sign some legitimate guys instead of Clete Thomas.
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