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"And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night."

Day off after a 3 game sweep. Thoughts

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I have to say watching the last 3 Twins games were fun to watch. 3 Things that got my attention in those 3 games.

1. Capps obvious excitement getting the save in the first game. I love seeing true emotion and he was very excited getting that save.
2. What a boring second game!!!!!!!!!!! Then turns exciting in about a 1/2 second cuz we all knew that Willinghams shot was going to be a walkoff, and the Twins needed something like that at home.
3. Liriano on the mound taking care of business.

People like Matt Capps, I root for him to do well, reality is he doesn't have the stuff to put teams away. Capps is a good relief pitcher, he has velocity and hits the strike zone in good places, what I am hoping for is he continues doing well until the trade deadline and we trade him. I hear about Span, and Morneau, I think we should really look to unload "Cappsy". He will definitely have some value, as teams always need good bullpen help.

It was fun watching Cole De Vries pitch on Tuesday. Another emotional game for him and his family. I am glad it was against the worst lineup in the league, normally teams eat up the walks, he was able to get double plays, and keep runners where they wouldn't be able to score. I think if De Vries is able to keep his breaking ball down, develop a little more movement on his fastball he could have a future. We would never get to see this guy if it wassn't for a depleted rotation, sometimes there is good in all of the bad, again I will be rooting for him for continued success.

Josh Willingham has lived up to taking over for Cuddyer. I have said this before and I will say it again, Willingham was a steal of the offseason. He gives you the long ball chance all of the time, I don't think Cuddyer was thought about that in that way. Yes his defense is not good, but he makes up for it with good at bats. He is fun to watch at the plate. The walk off homerun on Tuesday was just a fun moment this year to see. I was excited watching Cole pitch, and pitch well, but the game was awfully boring until the big homerun. Fun to Watch!!!

Liriano 6 IP 3 hits 2 BB, and 9 K's 0 ER. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN FOR THE TWINS THIS YEAR!! When you get starts like this, that creates momentum, I wish the Twins played tomorrow with Pavano on the mound. Everybody that roots for the Twins wants Liriano to pitch well, because he was thought to be our next #1. That has been an epic fail. Obviously this is encouraging, and we can continue seeing him try to be that guy. We all know the stuff he has, we all know the capabilities he has, it would really be nice for him to solidify, and help in the rotation.

Going back on the Valencia comment on May 9th, I said the Twins would go 13-7 over the next 20 games, I was wrong, but they are 10-10, which is better than 8-22 recored with him. I know I may be the only one, but I still want to see Plouffe progress and stay at third. I think with the healthy lineup now, and a rotation that can give you a chance, the Twins can at least be competitive and not be labeled the worst team in the AL.

I am going to take the bottom lines here and talk the homer in me. A lot of things can happen now in June. The Indians are starting to play poorly, and they lost Travis Hafner 4-6 weeks. The Royals still aren't playing to the "potential" they had, they aren't making any noise. The Tigers are way underperforming, and it doesn't look like things are going forward "yet", so we have the White Sox as the division leaders What???? Konerko MVP at this point in the season. What I am getting at is, June starts and the Twins start with there "Ace" in Cleveland w/o Hafner, they go to KC, then at home vs Cubs, Phillies, Brewers, then at the Pirates. Reality is they can win a few games, the teams lineup is healthy, Pavano, Diamond, Walters, De Vries (Blackburn coming back) and Liriano have at least been solid now. Hell they won 3 in a row, lets make it a few more and at least make things interesting after these next few series.
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  1. denarded's Avatar
    Reality is they can win a few games, the teams lineup is healthy, Pavano, Diamond, Walters, De Vries (Blackburn coming back) and Liriano have at least been solid now. Hell they won 3 in a row, lets make it a few more and at least make things interesting after these next few series.
    Yep, I'm drinking the same thing you are, and I'm not being sarcastic, maybe stupid, but that's what fandom is
  2. stringer bell's Avatar
    I've said it several times on many different threads--this is a much better team than last year except for the starting rotation, which is five for five rolling snake eyes with the projected starting rotation. If the rotation miraculously becomes average, could they contend? I think so, but I really can't see a rotation with Pavano as the nominal ace, Liriano, who has been dreadful except for his last start, followed up by the not highly regarded Diamond, Walters, and De Vries being competitive. The rotation needs to be rebuilt. This season is about guys proving they belong or don't. Maybe there will be a miraculous run--heck they are probably as good as their '08 team (except for starting pitching)--but I'll pay attention to see who could be a fixture and who will hit the road.
  3. Rosterman's Avatar
    There ain't much on the cabinet shelf. Maloney, French and Deduno. Bromberg should be back. Albers, Logan, Hirschfield and Hermsen at New Brit. Non on the 40-man. Hermsen needs to be added in the off-season. What we have is what we get...more of DeVries or the return of Hendriks. Will Pavano suck it up and take one for the team, showing some worth...or will he breakdown completely. Either way, he's no longer a Twin, and even if he shows some life he will bring us a low-end prospect at best. Liriano, no matter how good or bad he pitches for the Twins, won't return. Since the day they screwed up his service time (although he got a free year in there)...he wants money and he wants to win and he wants to be bigtime...WANTS is the magic word. Baker could be back if he would sign for 2 years at what he is making this year. A dollar more, no. Someone will sign him for two years and hope he rehabs okay and gives a solid half-season and returns to form in 2014. Blackburn is Carlos Silva all over. If you can get a string of good performances and a modicum of interest, dump the salary please. You can always take him back when someone else releases him. But I'm not sure if the Twins can survive with Walters, Diamond, DeVries, Hendricks, Bromberg, Swarzak, a roll of duct tape and lots of prayer.
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