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    Tonight The Voice of Reason™ and I went to a St. Paul Saints game. We soaked in a gorgeous Minnesota summer night, watched a bunch of kitsch and thoroughly enjoyed a game in which we had almost no emotional investment. Because it’s baseball. And it doesn’t last forever.As If A Baseball Fan Needs Reasons To Watch

    I hear Minnesota sports fans lauding the turning of the calendar page, anxious for football and the (albeit limited) hope new seasons bring. I’ll enjoy watching the Gophers and Vikings too. But I’m a baseball guy, and I can’t devise a night much better than I just had.

    So go ahead, tell me how tough it is for you to watch a Twins game right now. Or take it a step further; tell me how you won’t watch a Twins game right now. I won’t be upset. More like puzzled, because I see all kinds of things that are exciting to watch over these last six months of the season. Let’s count down the top six.

    6. Sam Deduno

    The original sin in baseball is to overestimate how much you really know. Sabermetrically and historically, Deduno doesn’t make any sense. But maybe we don’t know everything about this game just yet. I’m very excited to see how this ends.

    5. Chris Parmelee

    “Prospects” kind of get lumped together, and we’re poorer as fans for it. So let’s be clear – nobody has had a season like Parmelee is having in AAA since the Twins moved to Rochester. Not Cuddyer. Not Kubel. Not Morneau. That doesn’t mean he’s a star in the making. But I sure want to see what he can do.

    (And that includes what he can do – shudder – in right field.)

    4. Liam Hendriks & Brian Dozier

    Two guys who were rushed through AAA, brought up to the majors and predictably struggled. I’ve seen enough from both to think they’re on the right path, they just have a ways to go. I’m convinced these stories are going to have a happy ending.

    3. Denard Span & the Twins Medical Staff

    When Span is deemed unavailable for the 15th straight day, will the Twins finally feel comfortable putting him on the DL? Or perhaps they'll decide that they don’t need their medical staff any more, relying solely on the player’s self-diagnosis. When they need a second opinion they'll draw cards from the board game Operation. (The Wacky Doctor Game!)

    2. Other September Callups

    I think we’re going to be disappointed by how few additional September callups there are, but I’m hopeful we’ll get to see some pitching. I’d love to see if Esmerling Vazquez’ recent hot streak represents a breakthrough. I’d like to see if Anthony Slama and his video-game-like stats prove the organization’s brain trust wrong. I’d like to see if Deolis Guerra could have a role next year.

    1. Joe Mauer and Ben Revere

    As a Twins fan in the 70s, it wasn’t uncommon to have nothing more than a Carew batting title to root for come August. I’ll readily admit my fascination with Mauer and Revere’s longshot chances are based on that being an annual occurrence of my childhood. I’d likely be just as fascinated if they brought back the bullpen car.

    (Of course, who wouldn’t?)
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    1. Brock Beauchamp's Avatar
      Brock Beauchamp -
      Quote Originally Posted by JB_Iowa View Post
      Honestly I don't remember if the Twins were on WHO. WNAX out of Yankton, SD used to reach a large part of Iowa (as well as a lot of SD, some in ND and in MN). According to radio map, they still carry Twins games but their signal strength must not be nearly what it used to be.

      All of the current Twins radio broadcast stations in Iowa are in the northern part of the state -- Sioux City, Spencer, Mason City, New Hampton and Cedar Falls.

      I really think the answer is in simply lifting the blackout rules for mlbtv for the state rather than trying to divide it up differently. Lifting the blackout rules for mlbtv subscriptions shouldn't significantly adversely affect any team OR any particular cable operators because the state is a gigantic mess on broadcasting rights anyway. Same thing with radio subscription rights.
      Sooner or later, MLB is going to have to address the MLB.tv situation and blackout rules in general. I don't have cable. I have no interest in ever buying cable. I've moved to a completely digital internet-based environment, with Apple TVs and computers hosting all my content. An entire generation is going to be raised this way and cable companies are going to be on the short end of the stick. It's a massive shift that won't be stopped, only contained.

      I subscribe to MLB.tv and gladly pay the $25/month for their digital content. I also live in the Twin Cities and have to work around their asinine blackout rules. Most people don't know how to do this and as time passes, less people will watch baseball as they stop subscribing to cable television. MLB is going to have to change their policies and while teams will squawk about it in the short term (because of lost cable TV revenue), their hand will be forced to make the move at some point.

      Of course, they'll probably drag their feet as long as possible and take ten years to make this change but they'll do it sooner or later.
    1. JB_Iowa's Avatar
      JB_Iowa -
      Not going to quote you Brock because the quotes start getting a little long. I understand your point and know others who do the same as you. But don't you think it may take even longer than 10 years?

      Look at the massive long-term TV rights contracts that have been inked in some markets. This shapes up to be a massive battle.
    1. Brock Beauchamp's Avatar
      Brock Beauchamp -
      You can edit out the quotes. Just grab everything between {QUOTE "My Name"}text blah blah blah and {/QUOTE} and then delete it. That way you pare down how many people you're quoting.

      Anyway, it could take awhile but I think baseball is going to be affected by it more quickly than some of the other sports. One, they play so many games. Two, almost none of those games are broadcast outside of cable. Given MLBAM's forward-thinking in the digital department, I see them starting to push to unlock broadcast blackout areas sooner than the NBA and NHL, who drag ass in this sort of thing. The NFL will hardly be affected at all, as they have prime Sunday slots on all the networks.
    1. rogrulz30's Avatar
      rogrulz30 -
      I don't really know why I like watching this team so much even now when games don't matter? I love the lineup, I love watching mastro and revere, morneau has been a treat, you have the hammer having a slight chance at a hr title, along with mauer and revere batting titles. If u were to tell me those things in April, I am really jacked at having a good baseball team!!! Now I still find myself watching deduno and diamond. I will admit everyone else who pitches, we have to rely on the lineup. I do love baseball, and I do love the twins and I want the twins to play hard and be the spoilers in playoff style ball. I will still b watching all the games, and as long as the yankees don't win the world series I will b all right!!!!
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