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Snappers Game Live Monday afternoon

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  1. MWLFan's Avatar
    So far the game is the middle of the 2nd with no score. My adopted minor leaguer Jason Wheeler is starting and he has given up 2 hits, a walk and struck out 3. Sounds like he got some help in the second with a great diving play by Wang Lei-Lin out in right field and runner thrown out trying to steal second by Jairo Rodriquez. His first inning he struck out the side swinging.
  2. MWLFan's Avatar
    very confusing play to score the first run of the game. Announcer is not helping the situation. But either way, Snappers 1-0 heading to the 3rd.
  3. MWLFan's Avatar
    Just back from a meeting and catching up, Wheeler went six scoreless. 2 hits, 1 walk and 7 strike outs ( 5 swinging). Snappers up 3-0 in the 7th with two on and Sano at bat. No outs.
    Updated 04-30-2012 at 01:02 PM by MWLFan
  4. MWLFan's Avatar
    Sano singles, drives in one and takes 2nd on throw to 3rd. Rosario at bat.
  5. MWLFan's Avatar
    Rosario walks on 4 pitches, brining up Adam Bryant. Ortiz would have been here protecting Rosario. Bryant grounds into a 5-3 Fielders Choice scoring one. Goncalves up. 5-0 Snappers.
    Goncalves grounds out 5-3, Rory Rhodes up. 2nd and 3rd. Two out.
  6. MWLFan's Avatar
    The Aussie comes through with a sharp single and drives into two. 7 to 0 Snappers.
  7. MWLFan's Avatar
    Jairo grounds out. End of the 7th.
  8. MWLFan's Avatar
    Dayton has a outfielder named Kyle Waldrop, had to do a double take on that one. Thought I had missed something.
  9. MWLFan's Avatar
    Sano was 2-2 with a HBP and a Walk. Just struck out looking. Announcer said it was a curve that fooled him.
  10. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    Thanks for the updates!
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