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Zero Runs -It's the PINE TREES

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The curse of the Pine Trees strikes again. Five- Zipperoo today against the blue meanies. We were told that removing them would help the Twins hit better. Joe Mauer himself made this claim. It's done the exact opposite. BRING BACK THE TREES IN CENTER FIELD PRONTO - - Or the Twins will suffer losing season after losing season and heartbreak after heartbreak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Nick Nelson's Avatar
    There actually have been quite a few more homers hit at Target Field since the trees were removed. Hasn't positively impacted the team's play though, clearly.
  2. strumdatjag's Avatar
    Last night, the Tigers score ten on the Twins. Maybe, we need the trees to slow down the opposing team. Certainly, our players would be more accustomed to the "disadvantage" of seeing the ball thru those trees - so the "disdvantage" to the "batters eye" should saffect the other batters more than the Twins batters. Nevertheless, it isn't a matter of natural logic, it is all about the supernatural. Since the curse of the trees started, the Twins have been in a tailspin. Bring back the trees and the the curse will be lifted!!!!
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