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Top 50 Twins Prospects 2012 (update)

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Here is an update on my top 50 prospects list from February. I will actually construct a new list soon.

1. Miguel Sano (2): Confirming the unanimous #1 ranking. Will go through some ups and downs this year and strikes out a lot, but his ceiling keeps getting higher. Ranking status: stays at the top.

2. Aaron Hicks (1): Some scoffed at keeping Hicks so high. This season is a mixed bag of good and not-so-good for Hicks (as is true of many New Britain players, see throughout). His OPS is basically the same as FTM last year, but with a drop in OBP and a rise in SLG. (He had as many homers this year as he did all season last year). Perhaps the changes are an attempt to expand Hicks' offensive capabilities as was the case with Chris Parmelee through the years. One thing to be looking for is a decision about the switch-hitting status. The splits are still there this year. I would personally like to see Hicks try batting right against righties to see if he hits them better from that side. Ranking status: probably down a spot.

3. Oswaldo Arcia (10): After a so-so 2011 season in Fort Myers, Arcia is hitting well again and is flat-out destroying RH pitching. Arcia has more walks this year than all of last year in Fort Myers. I would like to see him dominate in A+ for 2 more months, hopefully hitting better against lefties, before a late promotion to New Britain to get him ready for 2013. Ranking status: probably up a spot.

4. Eddie Rosario (19): Rosario's offensive performance this year justifies my trepidation about putting him at the two spot, which was almost unanimous heading into the season. Granted, as a second baseman his numbers are still fantastic. But if he doesn't stick at second base, then his numbers are very good but not great. He's still young, though, and his BB/K rate after moving up a level has risen immensely, so that is a great sign. Ranking status: stays the same.

5. Liam Hendriks (7): It would be nice if, given Hendriks performance as a Twin this year, there would be someone behind him on the list to knock Hendriks out of the top 5, but that isn't happening (especially if Dozier's days in the minors are over). And maybe it shouldn't as Hendriks needs more time mastering his approach in AAA. I really like what he can offer the Twins as a 3 or 4 starter down the road. Ranking status: stays the same.

6. Joe Benson (8): Benson has been injured and demoted (foolishly) this year. He has enormous upside, but needs to hit the ball. I am more worried about some underlying injury than about any actual troubles with AAA pitching at the moment. Ranking status: drops one.

7. Kyle Gibson (4): Gibson's injury doesn't affect his prospect status for me at the moment. He is on track to pitch some minor league innings late in the season. Ranking status: drops one.

8. Adrian Salcedo (12): Salcedo's year has been bad. He just recently got hit in the face on a come-backer that came back too fast. Hopefully he can get it together in June again and show that he is worthy of Fort Myers at the moment. Ranking status: drops one.

9. Chris Parmelee (14): The Twins were misguided in judging Parmelee by a September showing and spring training performance instead of his minor league track record. Finally at AAA for the first time, he is coming around and needs to stay there for an extended time. Ranking status: drops one.

10. Brian Dozier (36): Dozier is going to be a solid player. He may not be great, but he is going to get the job done, and I will say that the ceiling for him is still up in the air. Good defensively and offensively is what the Twins need. He sounds smart, knows what he is doing, and cares about achieving as much as he can. I actually liked seeing him struggle against Gavin Floyd. He will learn from it. Ranking status: up to 6.


11. Alex Wimmers (5): Terrified for him. Ranking status: stays the same.

12. Max Kepler (13): Can't wait to see him dominate E-Town. Ranking status: stays the same.

13. Chris Herrmann (35): Big season to shine. Ranking status: stays the same.

14. Angel Morales (5): Really struggling. Ranking status: drops several.

15. Manuel Soliman (16): Injured, hopefully gets it going. Ranking status: drops a few.

16. Travis Harrison (NR): Very interested to see him actually playing. Ranking status: stays the same.

17. Niko Goodrum (24): Should excel in E-Town, move to Beloit late. Ranking status: stays the same.

18. Hudson Boyd (NR): Same as Harrison. Ranking status: stays the same.

19. David Bromberg (11): Excited to see him striking people out in AA. Has to be promoted soon and I would think is a Twin at some point this year. Ranking status: rises several.

20. Levi Michael (NR): Not a great start, but the plate discipline is there. stays the same


21. Madison Boer (NR) drops some
22. B.J. Hermsen (18) rises some
23. Nate Roberts (27) drops some
24. JaDamion Williams (NR) drops some
25. Carlos Gutierrez (15) drops some
26. Jairo Perez (NR) rises a bit
27. Tom Stuifbergen (32) drops some
28. Matt Hauser (NR) rises some
29. Deolis Guerra (39) rises some
30. Lance Ray (41) stays the same
31. Pat Dean (23) stays the same
32. Scott Diamond (26) rises some
33. Danny Santana (50) rises some
34. Tyler Robertson (NR) stays the same
35. Terry Doyle (NR) gone
36. Corey Williams (NR) rises some
37. Matthew Summers (NR) stays the same
38. Tim Shibuya (NR) rises some
39. Logan Darnell (48) stays the same
40. Bobby Lanigan (40) rises some
41. Danny Ortiz (21) stays the same
42. Danny Rams (46) drops some
43. Rory Rhodes (HM) drops some
44. Angel Mata (NR) stays the same
45. Evan Bigley (42) drops off
46. Bruce Pugh (34) rises some
47. Dakota Watts (29) stays the same
48. James Beresford (30) rises some
49. Anderson Hidalgo (31) drops off
50. Jorge Polanco (NR) stays the same
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