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2012 A.D. Twins Trade Talk

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While traversing the threads, blogs, and articles posted on Twins Daily, I really like that this site has sabremetric analysts, purists, extremists, and the alternative of thought. That is super great, but I am starting to feel that the whole trade scenario talk, speculation, and haphazard desire to execute could hamstring this franchise even more.

When I was growing up, there seemed to be an imbedded loyalty to our favorite and best Twins players and they stuck around and we were happy for that even though the team for most of the years was a losing team. It seems that the present time more or less exudes players being looked at as commodities and when a franchise is in a bit of a rut the calls go out to pulling the trigger and getting rid of our heroes, or mainstays for what I can only deem question mark types of players. Maybe the “Commodities” idealism is modern day baseball, with unrealistic expectations and cynicism.

I want the Twins to keep Denard Span, Justin Morneau, and Joe Mauer. I do not think that a Span or Morneau trade will bring back anything that is a guarantee and my thought is we will be the losers yet again if that is to happen. During these tough times I want to be able to watch a Twins game and know that even though the team is lackluster, I might be able to enjoy the game because one of my favorite players had a good or great game… not to forget there will also be some wins here and there.

In the next few years the Twins need to do well with their drafts and maybe think about making a more impactful FA signing instead of coating the cake with a frosting of **** bird retreads. I do not think that trading our most valuable and beloved players is the key to our future success.

I really hope the next time the Twins have a contender type of team that Mauer, Morneau and Span are a big part of it… on the field of course!
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  1. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    I like this... Frankly, I miss the days when I could just watch and enjoy a game without worrying about who is playing or not, what position players are playing, who could or should be promoted. Just enjoying the game, not over-thinking everything. Those were the days. And, players were the same way. I wish I could say, "Hey! Dan Gladden made a big difference for those championship teams." instead of saying "Man, he was a terrible player. HOw could he have been a leadoff batter? He never got on base!" I miss sometimes having a favorite player the way I did with Kirby Puckett or Chuck Knoblauch.

    Instead, I now think too much, analyze too much and think that this team really won't be competitive until 2014, and that Morneau won't be around then, and Span is a guy that the team can actually get nice pieces in return, and draft picks are better than free agents acquired.

    Its' a weird thing. I enjoy following, and I enjoy thnking through all these scenarios from the game, managerial decisions, front office decisions, everything. But there are times I wish I could go back.
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    You gotta look at the long-term picture...and the pitcher picture ain't great...any y 2014 you won't want Morneau, Span will be too expensive for what he brings to the table, guys like Duomit and Willingham won't be around. You reuild. If there was a halfway decent catcher coming up, you'd trade Mauer in an instant.
  3. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    Good read. It's tough to imagine the Twins without some of these guys!
  4. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    If you remember, that was one of the reasons that Nathan left. He said he wanted to stay with the Twins, but he felt like there was too much turnover and wouldn't be able to get comfortable with all the switching going on.
  5. strumdatjag's Avatar
    This season is shot. The Twins should be building for the future and specifically building a team to play in Target Field. Unfortunately, they do not have many players with trade value. Josh Willingham, however, does have trade value. He is a very good player but he doesn't have the speed to cover the real estate in Left Field. The Twins, need to build an outfield based on speed - Span in Right, Revere in Center, and another speedy guy in Left. Joe Benson and Aaron Hicks are not panning out; they need to trade for another outfield speedster. If the Twins like Pitch To Contact Pitchers (look for pitching to be a big priority in the next two drafts), they need to design their defense (2B, SS, and OF) with the speed to chase down the balls that are hit. Power Hitting needs to be supplied by First Base, Third Base and DH; preferably pull hitters (illustrated by the success of Willingham at the plate at TF). I think Dozier will provide a little power, too (10 hr a year). Mauer, hopefully, can spray doubles to the gap and provide another 10-15 dingers a year. Then we may haved something 3-4 years from now.
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