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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."


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I wish I would have looked at Floyd's stats vs the Twins before the game, but this is certainly worth seeing. "
Caving in against Minnesota is something Floyd and the White Sox do. Floyd is now 0-8 with an 8.85 ERA over his last eight starts against the Twins, making him the first White Sox pitcher to lose eight in a row to one team
since Tommy Thomas against the Yankees from 1926 to 1928
. There's some dignity in losing eight straight to the 1927
... not so much with the 2012 Twins."

Yes I am copying and pasting the Chicago White Sox blog because I thought is would be fun.

In 2008, Joe Maddon and the Tampa Bay Rays made news finally for the franchise when, in spring training, they had a bench clearing brawl vs the New York Yankees. I remember this all over ESPN, I remember Colin Cowherd talking about it. This was the Tampa Bay Rays. What are they doing making a bench clearing brawl vs the high and mighty New York Yankees? They were making themselves relevant!!!!!!!!!! They were making a statement in the AL East. It worked. Since then the AL East was now a 3 team journey. Why is this relevevant to a Twins blog. Minnesota Nice!!! Tampa Bay made a stand saying we aren't going to take **** from these guys anymore, I think if the the Twins would have done what the Rays did before the playoffs, they wouldn't have been as intimidated. Moving forward today, I really think it is important that these new pitchers come in with a different Twins attitude. The score was 9-1, Walters on the mound and I believe he threw one inside and hit Rios. I am not saying that he was trying to hit him, in fact I am sure he wasn't, the fact that he was able to throw the ball on both sides of the plate kept the Sox off guard. I haven't seen that consistently from a Twins pitcher in a long time. The reason why I prefaced the Tampa Bay Rays, and why I paralleled that with Walters was I think that those things haven't given the Twins an edge against certain teams, and against certain players. When was the last time you saw the Twins in a bench clearing brawl? Or at least a heated one? I can't think of any. I know the Twins have struggled this year, the Twins have been decent for a decade, problem is they don't have that edge on teams that have been dominant, and have the swagger. Have the Twins ever had a swagger? No!! They need one. I understand the team is probably not going to do much this year, if that is the case I think that they need to develop some sort of swagger for years to come, and it starts with the starting pitching, it starts with not taking any **** from anybody. Gardy gets fired up, I think Gardy, (if he is going to be our manager for years to come) needs to acquire the fire he has and take a page from Joe Maddon. The Twins should do that the next couple days vs the Sox, consistently pitch in, hard slides, and continue the dominance they have over this team the last 4 years and hopefully that sparks the rest of the year and years to come, via what the Rays did.
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  1. TiberTwins's Avatar
    This is completely true. The Twins have no fire, no desire to prove they are the best, to BEAT other teams. They are content to play but not beat other teams and prove they are best. If they could get this attitude they would do well even if the talent right now is not that good.
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