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  • Blog Spotting: Draft-Worthy Pitchers

    One of the great things about Twins Daily is that everyone can start up their own Blog. As we have pointed out, the best of the best can be promoted to the front page. Also, we can promote series as well.

    Over the last week to ten days, frequent Twins Daily contributor Thrylos has been working on a tremendous series called Profiles of the Top 22 Pitchers in the 2012 MLB Draft. It's a great series in which we can learn more about future, potential Minnesota Twins. A few of them will be considered for the #2 overall pick. But the Twins have six picks in the top 100, so it's possible that the Twins use some of their extra picks on these guys too. Here are the profiles so far:

    1. RJ Alvarez
    2. Mark Appel
    3. Jake Barrett
    4. Chris Beck
    5. Ryan Burr
    6. Zach Eflin
    7. Max Fried
    8. Kevin Gausman
    9. Lucas Giolito
    10. Andrew Heaney
    11. Brian Johnson

    Based on the series title, Thrylos is about half-way through his series. Be sure to frequent the Twins Daily Blog page to see the rest of the profiles as they are posted.

    For those interested, bkucko, also has a near-daily blog entry that gives the player and pitcher of the day. Within it, he also shares a document that shows this information for the Twins and their affiliates for the full season.
    This article was originally published in blog: Blog Spotting: Draft-Worthy Pitchers started by Seth Stohs
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    1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
      Shane Wahl -
      Yeah, I totally agree and I am glad that it is going to (hopefully) get more attention now. It's good work.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      even if they go catcher or outfielder at #2, the Twins could still get 2-3 of these guys, so it's wonderful work Thrylos is doing!
    1. Thrylos's Avatar
      Thrylos -
      Thanks guys (and I am not sure that it is that wonderful).

      I think that the way the numbers are (those 6 picks among) the first 100, looks like a couple of them would likely be Twins, so we better get to know them. The one I am profiling later today, Pat Light, as a matter of fact was drafted by the Twins in 2009 and did not sign. So I think that it is a good likelihood that he might be one of them with one of the supplemental picks, if he falls down that far.
    1. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
      Twins Fan From Afar -
      I, too, have enjoyed these. Thrylos, how long until you get started on 2013???
    1. enge0280's Avatar
      enge0280 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs View Post
      even if they go catcher or outfielder at #2, the Twins could still get 2-3 of these guys, so it's wonderful work Thrylos is doing!

      Where is Mitch Brown, the Rochester Century kid, ranked as far as pitching goes? Is he someone the Twins should think about with one of their supplemental picks and/or 2nd round picks?
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      I've heard Brown could be a late-2nd or 3rd round pick, probably just outside of the Top 22. That's not to say that he's not someone that the Twins could consider.
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      Wow, Baseball America ranks Brown #44, so that could be supplemental first-round range too. He's 6-0 with a 0.38 ERA and 75 Ks this year.
    1. Thrylos's Avatar
      Thrylos -
      Yes Brown is ranked pretty high by some people. I picked 22 people just because I started this on May 12th and wanted to finish by the end of May.

      And for the bottom 5-10 of my list I could have picked totally different people. The way I look at this (because I have not seen the kids pitch) is to pay attention to scouting reports, look at videos, look at their records and numbers and also look at the competition they faced. I am very familiar with Rochester MN and I know that the level of competition that Brown has faced is not that high. A lot of High School kids outside big city areas in places like CA, FL and TX and some up in the Northeast fall into this category. So for a High School to break through, if his school does not have a lot of competition, he needs to have electric stuff. Brown's fastball tops at 93. Another thing I look at is where those guys were ranked last season. Here is the Scouting News Rankings of High Schoolers eligible for the 2012 draft, a year ago. Brown was in mid 200s... I am always leery of Highshoolers making huge jumps in one year. (of all prospects anyways, but High School kids in particular, esp. not often scouted High School kids).

      In too many words, that's why Brown did not make the cut. Will he be good? Could be. Will the Twins pick him? Maybe. They do like to pick local kids out of both College and High School and they might use one of the supplemental picks or the second or third round pick on him. Will he sign? Maybe. He is committed to UCSD and he is an Academic kid as well, so who knows....
    1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
      Seth Stohs -
      From a tweet from Jim Callis of Baseball America:

      Hearing #Twins will grab him in sandwich rd. @njrowan: Terry Ryan among about 20 scouts at Century HS to watch Mitch Brown pitch. #MLBDraft
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