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6 Things that Excite Me in 2012

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For good reason, most Twins fans have low expectations and lots of questions going into the 2012 season. I am no different. However, I do have a handful of interests that will keep me watching and following the Twins and their farm system this season:

1. Ryan Doumit and Josh Willingham - These two hitters have the ability to make the Twins' lineup a very productive one. I enjoy seeing new faces in Twins' uniforms, and I sure hope these two produce more like Shannon Stewart and Jim Thome rather than Tony Batista and Craig Monroe.

2. Miguel Sano at Beloit - I live only 50 minutes from Beloit, so I will be sure to catch a few games there again this season to see Sano and possibly also prospect-studs Levi Michael (SS), Eddie Rosario (2B), and Corey Williams (RP)...maybe also Max Kepler (OF).

3. The return of Scott Baker and Francisco Liriano - If the Twins are to have success, Baker and Liriano need to regain their top form. And their top form is rather impressive.

4. The return of Joe Mauer - It can't get any worse than 2011.

5. The AL Central - Will the Tigers' huge (financial and otherwise) pay off? Will the Indians and Royals take the next step forward? Will the White Sox self-implode? And then there's that new 1B with the Angels...

6. Starting pitching prospects - Who will be the next wave of Twins' starters? There seems to be a gap in the system between readily available candidates and top prospects in the lower rungs of the farm system. Can Liam Hendricks emerge as an effective big league starter this season? Can Kyle Gibson and David Bromberg return from their injuries sometime this season to provide hope for the future? Will Matt Bashore and Madison Boer move up in the system?
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  1. Teflon's Avatar
    I would add fishnet stockings to the list - although they excite me most other years, as well.

    If we're limiting it to just Twins-related things, I'm excited about having a real play-by-play guy doing the radio broadcasts this year.
  2. denarded's Avatar
    Want to see what Valencia is bringing to the table. And don't laugh...Zumaya
  3. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    I'm excited to get out to Beloit a couple of times this year myself!! Should be a fun summer there!

    Also, Bromberg will be fun to watch this spring and throughout the season. No one has worked has hard. He could really impress this year.
  4. JeffB's Avatar
    @Teflon Yeah, I like Provus a lot after hearing him call Brewers games here in WI.

    @denarded Zumaya, me too. He could be a diamond in the rough.

    @Seth Let me know when you come to Beloit and we'll have a meetup. Sorry to have missed you on your trip last year.

    Ah, hope abounds in spring!
  5. jtrinaldi's Avatar
    Ill be in Beloit for just about every game, if u wanna meet up just lmk
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