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TwinsDaily.com Update: The First 48 Hours

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It is our intention for this site to be a community, and so I thought I'd share some numbers with you all as we reach the 48-hour mark of the site being live.

I'll preface this by saying: when we first conceived of this site, we guessed that we would get about 5000 page views of stories and about 1000 page views in the forum per day.

Instead, through our first 48 hours, we're seeing the following:

431 Registered Users
6813 Unique Visitors
9269 Visits
44,034 Page Views

I truly hope this is just the beginning of a much bigger community. It can go as far as you can take it. Thank you all so much for a kick start that has blown away our expectations.
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  1. Ben Collin's Avatar
    Wow, congratulations fellas!
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