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Revere and Span

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It's been a little over a quarter into the season and the Twins seemed destined to be sellers come July 31st. Unsurprisingly, many contenders are more than certain to inquire about the availability of Denard Span. Bidding for the center fielder could very well be competive as it is a position of need for quite a few division leaders. One of the biggest decisions the organization will have to make is whether or not they want to accept a deal for him. The biggest factor in the choice could possibly hinge on Ben Revere's capability to replace Span. So far this season, Revere has been good. Really good.

Denard Span: .295/.360/.365
Ben Revere: .270/.341/.432

Revere's line has only been accumulated in 172 Plate appearances, but considering the amount of time he has spent between Rochester and Minnesota. it could be evidence that he has "bloomed" and is ready to handle the chores as a full time leadoff man and outfielder. We have all watched Ben Revere play and know full well that the energy and elite speed he possesses are luxuries at his position. The 24 year old has a very high ceiling because of these amenities. Who's to say that he doesn't swipe 50 bases in a season? Or that he doesn't become a recipient of multiple golden gloves?

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Denard Span has been a key player and a leader for the Twins in his career. But, it may now be time to realize that he is expendable, doesn't carry the amount of potential that Revere has, and would benefit the Twins more if he was traded. Playing one of two natural Centerfielders in right or left field just isn't a great idea for the future. Span is an asset that so many teams covet as their own. The Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds, and New York Mets are a few possible landing spots. With the exception of the Nationals (and maybe even the Reds after the Latos deal), the farm systems for all these clubhouses have some great talent in them. It may not be long until the Twins go window shopping through all their minor league affiliates.

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I originally disagreed and scoffed at the idea of Minnesota pawning off one of it's most prized, cheap, and young talents. But in retrospect, those three qualities are what make him so attractive to other teams. If Twins refuse jump onto the chance to acquired new up-and-coming players for 2014 and beyond, they need to get their priorities straight. Maybe it's about time the torch was passed.


  1. denarded's Avatar
    I agree. You have to give something to get something. Span is proven, Revere is an unknown commodity. I say roll the dice, and I will miss Span, but we've got to get some freaking pitching sooner than later
  2. Rosterman's Avatar
    I get the feling the Span's upside is easily replaceable by the less-expensive Revere, and -- yes -- moving Denard to left or right may give the Twins more ability to cover the field, but stat-wise it is the similar case made against moving Mauer to first or third. He is best in centerfield. The Twins are better served with the upcoming Benson, or Hicks, in center or one of the coners, looking 2-3 years out.

    Revere is still a tad rough -- at times. But so was Hunter, so was Span. The Twins believed enough in Revere to make him a first rounder, amidst all the discussions hat happened back then (most notably that the Twins were being cheap).

    If you look at 2011, the two weren't that far apart, and you have to play the Span marketing chip while he is hitting closer to .300 then after he falls to .260 and becomes...just another outfielder.

    I would not trade Revere.
  3. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I would trade Revere.
  4. PopRiveter's Avatar
    I think Willingham will be the most valuable outfield trading chip. I hate watching a losing team have to dump its most valuable assets. I sure wish Benson was pushing these guys rather than having his current season. ETA on Hicks at this point?
  5. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    I think Hicks needs two full seasons in the minors and that's if he can handle it. Willingham has great value, but he is signed for three years. While that does make him more valuable to other teams, I doubt the Twins would trade him this season. Perhaps next season or the following in 2014 if selling at the deadline becomes a consistency for the upcoming years ahead.
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